Fuck this coin and whoever the fuck shilled it!

Like what the fuck do you have to do to buy it at reasonable price? Missed it at 4$ and then on 14$, wanted to spend 1BTC now on 30$ but each time it dips tiny bit, it gets straight back up after not even dipping for a 3minutes.

Just fucking sell this shit before it ends up on binance ffs.

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what you think anons? will it dump at binance or moon even harder?

you're thinking way too short term if you care what happens right after it lists on binance.

if it dips buy more and hodl. if it goes up, be glad you're not an idiot who thinks he can time the market

honestly I'm afraid the network can be spammed and be rendered hardly usable and I want to sell at the highest possible point, what would be a good target, $100? I mean the spam can be avoided but it will probably take time to work by devs and it will be dumping meanwhile and maybe some other better currency comes, in other words I'm not 100% sure about it being "the future"

The thing is that all this coin is is fast free payments. Unfortunately stellar and ripple are going to have duopoly on that market, up until ETH can scale. Also supposedly it’s pronounced ray blocks not rhye blocks.

coins with much bigger flaws have done much better

loads of high market cap coins aren't even a finished product lmao

The spam FUD is extremely exaggerated. Yea it's possible, but transactions will still confirm, just a little slower (So from instant to like, maybe 10 seconds - 100 seconds). That's assuming someone is willing to BURN money in order to spam the network.

Meh not sure people care. Normies want coin that is instant, simple and without a fee. What eth or lumens can do is one thing, but XRB is first one that seems invredibly simple and fast and after BTC fiascos and trans times people want something fast.

my target is $300

if cardano can make it to top 5 with vaporware, i'm confident raiblocks will make it

10 to 100 seconds? you completely pulled those numbers out of your ass. The network has not been sufficiently stress tested yet.

This pamp is over. You want a new moon? Get the IOTA of China aka IOT Chain. ITC

Dump like you've never seen a dump before. Bitgrail's withdrawal limits have prevented the whales to get out properly.


>Highly decentralized. Even a normie with an internet connection can run a node.
>Absolutely feeless and free.
>Fast transactions (a few seconds)
>High throughput (1000+ tps)
>Fairly distrib. via faucet (no premine or "foundation" keeping most of it)
>Hit $3 billion marketcap appearing only on an obscure exchange.
>Devs adhere to "do one thing and do it well" and aren't fapping over non-existent bullshit like lightning network, smart contracts, etc.
>Not ran by refugee circle jerking SJW devs.
>Has been around for 4 years.
>Has been proven non impacted during altcoin/bitcoin dumps.
>Lead Dev and Creator Colin has worked as a Dev for QualComm, Dell, AMD, and others; working on the cutting edge.

Common FUD with no basis:
>It'll dump when it hits exchanges. - We rarely see this in altcoins unless it's post ICO at a premium. Has $50 million+ in volume a day, not that low of a volume coin, has had plenty of dumps and immediate pumps.
>Double Spend Rumor - Some faggot keeps fudding this on reddit and github, Devs have offered massive bounties for any bugs, he refuses to back it up when called on it.
>Spam - Not really a MASSIVE issue like it was with IOTA. XRB allows for minimum receipt limits, and transaction limits by node operators.
>Don't buy at an ATH - It's always at a new ATH. So essentially you will never be able to buy it and you WILL miss out. Sorry you didnt get it at under a dollar, you're still going to make money buying now.
>Artificial Shortage because of Exchange - No, constantly has order books that are deep enough to support $50 million in volume. Once in a while someone does dump, but IMMEDIATELY it is pumped right back to a new ATH. The rich list shows nearly no wallets with more than 1% of total circ supply.
>OMG BITGRAIL SAYS ITS BROKEN - These fucking cheapo italian idiots, handling 80% of XRB volume, did it all with a single node without self sanity checks LOL

doesnt matter what happens, im all in with my small portfolio since 5 days ago at 2.3x ez

How is this not just a better version of BCH or LTC? If the security concerns are false (and until otherwise proven I'm just going to assume they are given that there are millions of dollars in bounties to be earned for finding exploits) I don't see why it can't reach a $10-20b cap

There are not incentives for running a node

This coin has no future

Need to put more on my bags. What is the lowest price I can get the coin today? Will it go lower tomorrow?

>yes because whales are stupid normies that dump all their xrb at once crashing the market completely

Why are people even talking about Binance? I'm much more interested in what happens when it hits Kucoin which should be a lot sooner.

You clearly don't understand the tech. 76% of the transactional volume to date has been run through A SINGLE FUCKING NODE. That being said, XRB doesn't need a bunch of bloated miners to work better and faster. Get out of here corecuck

buy pascal coin, next raiblocks and only under 80m cap

>buy xrb from bitgrail and move to my wallet yesterday
>still not arrived

I swear this shit is going to tank hard when people actually get access to their coins so they can sell them. I stupidly bought at 33.5 and now I really just want to get out without copping too much of a loss. Fomo'd and FUD'd.

Colin even said if you are invested enough in Rai and care about it's success that is all the incentive you need to run a node else it will fail

hold you coward. 33.5 will be cheap in a few days

Anyone know the reason for the small dip right now?

Yeah sure, okay. Mhm. yeah. Oh yeah.

lol i'm in at $1.50 idgaf

Why TF would you sell dude?
Kucoin has already said they are going to list XRB
And Binance is going to list them by the end of the week

You people with weak hands never fail to amaze me.

come from beyond is going to take his iota and nxt $$ and spam the fuck out of this network

Because it just went up by almost 6x since Xmas, and nothing goes up forever. It’s honestly a miracle this baby dip is as low as it goes. The small gains you might get for trying to sell is nothing compared to the potential money you might lose out on if you sell right before the next pump, which could happen any time with a Binance and Kuching on the horizon. Just hold.

Yeah I'm not gonna sell, was just wondering if there was some more news like the earlier bitgrail fud because it seemed a bit sharper than the previous dips.
I already put my coins in raiwallet rather than leaving it on that shitchange, wouldn't be surprised if it takes forever to get coins out when it's on binance.

A few larger holders have been squeezing the fearful out between ~185-230k sats all day today, check the 12 hour chart. That margin is narrowing though and it's forming a platform for the next launch so do with that info what you will. If you can catch it for sub-190k I'd go ahead and pull the trigger.
t. relatively large holder

Not to mention RaiExchange which should go live in a week

It is taking to long to move to your Raiwallet?

When you say that they are going to list XRB, it means it will go live and we will be able to buy and sell XRB on Binance?


name a coin that dumped once it got listed on a major exchange

Name a coin that's grown like xrb

I hope so, I hope so... Bought at 34 and the fomo from other alts is driving me up the fucking wall!


If it makes you feel better, I bought it at 0.78 and sold at 3.2 following advice about not being greedy :).

Me too dude. Sold my XRP for this shit and it dropped 25% the moment I bought it.

At this point, we just need to HODL and hope it goes up more.

It's very promising tech though and is about to be released on some of the larger exchanges, so I'm very optimistic.

FOMO is a hell of a drug though.

i did the same bro. still waiting for the measly 42 xrb to hit raiwallet. did the transfer 24 hours ago... still gonna hold these bags for awhile, see where they take me...