The Chad portfolio

The Chad portfolio

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>Chad only has 9k

Link is the better coin

Stepping stones

> tfw you had 11k REQ last week, but sold it at 0.00048 ETH

nice, but you forgot bch

had 50k REQ and panic sold at 800 sats AMA

Idk. Did I?

the brainlet porfolio dont you mean?

top kek never gonna make it

No xlm, shitfolio

hey ive only got 230 LINK left, he's chad for a reason

I’m already 10x since starting

very nice portfolio, i have the same but with some salt also

we're gonna make it this year, just hold those coins brother

sup bruh.

Chad doesnt pick good coins, he picks the absolute shitcoin of shitcoins and magically profits 10x

more like the JUST portfolio

ive seen this posted a billion times already, why do you do it?

this is why I'm not selling my LINK until the mainnet is out, link moons and the token starts being used for smart contracts as intended. at that point its true value will be evident and selling a couple won't be completely retarded.
don't touch my dear linkies

>still holding neo at ATH
You bring shame to your family

it keeps going up and people keep making threads. i hold the coins listed so i post mine. why does it bother you?

Not that hard when you invest fucking 120k dude

you post it every 30 minutes. thats autistic

it's not even close to ATH retard

He's just jealous my dude. nice portfolio. id be showing it off as well

i didnt realise any of us were in a competition here? wwe are all going to make it. calm your tits.

this is less than a month of growth for any lurkers on the ropes wondering if these coins are going to make it (hint: they are). get in before they get to $1

> no XRB
> no ENG
> non-deep brainlet


thanks user. i dont undersatnd why people get mad. we should all be happy for eachother becuase we are all going to get rich

What site / portfolio tracker is this? Looking for something like blockfolio but for desktop.