Im honestly amazed at the lack of threads regarding this coin, it just broke the top 90 coins and has gone from 2 cents to 62 in just over a month

its not too late to get in, I know this coin will be over 10 dollars in the future

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just went all in

biz continually writes this project off a scam even though more and more evidence emerges that shows that it isnt

The fact are this - there have been two successful testnets already, and the third one is already underway - and anyone can sign up for it. XFUEL already runs on the network using Posign technology.

There is also a 1 million XFUEL bounty challenge for someone to hack the XFUEL network. So far...nothing.

All of the

>Muh No technical Whitepaper
>Muh No working proof of tech
>Muh anonymous devs

are mostly unfounded rumors and extrapolated positions.

Yes, there is no technical whitepaper, but the whitepaper presented and the roadmap give enough evidence that there is serious thought put into the project.

Yes, the proof of tech is not complete, but the XFUEL chain works and the testnets have been successful.

Yes, Zoltan Szabo, the lead developer is mostly anonymous, but there are other developers and project managers who are not. You are free to head onto the Discord and find them.

Most of biz will fomo into XBY once it starts to break top 50 I reckon. They dont know that XBY is going to the new ETH and the "real" crypto platform that is going to be used by most people and organizations.

I make threads all the time and people blow it off. My money is multiplying so fast I'm pulling some out now.

Please anons, buy this before it hits a big exchange and ride to the moon for real

What evidence is there that this is NOT a scam? Please give me that..

just made a thread that walked to page 10 btw

I bought 100k at 290 sats and sold at 800


Don’t remind me

Xfuel is running on the OLD code that was forked aka stolen from the previous project. It's not xtrabytes' code you dunce!

Also, why do you think there is so much fud? Why do you think people have gone on long, detailed raints about the project? Fud, rumors - these all come when people care about the project because they KNOW its going places.

People wouldnt put so much energy into fudding the project if they didnt suspect that the thing is for real and its going to be a big deal. How many times have I read some bullshit about a developer "breaking laws" "being shady" etc etc, just more nonsense. The amount of FUD and rumors XBY has gotten is just staggering.

Has this coin not decreased 50% in the past few days?

i personally cant give you any but ive made 60k off of it so im happy

Dont lie you faggot.

nope, 100 percent up in the last 24hrs

Ummmm why don't you try pay attention to the project....

The testnets have been running on the old code that xtrabytes forked from!

how did you guys know it will get this high in value?



Where's the PROOF that any of this is legitimate. Name one fucking thing..

Not sure what chart you're looking at, but best of luck.

Another shitcoin I USED to hold over a million of. Bought this shit at 70 sats, like 700K market cap. No joke. Same with Verge and Reddcoin


Wrong. Xfuel is running on Posign.


The testnets will be moved to the Zoltchain once they patent it


Wtf u on about m8?

You fucked up man, but its a chance to learn

Oh sorry - I was looking at XVG. Congrats!

Will take a deeper look at this.

i w-was going to get a static node but that fucking CCR faggot whatever his name was made me sell

Bump because anons need to know about this.

It'll still go 5-20x in the next few months

Lol Posign, sure buddy. It's still running on the bitmox code. Why you think borz (if he actually exists) is creating a 'new code'. Because the old one they've been using for the testnets isn't theirs.. It's the bitmox code

If you are going to fud you're gonna have to do much better than that.

No FUD, just fact. Something xby holders don't wanna read

They've built quite a community and shared a lot of info. Fudders tend to throw around Borz's name and CCR as well but it seems like you havent looked into the project recently. Meanwhile money is piling up while we hold

I bought it today and I'm watching the numbers grow

feels like raiblocks a week ago - steady non stop increase

Fact? more like BS. I show you fact and you ignore it. I showed you the reddit thread yet you continue to act like a moron. Whatever, not my problem if you dont buy. Stay poor. See you at $100.

Lmao the delusion is so real

Theres is absolutely no proof that the testnet is on the 'posign' chain. 0, zilch. Hope you are smart and secure profits before CCR dumps his hundred million XBY on the market and ghosts the community

Check out the project man its a lot bigger than ccr now

Was the business entity formed today and patent submitted as CCR said they were going to do?

I trust this user

I was legit about to drop $10k into it today but you're asking actual real critical questions that the XBY fanatics fail to answer or just dodge

Thank you for using your brain and holding these scammers feet to the fire, you just saved me a fuck ton of money

Here is a long thread that will show you what you are dealing with
I'm not telling you what to think but read till the end.
It happened a week ago. And I see they are pumping again

The reddit thread gives you cold hard proof. keep dodging it.

In fact I challenge you to present cold hard evidence and post it to the reddit thread, which it can be peer reviewed.

I'll be screencapping these posts, as I am sure you will present us cold hard evidence that there is no proof that XFUEL is not on the posign chain.

I'll be waiting.

I keep selling out saying it is going to go down and I keep having to rebuy. If I had just held I would have made over 270,000 USD fuckk.. this is the next xrb. I do not care anymore I rebought back in and I won't sell again regardless of what happens

Np man.

The XBY cult really is brainwashed and all they can really do is yell 'Fud' at those asking legitimate questions - because there is absolutely nothing tangible to back up their claims of groundbreaking tech

You people are delusional. The reddit posts giving you clear evidence, combined the community actively testing the platform dispels any "no proof of tech" claims.

I guess there will always be Fudders for a project of this magnitude,because with success comes haters and people that want to tear it down.

Anyone with half a brain sees that the test net works, even if it's not fully on the zoltchain, they are testing out their modules successfully on it. X fuel already runs on the posing chain.

The burden of proof lies on the Fudders at this point, and I haven't seen any proof that shows that xby has no product whatsoever. No proof. So.... Fudders are full of shit.

More like the fudding cult

>tfw yobit's wallet is under maintenance again
Never used to bother me, but now that I've got $60k worth, chotto kowai

>no u
The post

That's literally all you did. This is why I can't trust XBY

I can trust them. It's pretty clear that the XBY team has a working alpha product, even if they dont have the full chain being tested as they are seeking out a patent which will be official in a few days.

My problem is that I keep hearing these promises are supposed to be met but are constantly put off or delayed for one reason or another


Here is the co-founder saying the business entity would be finalized TODAY. Obviously that did not happen

OMG delays! Oh the humanity!

You're an idiot if you don't think this is a big deal. All they had to do was submit the documents and that's it, business formed. They couldn't do that, but they can retweet 'xtrabytes is the best cryptocurrency investment next year' on twitter. Gimme a fucking break. They said they would do an incredibly simple thing and they didn't

>Filing for a business registration is a simple thing

It is you potato...

Gonna get in when my funds clear. Hope it doesn't moon til then.

For those who want a TLDR about this coin:
Complete shitcoin with impossible whitepaper and no competent devs. However it picked a lot of hype train, could be next RaiBlocks or could dump at any moment.

Nah man he's right, it's not like the government is slow due to the holidays or anything, we should all panic and drop our bags asap.

Everyone panic panic the project is proven to be a fraud cause ccrev couldn't get the business filed right exactly on time

Everyone panic and sell

It's not about the government, dumbass. All they had to do was submit the fucking registration forms and post an announcement saying they had submitted the necessary documents to form Xtrabytes Ltd....like they promised...

They did you fucking idiot. They said it in chat. They'll post the announcement once its official. It delayed due to the holidays. Again ASK IN CHAT YOU FUCKING IDIOT

Holidays are over. First business day was TODAY

>testnets have been successful
prove it? hint: you cant. the people who have been involved in the testnets have no idea what the fuck they are looking at, and the log files that come out of these testnets are ridiculous and nobody has been able to interpret them and verify that what they claim works actually works. and furthermore, testnet results can be faked. but even if they were it doesn't matter because nobody has any idea in the first place.

the biggest red flag is the further delay in testnet 3. so the "next" testnet 3 date isn't actually testnet 3 which is supposed to be the final version, but its still being "patented", so in actual fact everybody is getting another testnet 2, the exact same thing, just with more nodes.

this is a scam that is slowly coming to an end as the final testnet gets further delayed and delayed and by that time it will be too late and the whole thing will implode.

the government is slow moron, they are backed up. If you ever dealt with the government (like I have) you know this is true. Again ask in chat you fucking idiot. Hop on Discord and demand to talk to a mod or a member of the team.

this guy gets it

Mmk. Well I'm cashing out 20k tonight and holding the rest for my 1 dollar moon mission. Have fun getting it :^)

lol ok then, we'll just ignore the reddit threads showing the tech works, at least partially.

You are free to not invest and sell what you have if you think its a scam. Its your money, dont invest, dont gamble.

It's actually disgusting watching everyone disregard Xtrabytes and chase empty pumps instead. This is the most innovative ponzi of technology that bag holders have all been waiting for and it will actually revolutionize the world by annihilating every investor it touches.

Look at Vitalik, Roger, Justin, and Charlie constantly focusing on publicity stunts, shilling, and talking about the pricing of their coins. Borzalom is actually the most anonymous leader in the cryptosphere focusing only on his patented technology and closed source development, no bullshitting with publicity stunts. Only honest answers to honest questions in broken English when he gets the chance once a month.

I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills watching all of this play out. Analysis shows that soon 95% of all available circulating XBY will be consolidated into less than 1,000 nodes and that number continues to shrink. As more people try to chase pumps, the supply is being shaken into pajeet hands. As soon as CCRevolution's 100,000,000 saved up XBY is finally handed over to bag holders we'll see the price crash by increments of dollars and it'll be way too late for most people by then. This is so fucking ridiculous and scary in showing how stupid most of Veeky Forums actually is.

Why does crypto make people stand at the sidelines and complain while others are making money and telling them to hop on?

"I always try finding the best solution therefore never worry the XBY will be the best coin"

This is the fraud you XBY cult is bowing down to. Ponder that for a second...

More thinly veiled fudding. Ccrev himself made like 20 L1 Static nodes. This is why i hold XBY. The fudding just never stops.

They think it's a bubble since $1000 btc. The second the flip switches in their heads the real bubble is here and I'll have already left out the back door

Lol, fudding for this coin is incredible.

XFuel isnt the same as XBY.
XFuel is on the new chain, XBY is being transitioned to the new chain.

just an FYI, they arent the same yet. thats probably why you think that.

honestly this.

You people are essentially screaming "THEY DIDNT GET THEIR TAX RETURNS BACK IN A WEEK! SCAM!"

its not in their hands lol.

They can file it and make an announcement saying it was filed. No one is saying it has to be approved immediately. The issue isn't the government, the issue is the fact that it wasnt even filed as CCR said it would be

how do you know?
Not saying it was, but at this point nobody can say one way or the other.
In a week I will be worried and still get out at 12x my initial price.
if it works out it will go parabolic.
Win win honestly.

It was filed bro. Everyone in the community knows it was filed. There wasnt a pinned announcement because it would be redundant.

you are arguing with a third worlder you know that?

he has no proof for his claims and pulls any shit out of his pajeety ass

Is anyone else seeing this? Market cap increased by 30m in a matter of minutes.

Holy fucken shit I’m so glad I got in at 11 cents

Please post a screencap of CCR saying it was filed and I will shut up and leave this thread and all XBY threads on Veeky Forums forever

Went all in last night at 2700 sat. Slowly sold off my profits and now regret it. Wish I held everything til now.

supermoonin feelsgoodman

>doesnt believe ccr's word
>wants ccr's word as proof
make up your mind pajeet


Been holding since 4 cents

Should have listened to us, biz

Up to 87c ALREADY lmfao. I don’t care if this is a scam, get it to XRB prices before it implodes please god. I need that 6figure payday

I've been sneakily posting about it.

A legit as fuck TA channel called this a couple days ago, I'm already x2 on the chunk I put into it. They also called RaiBlocks a fucking week ago. Other calls results so far in pic.

discord gg / E3Vjuew


10k at 100 and sold 9500 at 900...

So basically there is no proof..got it

Thank you XBY for 10x-ing me.

proof bitcoin devs are working on a lightning network

proof eth devs are actually changing the codebase to pos

proof sergey is actually working on chainlink projet and not just eating at burger king

you pajeets have a very low iq i know but thats why you dont belong on this board

lmao at the sergey line...i legit lol'd

looks like another verge based on my github lookup

random coins with nothing but a fancy page get pumped to billions+ marketcap based on 0 actual development

With this group as well - they're fucking legit. Waiting on an Eth transaction to buy some but think I'm too late to the party.

where do i fucking buy this

my fucking ETH deposit is taking forever fuck Cryptopia

It’s dipping now

It's dipping, get in now or die poor, your call user.

how to get into this group

dude google that post. it's copypasta for any coin.

CCR cashing out. See ya later, XBY

discord gg / E3Vjuew

discord is a chat app you need to join the discord channel put a . between discord and gg and get rid of the spaces then go to that address

RIP Xtrabytes

Back to the gutter you go

she's climbin again bb's