Tfw I can't stop spending my crypto gains on expensive Hugo Boss and Tom Ford suits

>tfw I can't stop spending my crypto gains on expensive Hugo Boss and Tom Ford suits
>tfw I am wearing more expensive clothes than my manager does
>tfw all the qt at the office are talking about my new expensive clothes and watches
>tfw today I ordered a Nomos watch


kys faggot

I never understood the appeal of expensive clothes
it's worse than the lambo meme

>expensive clothes and watches


Bring qt back to your shit hole house /basement, see disappointment on their face from the false image you portrayed, aqcuire motivation to improve

just b urself

Don't be a nigger. Keep your assets in your pocket instead of out

hell fucking yeah OP

true alpha male status

wear what you want, do what you want

Found the nigger

>make bank with crypto
>still has a job
>spends money to impress coworkers at said job

appearance is everything, you might actually get some new lucrative opportunities...and at least you are cashing out here and there insteading of hording all your gains.

and at least you arent spending your money on stupid shit like pokemon cards or XRP

We thought you was a toad

>make bank with crypto
>dont have a job
>dont have friends
>nobody admires your gainz
>remain virginfag the rest of ur life but atleast i think im cool

The- the - the -the guy the guy the the the guy in in the $7000 dollar suit. Come on!

People only take you seriously if you cloth appropriately you dumb autist. No wonder that you are still a virgin autist since you wear things like pic related.

>Hugo Boss and Tom Ford suits

Doesn't sound like you need any help, m8. You're golden.

This is just ancedotal evidence but when I see a guy wearing clothes obviously more expensive than they need to I imagine how small his penis must be. Then I think about how he probably imagines I am impressed and I do my best to hold back laughter.

top kek you sound like an upcoming supreme gentleman who is compensating his subhumantiy with muh known brand clothes
I know how to dress properly but I don't need to burn a fortune for that

Please do me a favour and do some research you fucking faggot. First thing is boss suits have a really bad bang for buck ratio. There are many small confectionists all over the world who do better quality and cuts then boss. Second thing is just look up some tailors in Vietnam or Taiwan, Thailand. They are the best one personal tailored shirt cost me around 10$ with the cuts I want and the cloth I want. No matter if Slim fit skinny fit casual normal they can do it just send them pics with your body type your bodymessures one complete suit cost me 50-100 $ and they fit like you got born in them. Third thing is nomos is the right choice love it. Keep it slick. Much love friend

>Hugo Boss and Tom Ford
>memebrands the plebs buy to appear sophisticated and wealthy
top kek
you are just a brainlet pleb too

- Not investing in low risk returns with your meme cash so you don't have to work like a pleb anymore.

Found the kike, would you rather be wearing marshall's fucking suits?

>>make bank with crypto
>don't have a job, don't need to wageslave
>have friends
>everyone admires you while you use your time in what you like
>remain chad the rest of ur life.


>tfw want to splurge on something but can't think of anything
My computer is shit but good enough
Not into watches to know if I'm buying something with good value or not
Already have nice clothes
Can't buy guns

Until I have fuck you money it just doesn't register to me. Man life is tough sometimes, maybe I'll buy some gold coins

How about renting a prostitute for a whole month?

I hope you get them tailored, user. Nothing is worse than wearing an ill-fitting suit.

Like stocks? That's super risky right now, though I agree to keep a balanced portfolio. I just don't think you can rely on that to be your ticket to freedom unless we're talking millions.

Dude just buy a Rolex, go to the boutique and choose one you like.

You are quite literally a faggot.

If you buy material things to attract women then you may as well be seeing prostitutes. Spend your money on a life coach loser. More beneficial in the long run


The only way you should be spending crypto gains like that is because you fucking quit your job and wanted to look good in your lambo.

lol order a patek or gtfo

Do people actually notice watches? like do you get compliments on your $5k watch? i figure the average person couldn't tell if your rolex is fake or real.

Feel like this would just make me more depressed than being a virgin loser

Isn't rolex the ipad of watches? Fuck it might get a nice watch after taxes are settled though. At least I could actually wear it unlike a suite.

Shallow people only take you seriously, if you dress nice. Then again, our generation is really fucking shallow, so it makes sense to care about these things, if you want to be validated by a bunch of other shallow people.