When you were 15, watching porn and playing video games everyday, ATTRACTIVE males your age were already having sex.
Everything was happening behind your back and no one told you because you were deemed UNFIT to participate in such sexual activities .
It was over before it even began.

Life is all about being YOUNG and cool, a generically handsome jock who lays with his virgin gf under the stars, seeing her priceless face as you first enter her pure pussy, moaning your name when her parents aren't home. Having a cool group of jock friends to hang out with...THAT is what life is all about

Sneaking out at night to lie with your virgin gf under the stars. Penetrating her for the first time. Seeing her face in the crowd at your HS football game. Having a huge group of jock friends. You never experienced any of that. It's over. You lost at life. Time to man up and become a provider. Time to downsize and save for retirement. Time to acknowledge that you were always destined for mediocrity. Welcome to hell. Welcome to life.


why don't you just kill yourself then op and save us from your life



true but at least im rich

Thanks.just sold 200k

I was fucking at 15, and i just fucked last night.
Got 10k in crypto.


>my life was over after I graduated
Thats nice user, ill have a large fry too

But chad didn't play Pokémon like me.
He didn't watch anime like me. He didn't play call of duty like me. He didn't play dark souls like me. He missed out.
Now he's missing out on alts and Veeky Forums

And now we get to be millionaires in our mid 20s.

Sounds boring

>ywn have a girl look at you like this

But I did it exactly at 15 user

>Be me
>Do psychedelics
realize I'm no longer a beta fag
realize it doesn't matter who I am

Also kys.

I didn't experience any of this and even I know that high school is fucking pathetic compared to your 20s/30s. If that was really the best time of your life then I'm sorry my dudes, but focus on what you're missing out on NOW.

>Mfw both

True. IT doesn't matter. I feel like I'm living on borrowed time anyway. Everything else right now is extra.

spent 250m sperm

This is too advanced for Veeky Forums

Speak for yourself faggot.

At 15 I was going out with the best looking chick in my school (and cheating on her), going to bars/clubs using my older brothers passport (he doesn't even look like me) and fucking chicks who were 25+

I used to go to student parties every weekend and because I looked older than 15, they'd think I was a student, etc.

>Mfw I peaked at age 15


But anyway yeah, from 15-18 I fucked about 100 women and now I'm 25 and haven't fucked a chick for like 8 months and don't even care

fucking in the high school shit clogged toilet cause you live off and with your parents. sounds pretty shitty to me.

hodl and fuck bitches, it's great for stress

lel stop spamming this on every board


but that was me

Now im jus finna be rich gawd
were all gonna make it anons

God damn dude. Who wasn't fucking at 15? This is just sad. I don't even feel sorry for you. Just an hero OP. Stop pestering people with your sub par life.

Meh then chad only fucks one pussy his whole life because that virgin bitch is pathetic and crazy, won't ever let go. She'll have a baby you didn't want, get fat, lose her looks and threaten to divorce you and take your kid and half your shit.

When you have the balls to leave, its too late, your dumb, you have no game, no money and no social status. You die a depressing death because you had 4 years of "glory."

Had a GF in HS (6/10) and I have a GF now. All I need is to be a crypto millionaire. I have about 2k in crypto but I just started 1 month ago. We are going to make it anons, put the fucking rope away.

thats not of my Veeky Forums,thanks

No need to rub it in normie


OP is a miscer

lol that guy has a fucked up nerd face and hes a 6.5/10

Sexual promiscuity is the reason for the decay of Western society. I hope you married that virgin user

The people that got trigger, is because OP is poiting out the true, the one you grown up thinking is a lie...
The girls don't like you because you are ugly or just not like them, the true is you are lazy as fuck.

Might be pasta but I had sex when I was 16 and that was the beginning of me becoming a shut in loser.
>oh this is nice but it's not worth the effort you put into it
Girlfriends are fun though, but prowling around for pussy just never was worth it to me. I think literally all the sex I had from 16-20 was initiated by the grills.

This. I literally married the girl whose virginity I took in HS and I could not be happier. Im also a millionaire.

Chads will never know the pleasure of smoking DMT in an isolation tank.

Virgin: the post

I remember my bodybuilder friend in highschool could never get laid. He was built as fuck and you'd think he'd slay pussy but he was so incel. Last I saw he got a gf so good for him

OP obviously was never invited to Marching Band parties. those sick fuckers know how to party!

thanks bought 100k

Hoping to do this too but I am older. Are there any virgin girls in their 20s user?

I had several girls show a lot of interest or flat out ask me out in highschool. I turned them down to focus on video games.

Now that I'm an adult girls rarely interact with me outside of a cashier scenario. Less than 2 years until I'm a wizard.


>tfw girls leave notes in your locker
>follow you around
>smile at you in the halls
>world of warcraft was more important


kek. OP is just dissapointed he peaked in high school. Ill take fries with that. Actually, supersize that shit. I can afford the extra 50 cents. Can you? BTW id rather be fucking 21 year old college girls like am now. I dont want an inexperianced virgin. Fuck that.

Sigh. Life’s not fair.

every day the sun come out

This stereotype of the alpha chad is made to trigger NEETS (and works because of their lack of life experience) but its fairly untrue. I know tons of "chads" or "slayers" that were quiet, nerdy kids in high school. Its never too late anons.

>Are there any virgin girls in their 20s user?
Yeah my bro married a girl in her mid/late 20s who was still a virgin and my other friend is now dating a virgin who is 24. They will most likely be Christian.

No girl has ever shown any interest in me, and if they did I would freak the fuck out and not know how to seize the opportunity because I have no social skills. Vidya and now crypto is the only thing that keeps me from ending it all.

I don't come here for this...

Relationships are for faggots. Real men do one night stands. This shit is weak.

I spent highschool with no GF but then became a social person, now I got a hot red head shut in GF and we fuck like rabbits

HS doesn't mean shit boyo

I know these feels but I was just a scared cuck who would rather smoke pot. Literally got fuck me eyes from multiple girls everytime they saw me.

Being a normalfag means your idea of quiet and nerdy is far different from whats truly quiet and nerdy.
Trust me theres an entire social underworld you aren't aware of.

Why the hell would you want to marry a virgin
>wedding night
>first time ever
>it hurts so much
>realize that you just arent sexually compatible
>yfw you already signed a lifetime commitment
I bet you buy cars without test driving them faggot.

Had 3 virgins. 34 and not been laid in a year now. Not one roastie wanted to settle down and have kids because I wasn’t ambitious and only wanted to smoke weed and play vidya. Macro game honed to perfection from years of gaming. Mfw I made 500k trading in the last 8 months thanks to my wow AH etc practice. Still feel miserable for all the ones that got away. Hoping I’ll get to have kids before I’m 40. Still had those 3 virgins when I was younger, so I have that at least. Forever alone. If I had found crypto 5 years earlier I might have made it. Now my health is declining, I ache all over, looks are fading, hair falling out (at least in Veeky Forums ish) and I’m to bitter to have a normal relationship from getting dumped over 15 times. Diagnosed with Asperger/HF autism two years ago. But hey, at least I had the virgins... anybody want to swap a hymen or two for a work ethic and less autism?

>tfw been with 8 girls
>7 of them one night stands, ghosted all of them

t. commitment issues

Those are literally all memes. If a girl isnt compatible with you it means you are a complete beta cuck who doesnt know how to run shit.

What? She's looking over his shoulder. Good one retard

What coin is jock?


>Why the hell would you want to marry a virgin
Because I'm not a fucking cuck

It was a hot summer day and I was in my workout room benching 1200 pounds. My abs were flexing and girls within a 10 mile radius were getting wet. Once I was done with my daily 32 hour workout I called one of the bitches I know, Jessica. She is really damn hot and looks like a supermodel. SO I got into my Lamborghini Gallardo and reved it up to 40,000 RPM (this is an Italian import with special engine system). I got onto the freeway near my house and threw it into 8th gear, I hit about 600 mph and I could hear the sonic boom as I broke the sound barrier. As I was flooring it on the freeway like a badass, Jessica called me and said she wanted me to fuck her. So be it. I came to a full stop from 700 mph in front of her house. These Ferraris have top notch brakes, you know. So she gets out of the house and walks up to my Bugatti and starts eyeballing my dick. I could tell she was staring at it because when I looked at her I noticed she was looking at my dick. Booya.

Flash forward 10 minutes later. My 30 inch dick is going inside of her VAGINA, hitting them walls. I'm holding her entire body up with my left pinky as I'm fucking her and she has 30,000 orgasms. She looks me in the eyes and she says "harder." V-TEC just kicked in, yo. I blow my load so hard she falls off my dick. There had to have been about two pints of cum everywhere. People say I cum like a pornstar, I wouldn't disagree with them.

I throw her a towel so she can clean herself up then I do a triple backflip into my Maserati and drive home

spoken like somebody who hasn't impaled a girl till she literally bled from 3 thrusts. Yes, it is possible. Its also possible she has a tilted cervix and just cant have sex. Your inexperience is showing

>Got 10k in crypto

lmao @ your life pajeet

>fuck you OP I'm rich and that was literally me at 15
This shit actually makes you feel better?
Normie containment thread. Kek. Sage and hide.


Chad has flunked out of college that his parents paid for, or scraped by on a 2.3 average GPA.

Chad works for the local police department in his hometown where he went to high school so he can be the cop that works the high school so he can feel like he's relevant in the real world still and relive the best days of his life.

Chad is still longing for the days where he didn't have to have a personality, he just wore a uniform and no matter how shitty of a person he was, he still got laid and got respect.

Chad only has mediocre wageslave prospects because his dad runs the town and has connections, in his free time he watches sports and drinks a 12 pack a day slowly killing his liver wishing he could go back to senior year and have one more shot at that playoff game for the ring.

The best in life is already behind him.

Everyone else is just now starting.

these are drugs to treat infections. I suppose you dont use hot tubs because you are scared of athletes foot? What if you get pink eye? Life has risks faggot. 21 girls banged and never caught anything here. anything. You are the cuck if you arent fucking because you are scared of catching something that a 10 day course of antibiotics will fix. enjoy celibacy faggot.

>thinks sex is completely unrelated to other aspects of relationship

>This is what poor people tell themselves

sup fellow heady biz brehs.

when u realize you are nothing and everything

If you arent fucking you are just friends. Fact. This includes wives and girlfriends

I don't mind waiting user.

>Le bleeding meme
Damn chad you must have a 12 schlong!

>Hoping to do this too but I am older. Are there any virgin girls in their 20s user?
Yes there’s lots of liars

I invented a cure for baldness, so when all the jocks become middleaged baldcels I will make my move on the milfs.

only 7 inches but ive broken several girls. 0/10 experiances. wont wife someone i cut fuck hard.

Careful dude.
I caught herpes at >30 banged
Ironically I've been living with her for three years and can see myself getting married and having kids with her in the future.

shut up

and? herpes is just a minor skin condition and 80+% of people who catch it never every show symptoms. I probably already have that shit. If you dont have symptoms, who cares?

Careful with psychedelics tho. I'm too autistic for the shit, I'm bugged out for days and weird whether I had a good trip or bad.

>still believing the autist meme that anyone who's successful in high school fails in life
Hate to break it to you but chad probably has a six figure sales job while your nerd friends are wageslaving at burger king.

Next time try getting them aroused and dont fuck them when they are so drunk.

True, it hurt like hell for a week and a half, but it could've been something worse. I also caught some minor chronic skin infection in the face which I will never be rid of. That is actually worse. I can treat it, but if I stop using a salve I'll get some exema looking shit around the nose and my eyes. Don't even know who gave me that.
Just be a bit careful, that's all

Psychedelics just make me depressed because I have the urge to go explore the world but I can't. Once I /makeit/ I'll be able to use psychedelics no problem.


>minor skin irritation

>"You need to be careful with psychedelics because I'm autistic"

i have that shit. its sehborheic dermatitis. its basically dandruff on your face. not a sexually transmitted disease. basically as long as i stay clean shaven it stays away

I see you. No worries.

it is minor. no one has died from herpes. its just a skin condition and like i say 80+% never even get symptoms.

Most chads do get washed up and fat after HS its true.

Lots of people got fucked up by the neo-liberal late stage capitalist society we live in. Now that you know what's wrong fix yourself and then pour your energy into a future. Hit the gym, get joocey as fuck, and find a qt waifu to surf the kali yuga with who wants to bear you glorious warrior sons and pure aryan daughters. Use your sikk physique and financial gains that enable you to live without wagecvcking to evangelize the normies with your pro white politics. Its not impossible, if a faggot like me can become a chad nationalist you can too. We're all gonna make it. The 20th century may have been the Jewish century but this one will be ours. Hail victory.

Nigga that's why I'm doing crypto in the first place, how else are you supposed to afford plastic surgery?

There are, and they're not all ugly, introverted girls exist.

Top kek. Nice larp

Speaking like someone who doesnt have it. It hurts like a bitch and is super irritating and uncomfortable.