If you're ever feeling down, just remember that there are people out there still hodling Verge

If you're ever feeling down, just remember that there are people out there still hodling Verge.

Are Verge hodlers the most emotionally attached investors you've ever seen?

Dumbest people on earth, this scamcoin is legit going to the deepest depths of the crypto ocean.

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bagholder here, 3000 sats if not i will eat my balls on live tv

Haha I sure am happy that I sold at 108 instead of being one of these stupid bagholders haha

consider the amount of FUD directed at XVG
open source
huge community created without ((marketing))
no posterboy to help reddit with the feels

>they still don't know what to do

Their entire fucking team consists of people doing marketing with only one active developer working on the actual product.

Lmao I cry every time
Got out at ATH feels good

>no marketing
fucking lol, its the only good thing about this coin

>one developer

One of the first crypto rushes of normies into an absolute shitcoin due to Mccafee shilling. They had no idea what they were in for and it's hilarious to watch

>not shorting for enigma to return for xvgs non-moon
Believing in the coin is one thing, economic retardation is another

>fiddling with GUI elements
>updating README
Your source confirms there is only 1 person actively working on the product.

sold off my last bit of xvg, and if you think i made a mistake there is a guy on gab who posted IP addresses of XVG wallets, private my ass

Are you retarded OP. I’m making fucking bank on Verge lmao.

>implying this market is rational

the normie scum will forget this disaster in a couple of week and then this coin will be back

By the dip or stay poor.

there are a couple devs

Got out ATH made 450K USD. Moved it instantly to XLM now working on my Volvo.

So 1 actual developer indeed. Thanks, seriously just sold my XVG for ENG. Fuck this shady shitcoin.

This. I made a shitload on Verge during the last pump and now that it's down I'm gonna jump back in.

Don't know shit about it and never even read the white paper

The exact same thing happened with Digibyte, remember that. Chances are you'll be holding those bags for years to come.

Yeah I'll think about it. Req is also coming down too so maybe that would be a safer bet.

You might want to consider ENG mate. Much higher upside potential then xvg. Low market cap and one of the best developing teams in the world. It's basically the ethereum of privacy coins.

REQ is a safe bet too btw. Either way, they both are better then xvg, thats for sure.

I've got a couple of privacy coins I'm already invested in: Monero and ZCash.

It's nice that 1 ENG is way cheaper than those but it's up like 300% since last week and I never buy outside of dips.

dumb fags i rode the verge pump then dumped it like the shit it is. Used and abused that bitch, is the only thing verge is useful for. If you are even holding 1 full coin still you are a dumb faggot. Fuck out the market

I got verge at 800, sold Verge at 1500 and just bought back in at 900. Am I stupid? I feel like this coin has a few more pumps left. Especially when wraith comes out.