/b/ tard here my brother gav me this for xmas how do i get the money off???

/b/ tard here my brother gav me this for xmas how do i get the money off???

my sides

tear it up and tell your brother he a cuck

Thanks, just stole 100k

put that somewhere safe
wait a few years

Don't worry, some user already got the money off for you.

Larp or mentally handicapped?

you dont

put it up your ass and post it on /b/.
that's the kind of things you guys do over there.


There is no money on it. I just checked the public key.

For the non believers.

Inb4 QR code stands for some well thought forced tx that gives OP all coins of hurr durr guy who tries to steal from him.

BCash lol

Of course, someone just took it

kek, zero transactions. Gave you empty address LOL

0 transactions tardersauce



>transactions 0

probably fake, and there's no money in it, but OP, do not use this wallet. it is now compromised because you showed the private key. anyone in this thread could steal from it in the future now.

It's a BTC address. It has 2 transactions in may.

I don't see any on blockchain. Where do you see it or are you pretending?

I cant even imagine how stupid u have to be taking picture of that and putting it on the internet

There's no money on it witch was decovered 10 secounds after his post

You're right actually, i fucked up somewhere

stupid enough to browse /b/

>got one of these BTC cold storage things from ebay
>the seller laminated it and mailed it to me in a cute envelope
>the private key is right there

Yeah, I'd never use it because the seller could've just copied the private key lol.

>mfw it turns out to be Satoshi's BTC address

wat is reverse img search

No problem. We all make mistakes. It is a new year. Just try to do better!