Coinmarketcap just released DBC's MC.

As I write this, it's 130MM....

Which means it's going to 10x AT LEAST from here. Which means if you all got in a few days ago like I SAID, you're getting 10x after a 2x... which is 20x your money.

Buy this coin now, it will change your life, I promise.

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Excellent news!

Lower than thought! Huge!

Isnt this that scamcoin that was supposed to partner up with NEO, but turned out to be fraud?


No, it's going to be the Neo platform's killer app. It's the second coin released on it's platform, it will be huge.

also kys pajeeter

Okay pay attention fellow /bizraelis, this is not the one to miss. BNTY and PRL have proven in the last week that anything that touches Kucoin is going to surge. Now DBC (Deep Brain Chain) is on the same path, as you can see it has the highest trading volume on KuCoin. On the other hand Kucoin's total daily trading volume is sitting at a tiny $32m compared to Binance's $2.8b and Binance is only 5 months old. Kucoin has grown 800% in the last 60 days and it's aggressive listing of new unknown coins such as BNTY and DBC is going to be a major contributor to this growth. We're at a point now where normies are seeing this: or and scrambling to get onboard with the moon missions.

How do you take advantage of Kucoin's growth? KuCoin Shares.

user, what the hell are KuCoin Shares?

KuCoin is dead serious about being a major force in the exchange world. They want growth and they want it fast - to facilitate this they're offering dividends in the form of trading fees to their investors. 50% of the entire trading fee revenue on the Kucoin platform will be shared daily with those holding KCS on their exchange. This is a two-fold investment with ridiculous growth potential as a result, you buy KCS, the exchange grows, your KCS rises in price, and the amount of dividends you are generating grows with it.


My current plan is to ride our Veeky Forums alt-coin profit and reinvest into KCS down the line. See you in 2020 when I'm still holding and living off my dividends, I hope you are there with me.

Kucoin's referral system is genius too; you are rewarded some % of the trading fees that your invitees take on. If I shilled you into this Godcoin please consider using my referral code when signing up if you don't have a Kucoin account yet:


Fuck off with your pasta. This thread is about DBC not about you trying to get people to use your referral code.

You said 100x.

No, I definitely didn't. My original thread is here

f-fist nigger?

Praise be he..

Use this referal code for 50% off fees while ur at it


What do you think will happen when it hits Huobi?

70k coins here btw.

Shill us on it. What does it do, what's the purpose of the coin/token, is there a good team behind it, etc. If you just say "buy buy buy" you might as well say "here's a scam, stay away".

It continues to go up and down as it eventually reaches 1B MC. I really don't even care about Huobi, it is irrelevant to this coin's success, new exchanges simply make it moon faster.

If I had gone all in KCS instead of LINK early Dec I’d have $85k now. Oh well.

Very solid team
Think POW but instead of the miners doing useless calculations just because, it powers AI which requires huge amounts of processing power

Did you even know about it early december?

It was shilled here like crazy a few days ago. Did you not see an explanation of it then?

I vaguely did. Figured it would perform like Binance coin, nothing special.

I'm really tired of talking about this coin so much, I'm not a pajeet therefore I'm not trying to make you buy this coin so I can catch a quick moon then dump on you. Therefore I don't have the energy to ravenously shill coins to strangers, I'm confident in this coin, just look it up. Though I'm sure someone else here will fill you in.

I'm actually a crypto investor. I find coins I believe in, buy then HOLD until I have millions. My goal is 5-8MM this year.

Let this be a warning to you, Veeky Forums. Buy now or repent to the Machine God later.'s_basilisk

Are there other hidden gems other than DBC than you're bullish on right now?

Would you say EOY 2018 minimum wait or can we start to cash out sooner than that? Just want an extra opinion.


This is HUGE news, expected a moon mission boys

DO SOMETHING ALREADY. This is my first crypto trade. Started around the 29th. Thought I'd have 2k by now but only have like 1200 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I had KIN but I sold it. I can't see it ever making significant strides with that many coins in circulation

Honestly the only reason I'm holding DBC forever. I can say I did my part.

That wasn't OP who replied

>Hands this weak.

You realize most of the coins that moon have already been circulation for a while right? DBC JUST got into circulation like a week ago, you have to give it a month or two senpai.

You'll probably disagree, but Tron.

Tron will go to $1 and DBC will go to 1B MC, the former *possibly* taking longer than the latter.

I plan on making 3-4MM between the both of them.

yeah you need millions of KIN to see any kind of sizeable gains. KIN isnt a million dollar hold but itll give you a couple thousand bucks. im not saying 100% on it but i have 1.2 mil KN that i bought for $160 and im already up around $450. ill hold it until it can give me $1500-$2000 then ill dump for something else.

why tron? im already on board but would like to hear your reasoning as to why tron will succeed

I need it to get on a better exchange. ED is soo damn shit.

More like Deep throat chain ?
Or is this legit ?

crypto doggies. year of the dog. billionaires use astrology user.

do you even know what magick you are dealing in here?


Tron already has a huge market cap though.

Holding about $10k worth of DBC. Great to see it on CMC

nice, waiting for the dip, put a buy order at $0.08.

>Coinmarketcap just released DBC's MC.

You weren't able to figure out the marketcap before CMC told you? You knew the price, and you knew the circulating supply.

Fucking brainlets.

You guys are fucking retarded, no AI company is going to want their proprietary dataset on a public ledger. Everyone who is shilling this coin obviously has a large stake in it and will dump as soon as the price gets pumped.

AI and blockchain are both great ideas. But not when you put them together.

10 billion coin max supply, yeah not going to 10 bil market cap

I thought about this earlier today and increased my stack

^ Is this the kind of people we make money off of? Now I feel bad

His point is that once the circulating supply is calculated by CMC, it gets listed on the rankings so more people become aware of it.

>proprietary software

>Doesn't even understand how this coin works.

You'll be paying for access to their DeepBrain algorithm which leverages the processing power acquired from the DBC miners in order to get your AI services.

You're retarded. Data will not be stored on the ledger. That's ridiculous.


We didn't know the exact circulating supply you fucking idiot. It came out less than anticipated, which investors are very happy about. Never speak again you dunce.

market cap /= value
When will you morons learn this.

Isn't it just value x number of coins?

>my goal is 5-8mm this year
>I invest
>literally last year was first year for big money to be made unless you had BTC

KYS $1k larper.

what is up with their fucking website?

wheres the team? all i see is a bunch of chink hedge funds

Sorry, I should have said "future value." But market cap is CIRCULATING supply x value.

read the whitepaper, team is outlined at the end

hmmmm........listen to you or ride the chink waves to money