How does Veeky Forums unwind after spending an entire day trading, making gains and browsing biz/discords/forums?

How does Veeky Forums unwind after spending an entire day trading, making gains and browsing biz/discords/forums?

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Spending a nice and comfy night in my bed curled up in fetus position and while i think about all the mistakes in my life and if i should just end it all. Either until i cry myself to sleep or until my i get an alarm that a coin is dropping or mooning.

Looking at cryptowatch and trolling ethtrader

there is no rest. there is no escape. there is only coins

i dont. i want off this ride seriously. i want to quite this shit, forget everything i learnt, basically leave everything behind and perform soem sort of brainwash and live in comfy remote place.

shoot some good heroin and drink some whiskey

Smoke weed, listen to great music, read great books, and work on my secret project. The whole Veeky Forums thing is 24/7 for me and I couldn't be happier with it.

This RIGHT HERE is my true passion. I no longer feel the need to "unwind" at all. I am living out my wildest dreams right here on Veeky Forums.

I always knew that a life spent doing very little aside from spending time on Veeky Forums would be worthwhile.

Order hooker and let her play with her feet while i pole myselve.
When i pay her i cum for a second time knowing i can watch pretty girls play with her feet every . fucking . day .

keep my eyes glued to gdax until i fall asleep out of exhaustion.

Are you me user?


this is how I feel about crypto and politics. just wash it ALL out of my mind for good and go full blue pill after making enough gains

you're not leaving until we take all your money

What % of gain are daytraders chasing with a single cycle? I see some opportuinities here and there, but my free assets are probably too small to make it seem "worth it".

After 3x'ing my 5k in less than a month, I havn't unwound. Send help

What do you look at for daytrading, what sort of returns are you able to generate daily?

I've bad news for u. it only gets worse

I fap to JAV at least once a day. Helps me relax.

My new year's resolution is to trade less.
I'm holding two promising ICOs (Wanchain and Tezos) and a few good alts. Probably not going to make a single trade this year, except for paying taxes in march.

hello fellow traveler

this is a great post even if bait

I've neglected politics basically all the past year because of crypto. Which is a relief desu, but the trade off is for crypto which isn't. At least crypto makes me gains. Didn't really want to gas the kikes until Blockstream and Ripple though.

Me too user. Do you have VR goggles for immersive fap? or u prefer old 2d screen

I read books.

I finish the day with a nice blunt. Take a hot shower, make something to eat, watch a movie and masturbate heavily after that.

I wake up, take some cocaine and start daytraiding once again.

prostate massage desu

Vidya, preferably creative games like Cities: Skylines or maybe something with a decent enough story. That’s the only thing that has kept me remotely sane this last month.

Even though I just started crypto I’ve already made 1.4k profit. I know that’s not much for a lot of people here but I can’t fucking believe it, easiest money I ever earned and it was just due to lurking and doing precisely nothing but hodling. The notion of that alone drives me completely insane, I can’t stop thinking about how much money I could potentially make from here on out.
I’m not tired anymore, I feel alive.
I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life and it’s finally here, the window of opportunity has opened and I’m jumping the fuck in.

Sometimes I think this is all a simulation, that life can’t actually be this easy and enjoyable.

Anyone else feel the same when they first started? Does it get worse?

How is cocaine for trade efficiency? A-asking for a friend.

fuck off

Yeah i was like you. The moment when i made two my monthly salaries in a day i was just sitting on my chair shocked.
I was like "wtf, its too easy, why people even work?"
Now its like "Meh, just 20k up today. Nothing special."
You kinda get used to it.

Not gonna lie, it makes pretty much anything much easier. You are way more focused and concentrated

Good for reading up on whitepapers, not for trading.

dude what the fuck? I dont know about you, but I have to follow all the news, telegrams, tweets and another annoncement to make daytraiding profitable and without cocaine I would burn out after 3 days.

Jesus, you sometimes make 20k in a day?
How long did it take you to get here?

I would shit myself with excitement if I were you. How do you hold it all together with the people around you?

Nice, just bought 100kilos!

I might try that legal shit, that's basically amphetamine. Although Adderall wasn't all that useful when I tried it for HW. Just slightly more awake, still didn't give a shit about the HW. Trading crypto is a little different though.

Exactly how I felt when I started. That first thousand was a thrill. Now a thousand bucks doesn't even register as having any meaning.

Now I feel a mix of excitement over the gains I'm making, fear over losing them, and painful regret for missed gains.

I have had to watch swings in my blockfolio total that last days -sometimes hours- and are worth more than what I make in 3 years wagecucking.

One of the worst parts is working a job through it all, hardly able to value the income, but knowing it is a hedge against the swings. The other is knowing that I could have made it already, and done so 10 times over, but just made different trades.

But mostly I accept my shortcomings, and am thankful for the gains and excitement.

You say that until you're looking at 50k losses in a day as well. Which is why most people still aren't ready for this volatility, especially with large portfolios.

Smoke a bowl and listen to this

About a year.
First bought NEO when it was mooning after the rebranding.
Then LSK for $2
Then XRP for .20
I guess i got lucky many times in a row.
I dont feel like im rich or something, because i never cashed out.

At what point would you guys consider quitting your day jobs? Closing in on 6 figures fast and wondered where others draw the line.

>But mostly I accept my shortcomings, and am thankful for the gains and excitement.

We'll make it bro.

Nice trips.

How do you store your funds? I'm starting to make gains, and I'm becoming paranoid.

I use Ledger Nano S.

I would drop at 250k because that would be enough to make sure that I can live free nicely for about 3 years if something bad happens.

I would still probably do a job at mcdonals or something like that at weekends, so I can pump up even more money.

Cocaine and red wine

at 1 MM i could make more by living off of stock dividends than wagecucking.

i like working, but i like freedom more.

I guess it depends on your lifestyle. My wife makes 6 figures a year and she's always broke.

How the fuck is that possible? I live so beneath my means.

Noob here, starting to profit. How do I take my profits from the shit coins and spread them around to other ones? Without cashing out and worrying about taxes

Sell them for BTC or ETH and buy more shitcoins with BTC or ETH basically. Keep it on the same exchange if you can to keep fees to a minimum and make it a bit easier to manage. Also if you're using binance buy some of their token and use it to pay for fees and you get a pretty neat discount, helps in the long run.

It is bait but it is also 100% true. I never wanted to do anything significant. I like being alone with my buddies on Veeky Forums.

Women are fucking retarded, they will pay 2k for shoes they might wear once if some magic event happens to take place at the right time of the year. 1year later the shoes are out of style and they buy more.

Unless you plan to hold something for more than a year, taxes don't matter, it will be net short term gains during that year. It's not as bad as people make it out to be, but you should be able to account for every trade else you have to assume a no cost sale,

>One of the worst parts is working a job through it all, hardly able to value the income, but knowing it is a hedge against the swings.

Quoted for fucking truth. I've just got a new job this year with a quite higher wage and even then I kinda don't give a fuck.

I don't need to unwind, I take 50mg of zoloft and 150mg of modafinil a day.

It is literally wake up, pop pills, work, lay down and turn the light off and repeat.

Buying and selling clothes can actually be quite profitable.
Theres no end to what shit-kiddies wanna buy with daddies money.

How do you trade crypto?

what happens if you lose it?

>Get on couch
>slippers on
>blanket on
>put on netflix
>browse Veeky Forums on my phone

She could earn a 7 figure and still be broke by the sounds of it.
>Women are fucking retarded
Yea. My wife is smart and pretty switched on. Good job, handles herself well in all aspects... but money? She doesn't understand it at a fundemental level. She doesn't understand delayed gratification, investment or value.

I can't remember where it was said, but women are born valuable and die worthless. Men born worthless and have to create their value.

Repeatedly binge watching Billions. Watched seasons 1 and 2 twice within the last week. Just started s1 again. Also an occasional break for The Wolf of Wall Street.

You buy a new one and use your private keys to restore everything

you can put any type of altcoins in it?