Whats the point of getting rich if you know you wont have friends equally as rich


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Point of being rich is to finally being able to live life. Wageslaving prevents you from having the money and time needed to live life to the fullest. Want a vacation? Lets hope your employer give you the days off. Want to experience something new? Hope you have enough money to pay for it and also your bills. Thats the point of being rich. To be free.

why do you care about other peoples wealth so much?


Make rich friends.


Cant really go traveling the world with a friend if they are wage cuck :(

Because most of my friends make 2-300k a year already...?

that's when you join the country club, user, so you can hang around many other dipshits all day long, playing some golf or whatever

Where the fuck do you live?

Aren't we all friends? I've on Veeky Forums since 2007-2008

Step 1: obtain virgin asian waifu
Step 2: what was the problem, again?

when you actually make it there are dating sites to find people of your calibre.

tfw my new gf has more money than me and she drives her dads porsche 911 around like it don't matter. thank you money skelly


Hey, an actual oldfag. Been stuck here since 09, this is the only human interaction I need or want. I unironically love all of you faggots, we're all gonna make it.

What if crypto is an intelligence check way for the wealthy to redistribute wealth freemarket style so they are less lonely at the top

It's not where I live it's where I went to school and who I became friends with.
Friends from:
- sidwell
- new trier
- cate
- Salisbury

I'm just a down ass nigga and money means nothing unless you make it a barrier. If you exude positivity and confidence you'd be surprised by the return you net in life.

Just be fun to be around and don't rub your money in peoples face. Never bring up money or money related shit.


>2009 was 25 years ago

>reading comprehension


really op? think about how many people are getting rich thanks to shitcoins, they'll be plenty of new rich people

Before people were retarded, you hid your wealth and you never spoke of it at all, because-- again before people were retarded--most people understood that it would cause resentment or even violence. Of course, there are times in history when retarded rich people forget these things and then they were introduced to a very different way of living--being killed, specifically, by an angry mob. Hopefully this current crop of rich people won't be so retarded as to rub in their wealth to others any chance they get. That would be uncouth and perhaps even a little dangerous. What I'm trying to say is no one has to know about how much money you have. In fact, no one *should* know how much money you have for your own retarded safety.

Pretty much this youtube.com/watch?v=HCiGusVYOgY


this so much

i just gave some of my friends % OF MY GAINS FROM MY LAST MOON AND TOLD THEM HOW EASY IT WAS