Credit scores

Does anyone else not have a credit score? I've never been in debt or used a CC. Why do normies make a big deal about credit scores? Why are they so surprised when someone doesn't have one? Is that seen as a bad thing in their eyes?

Normies are dumb consumerists
I only have a debit card

you have one. we all do. yours is just shit.

It's a big deal because I was able to get 5k that I turned into 30k

I'm guessing you're 16 y/o or so

When you get to be a grown up you'll find that to apply for credit or mortgages or loans, hell even some employers check this and without it you ain't shit

Credit scores are only important if you want a mortgage or car loan. If you become a cryptomillionaire you wouldnt need it.

cause they enjoy being in debt and having an arbitrary ranking based on how much they can be fucked over by banks. I literally have a perfectly normal life and have never taken out a loan or any sort of credit.

>Why do normies make a big deal about credit scores?
Because having no credit score is actually worse than having a bad credit score.

Credit scores are useful for acquiring loans for things like cars and houses. If you have enough capital to afford either of these things in cash, don't worry about it.

Being able to take out a $15k personal loan and buying a car at 1.99% interest is kind of nice, though.

good luck getting an apartment, cell phone, etc. without any credit

I’ll just buy a house with crypto gains
Fuck apartments

wrong. employers check credit now and if you have never had credit your credit is likely shit.

No it's possible not to have one, if you've never opened a credit card, or had any debt you will not have one.

I'm 24.

>what is a credit score

You can still get a mortgage without a creditscore, and why wouldn't you be able to get a cell phone? That makes no sense.

BZC's platform is finished, it's like one of the only 20 crypto's that has a finished platform.
Go buy your "We promise it'll be done by 2025" coin.

Look at the Bloom Token website, bringing credit scores to the blockchain and trying to help out those with no credit scores, due to having no credit card or moving from a state to another.

Their ICO just ended and the tokens will get listed soon on an exchange.

Pic related. Feelsgoodman.

no it isn't. buying shit you can't afford is dumb unless you're gonna use it to make money.

and if you can afford it then wat do you need credit for


jesus, you need something to buy a home, rent a home,car loans...are you delusional? ya dig

>cant afford to buy house
>rent instead for 20% premium over owning
>30 years later nothing to show for it
>dont want to pay 2.99% to (((them)))
the absolute state of

>not already owning a house
poorfag plz

You shouldn't take out loans to buy cars. You can still rent in most places without one, and you can buy a house in cash and even get a mortgage without a credit score.

You would have to pay full sticker price for the phone, rather than a subsidized plan with your provider where the phone is severely discounted if not free so long as you stay with that provider for a year or two.

You don't need to take out loans to build your credit either. Only loan I have is my student loan, soon to be paid off. Get a credit card that gives you cash back percentage on groceries or something (no fee), use it for groceries, always pay off every month. Presto your credit is now very good. Having utility bills in your name also helps your credit.

Im a multi millionaire and intentionally keep my credit score as low as possible. We're talkin in the 400s. Everything I buy is with money I actually have. You could have literally all my information and it wouldn't matter. I laugh at the pajeet who tries to steal my identity.

>buying shit you can't afford is dumb unless you're gonna use it to make money

You have to live somewhere.

1) You live in an apartment. You're literally throwing your money away every month. If your rent is $1,000, you're throwing $12,000 down the drain every single year.

2) You live in a house with a mortgage. You will (in almost all cases in ) get your money back, with interest. If your mortgage is $1000, you have $12,000 equity in your home every year, plus its increase in value.

3) You live with your parents and you're > 25 years old and can afford to move out. You're a fucking parasite and you should grow the fuck up.

I do own a home. with a mortgage. If you own a home that didnt once have a mortgage or was paid for by someone else, you are lying.

>multi millionaire and intentionally keep my credit score as low as possible

Then you're fucking retarded. Hating the banking system is fine -- intentionally fucking yourself in our current financial system is sub 70 IQ retarded.

Living at home is the best. Don't listen to this fag. I'm 24 and have around a 380k net worth and live at home. Why wouldn't you want to live at home? I save 95% of my income, my mommy cooks, cleans, does Landry for me, I get to live in a big nice house gated community house with pool for completely free. Unless you have a job that's far away you should be living at home. Definitely don't waste money renting and don't get into 200k of debt to buy a shit house.

Do you at least help your folks financially?

I'm 24 and my credit score is 811. Student loans, my car loan which is about to be paid off and my credit card (which maybe has a $50 balance).

Personally I think the credit game is stupid and prefer to buy things in cash. However I've actually met those in actual lamboland that try to build credit once they've made it and still get shit financing with 30% interest. OP it's all bullshit in the end just make some money.

No, I'm not really costing them that much extra money and they're very wealthy anyway.

Im not fucking up a damn thing, I make 900k a year just from my nest egg which never depletes and always adjusts for inflation. Stay poor buddy. Only peasants rely on credit.

>nest egg.

Boomer spotted.

>nest egg
Please kill yourself. Nobody gives a fuck about your shitty life

Probably an inheritance
>im better than you because daddy left me money
no you fucking arent.

>pay $100,000 cash for house.
>15 years later
>House is worth $200,000
Net worth: $200,000

>Get four $100,000 houses with 25% down mortgage on each.
>Pay off your main mortgage with rent profits from the three other houses.
>Landlord for 15 years
>Now own four $200,000 houses
Net worth: $800,000

In my early 30s, your radar needs calibration.

lul, its ok to be jealous that youll never make it, user. Let us know when you decide to finally visit someplace that isn't in the state you grew up in.

Wrong again. Completely self made. Work smarter not harder. I created a very sucessfull tech startup and then sold all my shares to cash out and live the good life.

That user from the other day really was spot on about others hating you for doing well. Never let people know your true power level.

> visit someplace that isn't in the state you grew up in

Oh, sweetie... I'm doing perfectly fine. I'm one of those rags-to-riches folks; wouldn't have it any other way. Being given money makes you an asshole, without fail. Enjoy sucking of mommy and daddy's teets. I know that would make me feel good.

I got my first credit card 2 years ago at age 27, I don't use it to delay payments, just to make normal purchases and pay my bill in full after every month. Credit score is 784 as of last month. I don't get how normies fuck up so badly.

I don't even need credit but it's nice to know I have a decent score just so I can laugh at people with terrible ones.

Well if you really are rags to riches you might want to invest some of those riches into learning some reading comprehension. Nobody handed me shit. I grew up dirt poor and pulled myself up by my bootstraps. Keep being mad, your tears fuel me.

1) You posted that after I hit Post

2) You cannot fathom how unmad I am. I wake up very thankful everyday for what I have accomplished. You're either LARPing or you're a complete tool IRL. Either way, you're likely a tool IRL.

Like I said, kill yourself. Nobody gives a fuck about you.

>Nobody gives a fuck about you.
OK that was too mean. But really, you're a tool. Stop it.

You're projecting big time. I live a very comfy life, surrounded by friends and family who are happy for me and what I've accomplished. You're the one who attacked me out of nowhere for not holding your views on credit.

Maybe if you took a step back and stopped being so salty, you would advance in life and find happiness yourself.

Holy shit lol

I'm not projecting. Your jewish psychology is bullshit, in case you weren't aware.

Re-read all of your posts in this thread, then come back and try telling me you're not a complete tool.

I didn't attack you, I responded to your massive douchebag attitude. Ask anyone in this thread. You have a personality disorder or something, mate.

Your worth in society is based on the opinions of your jew masters. If you have not paid a jew you are worthless.

UKfag detected

Shit man, I'd be on edge too if I got anally raped in taxes by the queen,and had to deal with mass immigration, thought police, surveillance state and bad teeth.

Im done here, have a good day gentlemen. Credit is a trap. Earn lots of money and only spend what you actually have and can afford.

Work smarter, not harder. Wealth is more mindset than anything. Once you start thinking big, and never stop learning, it's hard not to succeed.

The poor will always hate the rich. The poor really are cattle to be bled dry.


Nigger you are retarded. I live in the midwest. I live in a big house, which I have a mortgage on, at a low interest rate, because I have good credit.

Do you know what you call buying a house in cash? Retarded, that's what you call that. Interest rates are so low right now, it's nearly free money.

Do you know what "opportunity cost" is?

Two scenarios.

1) I buy my $750k house with cash. I now have collateral that's worth ~$750k, and it hopefully appreciates every year.

2) I buy my $750k house with credit. I put $150k cash down, and pocket the other $600k. I use that $600k to make crypto gains, and turn that $600k into (let's conservatively say) $800k.

After one year, who is better off? The person that paid cash for their house, or the person that got a mortage?

After one year:

1) You paid $750k in cash. Let's be generous and say your house is worth $800k after one year -- congrats, you made $50k!!!

Your net worth: ~$800k. Congrats!

2) You paid around $36,000 in mortgage payments, plus $150k cash down -- so you've spent $186k on your home that's now worth $800k. You owe ~$590k on that mortgage now. But, you used that $600k you saved to make an extra $200k -- nice!

Your net worth: $600k + $200k + $800k - $590k ~= $1MM.

This is why I know you're full of shit. You haven't made shit for yourself because you don't understand basic economics, you fucking retard.

You're either larping, or mommy and daddy gave you money -- either way, you're a tool. Get fucked.

Don't mind him, he's a normie sheeple aching to be part of the system of cogs.

Take those crypto gains and invest them in learning how to read and retain the previous things I said. I am self made. Do I have to repeat myself again for you, so you finally understand?

My liquid net worth is over 30,000,000. The properties I own are worth more than youll probably ever make in your lifetime. I have vacation homes worth more than your only house. Paid for in cash. I've never owned a credit card in my life because when I was poor I watched so many of my former friends go down that path and never get ahead.

I fully understand the economics behind your decisions, and if I were in your financial situation I'd agree with your choices. That being said, I'm not in your financial situation and your choices don't bennefit me.

My money grows over 10% a year without me having to to a thing. In just one year I make more from doing nothing than you would make in 10 years with all your little day trades that make you feel like a bigshot.

This was never supposed to be a dick waving contest but you picked a fight and you'll get one. In my original post, I said I kept my credit score low on purpose. Nobody can steal my identity even if they have all of my information. It also prevents me from spending money I don't have. You then went on to call me a fucking moron and all kinds of things that make yourself feel better. Why does someone doing better than you make you feel the need to project your low self esteem onto others who shared a different opinion than you?

Either way, this has been a waste of my time, though you were entertaining for a brief moment. I wish you good fortune on your quest to not be in debt.

bahaha really nigger just don't do it

larp detected. timestamp or gtfo. Were talking about credit. Since you seem to know so little about credit and how it has a place, im gonna say 16 year old larp.

>nest egg
go drink some ensure, boomer
what are you doing on a kid's anime forum???

>mfw wagecucking instead of cryptomillionaire
Stay poor wageslave

You obviously have self esteem issues. I'm not trying to make you feel worse about yourself. But spouting off nonsense like you know what you're talking about is potentially harmful. There's kids in their late teens/early 20's here, absorbing information. People like you are doing real, actual harm, so I feel the need to call you out.

So you've never seen a nigger with an apartment, or cell phone? Who the fuck do you think gives a nigger credit in their right mind? I've even seen a nigger own a house once. It got repod. Credit doesn't mean shit anymore



You're a ghost.
I used to be one too until about 25.
I went to buy a car and they had no fucking clue, had never seen one of us before.
No credit. It's worse than bad credit.
I'm currently around an 800.
Get a credit card, small purchases, pay it off.
Car loan or lease. Don't miss payments.

you have a score it's just shitty

I'm 24 and my credit score is 765. Get ur shit together.

I don't have a credit score either because my family has always bought all my stuff for me. Unless you're a poorfag plebian that has to borrow money from the jews then you don't need a credit score.

>Take those crypto gains and invest them in learning how to read and retain the previous things I said
Like a neon green motherfuckin LAMBO!!!! You're a faggot and a larper if you don't have a lambo with gold plated fucking wheels.

>dont have credit score. Family pays my way
>only poor fags have credit scores

23 and it has been 770 for years
bank says I dont have enough credit cards and dont have high enough limits (I have one card 6k USD limit)

these kikes need to fuck off with their jewish tricks

Does your dad work at nintendo?

>not getting into debt means "I don't have my shit together"

Nice good goy debt score faggot.

>I'm an idiot who buys shit he doesn't need and pay interest for it, and I even brag about it.
Well trained little pet.

>im an idiot who cant read and waits years to buy things rather than paying 1.99% and having a house now.

If you don't use a credit card to pay for everything then you're a fucking retard.

-Acts as a buffer between you and your bank account, unlike a debit card which siphons funds directly from your bank account. Credit cards have much better fraud protection and if your shit ever gets stolen it is a piece of cake to get a replacement and all the fraudulent charges dropped.
-The best ones give 2.5% cash back on EVERYTHING, others give 5% up to 10% cash back on selected categories... so for every $1,000 worth of shit you buy you are literally throwing away $25 - $100 when you use a debit card or cash instead of using a rewards credit card.
-You never pay a penny of interest on them unless you don't pay off your monthly statement in full at the end of every month. So you can basically get a 30-day loan whenever you need it. I used a credit card to buy $15,000 in crypto that went on a x5 moon mission. I had $75,000 I cashed out, paid off the credit card before it accrued any interest, and had $50,000 left over to play with.

THAT is why intelligent people use credit cards. A good credit score follows naturally from using credit cards in an intelligent manner.

>financing a car
Fucking waste of money, save until you have the cash, buy a used over craigslist or local papers. Get a mechanic friend to come with you, some people selling a car in cash are pretty desperate... take advantage of that and buy really low.

Lazy trust fund millennial who's never worked a day in his life is more accurate.

They hate you because you're a smug faggot.

You are an idiot, I'm glad you admit it.

Exactly this. I get 5% back on almost everything I buy. Pay the bill every month completely. That's literally free money.

>get credit card with $1,000 spending limit
>buy $1,000 worth of BTC on November 1st
>trading all through november
>December 6th comes - statment arrives
>Due by January 1st
>trading all through december
>pay early

I just made $2,000 trading with $1,000 I borrowed cause of the card