Convince me not to sell my BNTY. This shit just keeps running in place and I want to put it all into KCS

Convince me not to sell my BNTY. This shit just keeps running in place and I want to put it all into KCS.

going to the moon really soon, these noobs dont even know

bnty was a pnd pajeet scam coin. Cut your losses and move on.

I'm still holding, I feel like when you feel the weakest is when you should have strenght. I mean, bnty is not going down by that much so it's just not gonna crash suddenly.

KCS is an extremely safe and comfy bet. Go for it.

KCS is mooning because of a contest today, expect a massive correction very soon.

Goddamn this shit better do something soon. Missed KCS for this shitcoin

Wrong. Contest has been going on for a while now.

The volume in one day went from 50-60m to 117m, that's why it's mooning.

we don't have to convince you of anything, but because you're a fellow space cowboy i will. the whale is driving the price down every day, most obvious whale action i've ever personally seen and probably will ever see. the MC for BNTY is very small, and he wants to capitalize on that and try to get as much as he possibly can. noobs like you keep giving him cheap coins at a fucking loss and he's going to keep tanking the price until you cucks fucking stop. do you seriously think in that tiny little brain of yours that someone is spending massive amounts of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars on a shitcoin that has no potential for taking off?

Please get some fucking sense guys

absolutely. the whale keeps selling small amounts to break buy walls and then he buys more for much cheaper by filling the order book with tiny sells (1-50 bnty). i've seen this, it's disgusting (or awesome, dependign which side you're on).

same, but that's all the more reason to hold

Just sell pajeet you don't deserve the gains.

to add to this, it is extremely likely that when the whale is finished with his fuckery, he will blast this fucking shit into the stratosphere

What do you guys think this thing goes up to after the whales done raping it?

Is this that kind of fuckery?

Op I took mine out days ago at the top, I'll give you some advice I was given, make your profit and take it because fuck them cunts, that's why

Goddamn wish this autistic whale would fucking drop dead, tired of holding and waiting.

How can one see if it's a whale or just a lot of small orders from idifferent people?

my question is what if it just stays like this for 3 straight months? i'm still ahead but i see my profit slipping little by little each day. i could have turned this money into a lot more over the past week jumping into some of these other missions and then hopping back into BNTY easily. are we really gonna sit here for a month straight watching all this shit around us moon just to go 3x on BNTY in April? i'm not sure if that's a good play in the current crypto world

i dont care about none of these coins but the idea you gave is just a sell low to buy high - bnt just dipped and kucoin is at its ath
this is just from looking at their graphs but maybe you should just buy more bnt to dollar cost average? cjeers

I guess the whale wants to buy those 617k bnty’s for that low price

buy watching the order books. i keep answering the same goddamn question everywhere:

- puts major sell order below market price
- cucks panic sell
- panic sell perpetuates
- stagnation, price may start to recover
- repeat steps 1-3 until whale reaches his 630k buy order

braindead retards who can't read a market need to learn or gtfo

>puts major sell order below market price
what does this do in terms of the satoshi value of the coin as you're looking at it on the exchange and not the order book? does the value suddenly drop just because the sell order gets posted?

no, the value drops when someone purchases at that price and the trade is logged

it's blatant whale manipulation DON'T sell a single coin buy EVERY dip or else fuck off and get yourself some bonds and mutual funds while the big boys load up

why does that feint cause people to panic sell if the price is still the same when you're looking at the satoshi number? why does step 1 from the whale cause step 2 in everyone else?

working knowledge of the order book is the last entry-level investing hurdle for me. i cannot fucking understand the order charts or the walls. i'm advancing my knowledge of investing exponentially in all these other areas but this chart shit is holding me back.

Kucoin won't let me put a sell order on this coin.. what tf is goin on!?

it could be anything, but what's probably going on is you're a fucking idiot

what is to stop this coin from bleeding out and staying at 150 sats for 3 straight months man

typically a whale will put up multiple large sells, one or two being much below market price or close. it causes people to panic sell because because they see it as a bearish indicator. they think "the sell pressure is getting so high at such low prices, I need to get out before this thing crashes", which is exactly what the manipulator is going for because it helps drive the price down to where they have a large buy order set low. currently you can see this person has set a 630k buy order at .00016 and he has been actively trying to drive the price to that point.

I have too many coins need to diversify.. anyone else havin trouble buyin or selling BNTY?

bear markets cause that, not whale manipulation