To the off-world colonies!

ECA is mooning, skin-jobs.

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The only thing in my shitty portfolio in the green.

But my blockfol-
*checks coinmarketcap*

so comfy rn

why is it worth anything

faster than XRB, privacy of XVG, no giant whales (max holder has 5% ish and its prob an exchange) i could have sold already for 5x gains but 2018 will be too good a year to sell now

I haven't made a single bad call all fucking week, and people have shat on every single one that I've tried to get people on. Feels good man. Set to make a couple grand off this one in no time.

Fine, I'll put $100 in.


Thank God I bought this or I would still be a broke fag.

Nicely done. Very tasteful.

How high can this realistically go, Veeky Forumsnessmen?

>How high can this realistically go, Veeky Forumsnessmen?

Somewhere between 0 and 1

It's only logical, sitting pretty comfy here.

At first I said the coin would be good for short term gains and nothing more. Then I tried their wallet, and I'm actually impressed. There's very little tech in the coin market that fucking works without being clunky. If they continue to do good work like their wallet, there's no reason we couldn't hit 5c+

wut? the current wallet is shit, I hope the one they're working on is at least acceptable.

They are, making it sleek. What did you find shit about it?

shill me on this because it's looking very fucking appealing rn
are we talking 10x or 100x, and pls qualify short term or long term

10x short term
100x long term

all big holders are staking. Great community. Very very fast transactions

COLX gonna be bag holders soon

Ian that the new wallet still running Verizon 1.3. That shit is beautiful

Keep in mind, anything below 1c is going to be a great investment long term, and short term.

23 sats and rising. I already 2x'ed but much more to go.

Ok faggots im going all in. 30k usd. dont fail me now 4chin

Coinbase has all my money tied up or I'd be even deeper myself.

where is this wallet lol

That's just the concept for what they're making. The current one looks ancient, functions smooth.

proof of concept, will be out soon

Even has their spokesman whale all situated

>only on coinsmarket

Is this going on exchanges that matter soon?

Yes, be sure to get it before.

Get in before that happens you idiot.

i actually am scared of desktop wallet, what do you think of staking on coinsmarkets?

lmao where all yall callin it shitcoin now?

tfw you got in at 2 sat

You get 30% as opposed to 50%. Desktop wallets are easy, but do you as you like my dude!

Coinsmarkets is the shittiest site I have used yet. Constantly lagging, withdraw button chooses when to work. I would not be shocked if I logged in one day to find my shit gone had I left it over night. I get the fear of a desktop wallet, but you gotta get a Ledger, man. Get rid of the fear as much as possible. I don't like leaving on ANY exchange

I'm getting in, I'm asking to see what my gains could be and if this is a PnD

You can also send them to my wallet I'll keep them for you :^)

Kek, yeah the site is annoying as fuck but the wallet is really nice and the sheer speed of this is what made my eyeballs light up with $$$ signs.

please let it be a rai....
please let it be a rai...

LOL. 1 BILLION coins were pre-mined. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHa Veeky Forums never fails to surprise me.... another LINK. el oh el

Do not sell off because there's a dip, you've been warned now. You'll regret it in now time, and me telling you this as a single fucking person on an australian spider training board wouldn't make it any cheaper if you sold off at seme point so don't be stupid.

>privacy of XVG
so none? kek

What color lambo is everyone going to get? I think I'll get pic related.

will this hit 1$?

well yeah ur not wrong, would make more sense if it was worded like "it has the privacy of XVG if XVG actually worked" i bought 5mil of this sexy ass coin at 2 sat. i am feeling REAL fucking comfy atm

I'm going the longest on this coin. Hoping for a big price jump once the whitepaper is released.

i'm a newfag and what is this

We should stop shilling this for a bit, honestly. Give us more time to accumulate before .01

How much do you need of this coin to really make it? 50K?

You can't have enough, as it stands. We don't know the real future of this coin, but it's JUST NOW getting exposure.

this wallet is fucking slick, what the fuck. I'm sold.

What exactly is "staking"?

I posted about ECA at 1.5 sats, one person replied. then the thread disappeared... hope he bought in... got 2.4 mil for 125$ dropped 2500$ of my portfolio on it at 3 sats. 40000$ profit in 3 days. Is this real life?!

Free money for holding their shit in their wallet is the tl;dr. Google it if you want the real longwinded definition.

I haven't been at this long, and ECA is going to be my free ticket to funmoney. Funny how it works, the people that actually try can win in no time.

Interested to know how you discovered this coin. I'd never heard of it.

Sitting on only 25k, got in at 14 sats. Definitely considering selling off some XRP for more. When the fuck is blockfolio gonna support this god awful site tho

Veeky Forums told me. Ever browsed /tv/? The best movies are the the ones that get threads that no one replies to. Same logic applies here. I saw the threads pop, no one bothered to reply because they were posting pink wojaks and spamming stinky linky, and bam. Free fucking money. I read up on it, DYOR is real.

The fuck do you buy this
Barely fucking works
Shut down

Colx dipped after the moon, gonna wait

Goddamnit. Do I go all in on this or ENG?

Coinsmarkets is awful but it works. Don't let this one get away from you.

Know you werent talking to me, but the way I found it was looking at wallet investor, ECA was glitched and had stupid gains forcasted... bought 775K at 0.2 sats before it had any volume about 2 weeks ago. Bought another, 1.7 Mil at 0.5 sats when I saw the volume increasing and after doing some research, then bought 7 mil at 3 sats seeing the work the community is doing and really researching the coin. Best choice I ever made. Turned 25% of my blockfolio into 5x my total portfolio in 3 days.

people are starting to wake up to see the potential of this coin and as a result theyre crashing coinsmarkets since its such a small exchange.

that fucking feel when you cash 4 checks but your bank won't register them

It's going to drop quite a bit tonight, people believe it's a PND, just hold, boys. Buy as much as you can, I believe firmly it will hit 10c at least.

i downloaded the wallet and it doesnt work this is horseshit

> 's going to drop quite a bit tonight

based on?

Where there's a big rise there will be people selling and then a fall. It'll go down to 20 sats and then go back to steadily rising.

People thinking it's PND. Fuckloads think that right now.

Ok. Should I go all in on this or ENG? ENG is in a nice dip.

this obviously, really cheap coins like this have way more room to grow, it'd only need to reach 40 cents for 100x profit if you bought in right now

this is the kind of retard that's making more money than me

doubled my money in the past two days :)

that's what infuriates me

this is adorable, good luck man i'm rooting for ya

what is wallet investor?

that shit is an abomination

Why is that retarded logic?

Just a forecast site...
Think its pretty shit honestly

the price of the coin is fucking irrelevant, for it to 100x like he said that would mean a 10bn mcap

Not that it's impossible but his logic is flawed

t. normie who wants to fit in

i didnt even realise the market cap had gone to 100 million, last time i checked it was at 20 million, my bad

I know it went to 105 million in no time.

What kind of market cap could we expect in a month or two

This or Alqo?

Well fuck this coin then. It's not worth it anymore.

how is it not worth it anymore lol

I'd say around 300 million it all depends on the hype, the marketing looks tight though if they can work their privacy angle well I'd say it would do well.
Then it's up to the team to do something great.

How are you guys adding this coin to your portfolio app??

All it lists is novaexchange no coinsmarkets so the tracking price is incorrect


We're not.

yeah not adding it yet until it gets supported

dat scammy feeling coin

It will go to 250 sats so hodl and stay strong user

can I not exchange ltc for electra? I can't get into the ltc section of the exchange in coinsmarkets :/

in the url bar change btc_eca to ltc_eca

holy shit god bless you hackerman