How do I check crypto prices at work? Coinmarketcap is blocked...

How do I check crypto prices at work? Coinmarketcap is blocked, is there a normie website like CNN business that has crypto prices.

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Use your phone data you cuck

blockfolio retard

Make a quick web service that hits cmc's API and returns you whatever you want to see
One api call...

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>CMC blocked

What kind of autistic retarded shithole of a company do you work for?

I don't have cell service in my office for some weird reason...

yahoo finance

I tried that one but for some reason Yahoo doesn't have XRB which is my largest hold


complain to IT and tell them to unblock it
or ask your coworkers and see who gets phone service and switch your phone provider to that one

Why don't you just look at Blockfolio on your phone. Or is your company Nazi about phones as well.?

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I don't have cell service I work on a military base in the middle of nowhere so I can't check Delta.

>How do I check crypto prices at work?
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Couldn't you just integrate a market API onto a VPS and tunnel into it via https/ssh? It won't be pretty unless you do some markup, but that could be an option.

You could also use Excel to refresh market data and have it easier to chart/graph that way.

Sounds like you'll have to actually put some work into it if you can't get around the blocks some other way.

I'm working on a decentralized proxy token, I'll get back at you when I'm, I mean when we're ready to ICO ; )

Thank you I will try excel tomorrow

Try with Google Traductor.

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