Go to a casino for a concert

>Go to a casino for a concert
>want to see what all the fuss is about Slots, since there's 80,000 of them in the casino and thousands of people playing them
>Put $5 into this Big Bang Theory slot machine, push the roll button five times, win nothing.
>Put $5 more in, bet 3 lines on one try, one line twice, win nothing
>never want to play a slot ever again.

What is the addiction to this shit? It's proven to have god awful odds of winning, it's boring as shit and it's brainless. Atleast with video poker or blackjack you have some control. Is it just some brainlet addiction bullshit? Atleast drugs get you high...

Because boomers are stupid fucks that cream themselves over a 5% gain from their mutual fund after a year.

It is all old people, and smokers. God damn it's fucking dumb.

literally a rat in a cage with a lever

literally bing bing wahoo for old people

I put 20 into some nickel slots and won 240 bucks over an hour, but later saw the machine being worked on so maybe I just caught it printing free money, who knows

living in vegas, this thread hits home hard as fuck, absolute idiocracy

>be anons dad
>super Mormon
>in Vegas for convention on behalf of company
>evening off
>take $5 into casino for slots
>make $56
>cash out and never walk into a casino again

Boomers are probably the dumbest generation

How do you guys see the future of slot machines?

I work in a casino and have access to a system that shows people who play with their rewards card. On a regular night we'll have 800+ games in play and maybe five people under the age of 35.

Old people fucking waste their money and then bitch at me that "I'm on a fixed income you stole my $20" .

A lot of people just hate themselves and are afraid of feeling any kind of happiness for some reason--likely because they were traumatized, or disappointed by something at some point in their lives. The best way to make your life miserable is to throw away any money you have on something that won't improve it. And that's why casinos are so popular. I'm not judging, though, I've learned this from experience.

hey i work in a casino too. Europe, how have you seen the people that come gambling in 5 years change? I mean, do you get less costumers, only older ones? etc

Only been in the industry 2 years in the US. Honestly what saves our property is the concert venue. It brings in enough young people late night who come for a show throw in 20-100 bucks lose and go home. The slots don't draw in young people, the restaurants and music do. Old people come for the pretty lights

Same here, young people started to leave the casino about 4 years ago. I honestly don't see a future anymore for the small casinos. We don't have a venue, just slots hall basically, only about 50 machines. You see a future in our sector?

Tf itt

Yes, it's an addiction for brainlets. Winning once makes the brain go all sorts of "alright!" that mask out all the money you lose in the other tries. Same as any other Casino game since the house always wins (except Blackjack if you count).

Short term? Yes.
Long term? The market will shrink as the older generation dies off and the smaller venues will disappear. So if you wanna make a career out of it you gotta get into management and get on a resort.

Agreed the emotions in crypto are much more addicting because you actually believe you're going to make it, then you don't.

Lol it's only the people who "win" on their first few times that get addicted.

t. Former sports gambling addict when I was younger

I played Roulette once and won and insane amount and was hooked on that too. Dostoevsky was hooked on Roulette too, I believe. It's not a matter of IQ, it's just human nature.

They're already on the internet. Its basically pointless to go to a casino and gamble when you can just do it from home. Unless of course you live in the freest nation on earth, you can't gamble online there. I think its in the constitution or something.

Thats some fine art

Thanks, i agree. We run this casino for 20 years. It's a small one due to regulations.

Its the atmosphere i think, you get drunk and go in expecting to lose money so the times you end up profiting are fun
I agree though slots are shit, playing any 1 game for a long period is shit

Last time I went to a casino I won 500 on roulette and then got my dick sucked by some drunk cougar after flirting next to her near a Ellen DeGeneres slot machine.

Every time I go to a casino is when my friend(mid 40's), who I seriously think is addicted begs me to go. Every time it's like a punishment. I win every time even though I try to lose- I try to lose because he likes me to go with him, cause I'm his " lucky charm "
I literally hate casinos, but it's hard for me to say no.
Only once I lost in blackjack and we left like 20 minutes later. That was a good night.

I work in a casino. I've watched people hit 200k jackpots on slots, get up and just start playing on the one next to that one while they wait for the hand pay out. Shit is off the wall. We have players that when we drop their machine its upwards of 60k in there.

>cause I'm his " lucky charm "
What else are you to him, user?

Your opinion?

Its called binance now.

The machines are made to pay out a certain percentage when they have reached a certain amount of revenue.

A friend told me a story about his vacation job at a camping site where he was helping out running the small arcade hall. The guy working the register was watching the slot machine like a hawk and when the arcade closed he would take cash from the register and play the slots that were due to cash out. After hij would return the borrowed cash to the register. Friend got a percentage to keep his mouth shut and help watch the customers.

He also told me how a guy tossed hundreds into the machine and got into a huge fight with his girl because he wanted to make a long drive to his house to get more cash. The register guy didn't skip a beat and got the machine to pay out while the guy was gone. The poor sap returned just after closing and knocked on the window. Register guy made a big show of making an exception for the guy so he could play the machine some more. Needless to say he didn't win anything and left in a rage.

I go to play the penny slots. Miin bet of $.01 and try to get a pull on every penny machine in the place with a dollar.

Blackjack is fun with friends and a $20

Here in MN other than the Indian casinos a lot of bars have pull tabs for sale, little paper 3 lined tabs you open. There’s a box with thousands, you buy say 50 and pull them all open, cash them in if you win. Then the cashier crosses the large winners off a poster, so you know how many 100+ tabs are in a box. I had a dumb fuck big tittied girlfriend when I was 21 who bartended a shitty saloon, and she’d be responsible for the nightly card counts (each box had to be manually counted out and locked up each night for the gaming board and reconciled with the winnings). Often, there would be a box with 400 tickets left and 700 bucks in prizes left to pay out (lots of little 1-2 dollar winners not listed on the poster). She’s call me and I’d walk in and buy out the box. She was a cheating scummer whore who gave me clap, but I must’ve made 8-9 grand that year buying out pull tabs. Good times.

Big buttons, flashy lights etc.. I know its stupid but this is what gets people.

>tfw no cheating scummer big tit gf to give me clap
At least I have my link, hodl

Boomers basically ruined America. They have dumbass hobbies and don't bother to learn how gambling works.

Spend an hour and learn how to calculate pot odds, winning % of starting hands. Go to a casino and sit down at a cheap hold'em table and you'll average like $15 an hour.

Old people anger the absolute fuck out of me.

You? I’m an urgent care and ER medfag. You wouldn’t believe the absolute bullshit these gomers put me through, holy shit.
“I want you to do everything to save my wife”
“Sir, I understand you’re upset, but she’s in end stage renal failure and 92 years old, the only thing keeping her alive is her pacemaker, and I believe you should consider withholding CPR when she arrests, which will be soon. The trauma to her body alone from CPR will not be survivable, and her kidneys have shut down”.
>pic related
Fuck old people

You can usually get cheap food at these places, just sit at bar or a penny slot and get good food.

They used to be legit for poker (about 10 years ago) but now they are dumps

>what is empathy the post

why are you working in the medical field.
You can make money and be aware of other peoples emotions.
Does not have to be one or the other.

go back to redd1t faggot

Reminds me of scratch cards. The house always wins but when there is even more fuckery taking place in between you are really getting shafted.

What is burnout

When I was in vegas the machines had an algorithm I started to figure out where they draw you in based on small wins and over time the house has an advantage.

holy shit... the CPR literally breaks ribs when ppl are old? never thought of that. Do they end up with a a caved in chest? what happens???

Also, what stupid fuck would put their loved one through that?


I dunno, i tried it with my family and I was the only one that didn't waste every dollar I had by the end of the night. don't know why people would let themselves get scammed like that.

>grandma cant drive, she spends all her time caring for grandpa, I help her out
>she gets 2 weekends a month to go out of the house for about 5-6h
>shes addicted to gambling/slot machines so at her request I always take her to the casino
>I pretend to be interested in gambling for 5h, but she gives me $60 to play the slots
>dont want to be a jerk and just pocket the money, but I know I'd have better odds investing that $60 in a random shitcoin
>rarely, if ever, end up leaving with more than $80