2018's 100x coin

On 1/3/17, Ethereum was $8.38 a coin.

At the time of this post, 364 days later on 1/2/18, it's at $874.

What will 2018's 100x coin be, Veeky Forums?

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Ez NTWK token (source its already half way there 4800%)

Link or Req

Without a doubt

LINK. $100 EOY 2018

these are all likely to be that coin


Link isn't gonna survive OCT rise

It’s going to be OmiseGo. It’s pretty fucking obvious.


iexec (RLC) no doubt

Wait til this hits binance and it's going parabolic you cucks

Xtrabytes XBY




Link, without link there isn’t real use for smart-contracts

forgot your other shitcoins and buy link, 200x 2018

screencap this

This one SEEMS logical, but why is it struggling so much right now if it's as great as everybody makes it out to be?

Shill me on it.


OCT isn't going to do shit. ain't got no zeppelin_os partnership. that's the game. chainlink will become core infrastructure while OrgleClone will remain a nobody.

dude thanks for sharing this
the project looks like it could be superior to LINK

hedging bets

XBy 100%





ETH again


retards will ask what coin?
smart money is accumulating

have .1 in each of these before q2 2018

.1 stellar
.1 request.network
.1 decred
.1 stratis
.1 komodo
.1 ubiq
.1 raiblocks
.1 icon
.1 0x project
.1 bitshares

i would seriously consider the average roi of these would be 33x , and this was just a quick skim over top 100 in coinmarket cap. i would put 0.075-0.05 in some others on the 2nd and 3rd pages

i also currently have a list of 25 shitcoins i will put 0.025 bitcoin in

currently its a notepad with 1 bitcoin in 10 coins 0.5 bitcoin in 25 coins and various amounts in some others i think will prove their course but i dont care too much about the technology

i dont care how over diversified you can think this is, i will be glued to my computer in 2018 and will move each bag accordingly to one or the other

I feel bad for anyone that hasn't invested in OMG yet.


Unironically IOTA


>ctrl f
>no OCT

What are you doing? Veeky Forums used to be good and I'm going to help make it great again. Buy OracleChain now if you want to make it.

Thank me later.

Nah. Just stop pooing in street if you want to make it

>didn't actually ctrl+f "OCT"

Where can I buy it user

Decred is solid and everyone here is to obsessed with adhd gains to realize it's a winner.

The recent article on medium makes me think it won't be as profitable staking as previously thought.


Your nearest market in India

Raiblocks or ENG

Does tron have a chance?

>Chinese Year of the Dog
>Doggie game
you tell me user

Obsidian (ODN). At 15 mill cap today, easy 500 mill in 2018 (privacy platform in a year I predict will heavily tilt towards privacy...see Monero too)

3.2b cap would be 100x for LINK. Achievable if they get their mainnet up.

Raiblocks short term. ENG mid to long term.

What about TRX or ADA?

will we have annother year like 2017? goddamn i need to know which coins will moon. i currently have 130k in crypto and want to allocate accordingly

Cardano will x50 to 1 TRL. screencap this.
ETC will get to 50B. BitShares will probably and sadly die off. ZenCash will get to 20B.
BTC will lose it's crown but stays in TOP5.
EOS will not exist.
DASH will be TOP5.
Monero will be TOP30.
BItConnect will still exist.

The King

Market cap is close to 5bil already though.

Fuck off shill paj


screencap this

ADA and ZEN are the most no brainer investments since the dawn of BTC imo.

DASH is cool and will probably be the next to be listed on CB.

Monero community is clinically insane.

coin name plox

ECA and it will still be undervalued after it 100xs

link pretty much. without LINK smart contracts and by extension all smart contract coins like eth, neo, eos etc. are useless.

It's in the filename, user.

Charles will become de facto leader of crypto. Anything he and IOHK touches will be fucking gold. Imagine a fucking conference, first autistic VItalik giving a speech and next Charles. That's not even funny.

VEN/VET. That is all it (VEN is being rebranded to VET soon) look into it. All the partnerships it has, and it’s only 2 dollars. Seriously. That’s it. Going to keep accumulating.

SUB will 100x by end of 2018.

what this guy said. ECA has huge potential, market cap is still low enough to get in early

I love the guy's vision, he's ambitious, a true hero in this toxic space.

I noticed you missed out ETH, do you not think it will last? (I think they it is irreversibly destined to not succeed, both technologically and socially.)


Shill me on this.

hahahahaha OP there are a lot of retarded pajeets shitting up this thread but this one right is lord of the retards

ADA has no product. Network effect will eat them alive unless they move extremely fast.
They have to be better than ETH AND get there at about the same time.

It will pump hard but I can't see any reason for it to be worth that much.

shill me desu

it cant not be this coin

Thanks just bought 100k


Imagine having to wait a whole year for some shitcoin to go 100x. Kek


i meant to reply to 0x (ZRX)

ICX x200

ICON if Kim behaves

>whitepaper released almost 6 months after initial offering

Doesn't sound like a scam at all

Ada is too overpriced right now

Xrp wiikd be but banks have memed it

Logically speaking, what is the downside to keeping a fairy small qty(let's say 100) of the top 20 coins? If any of them Ultra Moon to at least $100, you get a cool $100,000 back (and you won't feel like you missed out)

IoT chain

you're a fucking idiot. 10/10

Sharing trade secrets


All have real world applications and solid foundations. Especially REQ.


Perhaps not, but the adoption alone should see the price rocket.


Tron wont moon like Eth did because of the amount of coins in circulation. I do think if you are getting in now though that you could get a good ROI

Why would ETH fail?

BlockchainOS from The Southern Koreas




XBY is the only answer


It looks like a PIVX fork that's only been rebranded? It also went about 10000x last month, so it looks like a pump and dump scam / coin that's been 'created' by some people only as a get rich quick scheme. If there are greater fools than you, it might still be profitable, but odds are those who put money in this will only be left holding your bags.

ADA. The currency of true cryptoconservatives.


this. ZRX has so many projects built off of it that are ALL coming out this year or next. Including biz's favorite shill coin REQ

You guys haven't forgotten about me....r-right..?


ENG will be a major player before the end of this year.