Is there any hope left for Ark?

This really seems like the biggest mistake of my career in crypto so far. I've been in ARK for about 6 months and put so much of my portfolio in to it. It's discouraging to see that the biz delegate is literally the only thing keeping ARK on life support at this point.

I put about 1/10th of what I put into Ark into Enigma and Raiblocks like 10 days ago and already have made more profit from those two.

Please convince me not to abandon ship.

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Sinners will be punished

I bought at $3 , sold at $7 . Haven't looked back. I've sold other coins that have mooned more after I sold (REQ, OMG, SUB, etc) but Ark is staying put. I'd go focus on other endevours and return closer to Ark VM as well as once their marketing picks up.

Every coin Veeky Forums convinced me to buy is bleeding. The ones I decided not to buy because of shit-stinking curry sales tactics and pajeets screaming "buy it faggot!" are up massively.

My biggest gains have been in ETH while all of my alts go sideways.

There’s a reason we call you deluded.

Ark doesn't pump on hype as the team creates no hype. This is a really long term hold. With Ark core V2 coming out it should see more hype, especially now that they're a registered business entity in France and have started hiring people to market.

Fuck yeah

As soon as I sold ARK for ICX (superior version of ARK and CVC combined + even more cool shit) my portfolio skyrocketed within 5 days. ARK was good for slow passive gains but OP there are just better projects out there, ARK is so abstract there is nothing to grasp onto in terms of a real practical service. Sell for better coins OP I did and have not looked back. It's a shame but bottom line is I need gains and ARK is not giving them to me.

For Ark u need an iron hand, you fucking faggot.
Go hold your Raiblocks, lose everything to Pajeet Babbeldeedoo and an hero!

It's been pretty stable though through all dips across the board. Just fucking hodl and vote

>comparing ARK to RAIBLOCKS
you guys arent deluded you are RETARDED

why is this girl associated with Ark

I'm 100% into Ark. I know I could be making more gains but this seems like one of the more legitimate projects in the crypto sphere. The Devs not caring about the price is humbling because they actually care about the product.

When the fuck did I compare them you god damn chimpanse??? Raiblocks is shit, ARK as future. Get over it, pajeet

Seriously shilling for the biggest pump n dump coin which is only avaliable on one important exchanging website...jesus christ.

How can so much cope fit in one post

youre gonna post pink wojaks for missing that one soon enough and i will sit here and enjoy it
kucoin and binance soon
whole biz will be asking how they missed this one it will be glorious

Around mid-August, there was an user we like to call Malarkie who incessantly posted ARK FUD pastas, much to our amusement. He coined the term "Deluded Arkies".

One of the original pasta:
The conference yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run this scam.

Price has already tanked 10%. Once it breaks through the $1.50 resistance the panic will begin and small holders and speculators will begin to offload, with the whales already long gone.

Once it shoots through the $1 mark, unabated FEAR will ripe through all ARKies. With all those who dumped their current accounts into this scam twitching at their arsehole continuously while refreshing bittrex.

The $0.50 mark will be met, the largest panic in history will ensue. The final deluded Nodes will begin to go offline, and wagecuckers with their engineering salaries loaded up in ARK will be left with it stuck in their wallet, unable to move it to bittrex to salvage some self respect.

The price WILL tank at this point to sub $0.10, and most probably sub ICO levels.

From that day forward the deluded Arkie wagecucking engineering nerds who bought this coin thinking it had fundamentals will go back to their jobs, with no money in their current accounts, to be made redundant by the next wave of pajeets arriving to undercut their wages.

Deluded ARKies will hold bags FOREVER, with no job, no money, and no crypto.

I warned you ARKies. There's still time to get out. Sell NOW.

Don't be deluded, don't be an ARKie.

ARK is nothing more than a couple of nice wallets and a shit token nobody uses. The devs don't even know what direction to take in a number of aspects of the development. It is stagnant and does nothing. Have fun on the leaky ARK brah.

I feel bad for you user

How good is a token and blockchain when one delegate crashes the network and caused forks while running his payment script. ARK is the future lol


your own fault slowpow

don't be a retard and sell that shitcoin

I'll just leave you to think about this. There's a saying going around here and It's "always do the opposite of what biz says". Majority of biz says that ark is shit, we also got the name deluded arkies and iris hearth ( all top quality memes senpaitachi ) but Ill have to remind you how much money you would lose if you listened to the majority on biz. Ill start with IOTA. When it was at 0.5$ whenever a thread popped up you would get spammed with alahuakbar memes and everyone shitting on iota. Iota then blew up (huehuehue). Or link, one of the most shilled coins on this board. Pump and dump. You can still see the bagholders haunting the threads hoping to dump their bags. Hell just a few days ago, I saw a thread where someone posted if he should buy ARK or LINK. "Deluded arkies" were the only ones giving him reasons to buy it in forms of an argument, while literally everyone else were just shilling and posting memes and promises of lamboland. I'm not trying to shill ark and I'm not telling you to buy It. But do look at other examples and how biz reacted to other coins and where thy are now.

How have you been in ark for 6 months and are dissapointed. I bought at $1AUD 6 months ago, and its sitting at around $10AUD, plus staking dividends, which has been about 2.5%. Thats like 1025% returns. Is that considered a massive crypto mistake these days?

unfortunately this will never moon while the whales (fucking parasites) are on the price.

>189btc wall

The bittrex whale (probably the ARK team) has fucked this project for investors


That is a picture of very heavy bags not a whale

Soon™ you will regret dumping

Alrighty, then tell me why Raiblocks are even WORTH the time thinking of investing in it, Pajeet!
Go fucking try, I beg you!

>Highly decentralized. Even a normie with an internet connection can run a node.
>Absolutely feeless and free.
>Fast transactions (a few seconds)
>High throughput (1000+ tps)
>Fairly distrib. via faucet (no premine or "foundation" keeping most of it)
>Hit $3 billion marketcap appearing only on an obscure exchange.
>Devs adhere to "do one thing and do it well" and aren't fapping over non-existent bullshit like lightning network, smart contracts, etc.
>Not ran by refugee circle jerking SJW devs.
>Has been around for 4 years.
>Has been proven non impacted during altcoin/bitcoin dumps.
>Lead Dev and Creator Colin has worked as a Dev for QualComm, Dell, AMD, and others; working on the cutting edge.

Common FUD with no basis:
>It'll dump when it hits exchanges. - We rarely see this in altcoins unless it's post ICO at a premium. Has $50 million+ in volume a day, not that low of a volume coin, has had plenty of dumps and immediate pumps.
>Double Spend Rumor - Some faggot keeps fudding this on reddit and github, Devs have offered massive bounties for any bugs, he refuses to back it up when called on it.
>Spam - Not really a MASSIVE issue like it was with IOTA. XRB allows for minimum receipt limits, and transaction limits by node operators.
>Don't buy at an ATH - It's always at a new ATH. So essentially you will never be able to buy it and you WILL miss out. Sorry you didnt get it at under a dollar, you're still going to make money buying now.
>Artificial Shortage because of Exchange - No, constantly has order books that are deep enough to support $50 million in volume. Once in a while someone does dump, but IMMEDIATELY it is pumped right back to a new ATH. The rich list shows nearly no wallets with more than 1% of total circ supply.
>OMG BITGRAIL SAYS ITS BROKEN - These fucking cheapo italian idiots, handling 80% of XRB volume, did it all with a single node without self sanity checks LOL

This is why you always diversify. 10-25% in BTC to buy juicy dips (like earlier today) and spread the rest out between 10-15 alts. If you're going to put a significant portion in one alt specifically you'd better make sure it has significant news coming up soon (within a month). If ark does not then dump it down to 5 or 10% of your portfolio and reinvest that in other coins that pique your short term interest.

now go fuck yourself faggot
have fun with your bleeding shitcoin that gets kept down by whales

yes, its one of the biggest disappointments of my life without a doubt. cut ties. the ark is never "departing" . the ark is shipwkrecked and marooned

nah bro the walls have been raised for many days now.

Where is the value in ARK tokens? Why will it moon soon? Shill me because I see no value in this token.

>Thinking I asked him for advice instead of having a nice laugh
>Didn't even respond

Yep, got the Pajeet :)
Rather throwing my money to literal Shlomo Baumstein's desu

i bought it in september when it was 80k, so yes i have a right to be disappointed

Ouch brah. You get some cream for that burn?

I'm actually sorry. You did pay a high price for a ticket to the ARK, friendo

>mfw he thinks im a pajeet
i live in fucking switzerland you absolute moron
i bet you ignored the shill threads at 1$
see you when we hit 500$ you moron
also he think i typed this shit i just copied this from the raiblock shill threads which you probably filter out like the little mutt you are

It's this right here that I'm concerned about. It has to be a pretty huge joke of a coin to not go up in USD in that time span. I buy altcoins to make more than BTC. If that's not happening, there's no point for me.

Nice text, literally worthless in 7-8 months (or even less). throughput, fast transactions and feelessness are the number one things they shill about and every peak aspect to buy this coin is ALREADY findable (in better shape even) in other Altcoins. Nice try


>Admitting to go to raiblock shill threads
BAHAHAHAHAHA du bist offiziell der dümmste Schluchtenscheißer, den ich je gesehen/gehört habe.

Or did you move from India to Austria's retarded cousin? ;)

I'm glad a lot of newer people don't have that mentality, but that's where my initial investment all was so it's what I base everything off of even though I barely have any anymore.

funnily enough its gone up 400% since then

how long before ARK has a working product in smartbridges or the VM?