There is an accident and your computer breaks

How safe are your coins? How fucked are you?

The monitor and keyboard breaking would not effect the actual computer at all. Just get anew monitor and keyboard

>How safe are your coins?
>How fucked are you?
For exactly the cost of my computer

Don't be an idiot. Buy a ledger.

keep some coins on an exchange
the rest on my Ledger
kys scrub

Most wallets can be restored on any computer, no?

They're on the blockchain, breh.

the fuck you on about?
...get out now

>all those brainlets using authenticators that are going to be utterly fucked when something happens to their phones and they didn't backup their authenticator keys

fuck em.

>didn’t write the 16 digit code somewhere face



>implying I did exactly what I was just shaming fucktards for
>(pic related)

>Keys/Ledger in a fireproof safe.
>Passwords only known by a trusted friend, who would need to speak to a few different mutual friends incase I kick it.

those lost coins are essentially gone forever
less circulating supply. more scarcity in the long run
like a slow but never ending coin burn

bollocks to the fucktards that get lazy

Bittrex restored mine in just 2 days ^_^

ledgers are for newfag faggots who don't know how to securely encrypt their keys and upload to cloud services

>he dosent know about authy

Ah, gotcha. Yah, it's amazing how we all actually profit from the retardation of normies doing stu[id shit like sending to the wrong address or losing passwords/keys/actual physical wallets. There's going to be so many fantastic horror stories over the coming years. I love crypto so much.

Authy, and yes write fucking keys down.


how do I do that? help me out bros