Time to start doubling up

Just bought 10k of colx. How soon for moon so I can martingale my gains to a new coin?

wtf where the colx shills at I need a conifidence boost guys.

Why the fuck is a masternode so expensive for such a small market cap coin?

The moon is coming. COLX telegram is 1200 people, massive

WHo wants to give me a ref link to where I can buy this utter shitcoin.

To attract big players.

Coinsmarkets, tradesatoshi
Cryptopia coming soon. Better get in before.

it 2.2k

spoke with admin on discord today, everything is going good

>Obligatory countershilling for the low mcap superior choice.

Sorry OP

got a discor link?

This retarded coinsmarkets just fucked me

I should have been buying 88k but it bought .88k for 1000usd lmao

nvm it fixed it. Holy shit we need out of this exchange, bad.

haha classic

Wait, wtf. These coins are selling for 1/4 on novaexchange.

Nova is closing, as far as i know you cant send funds

Someone explain why I can't just buy on nova and sell on coinmarkets for instant 3x over and over?

if you have an account get on it
I happened to have one you can't make one right now since they're gonna shut down march

Lucky sonuvabitch. I would buy everything available.

there is 0 volume, you couldnt even buy like $1 worth lol

There are active sell orders from what I see. Over 1 million colx for 1/2 current price. You could make a killing.

lol just realized there's not much left If there was something left i would be willing to sell my account for a small price since I don't have any more btc to buy colx with

If you want you can buy my account and all since I don't have any btc to buy any more

nova is a dead exchange would be the obvious answer

I don't mean dead in volume, I mean its dead. They are closing up shop


wow this coin has the best wordpress template ever
might as well KYS now, OP

they're working on it it got ddos'd