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Its not fucking rocket science, Jed Mcfaggot has the giveaway frozen right now, as soon as they start giving the shit away again the price is going to fucking tank, you guys are buying garbage that normies are going to get for free

Hmm yes I see

How to get gibs?

care to explain or nah?

Can I have mebbe free stellar yes???
Also show bob/vagene

gibsmedat lumez

Stellar distribution is not finished, Jed Mccaleb froze the "airdrop" because the price was tanking, only 9.62% of the airdrop is done, meaning 45 billion XLM is going to be given away to the public, LITERALLY FOR FREE once he starts the airdrop again. You guys are buying something that normies are going to get for free and immediately fucking dump

I’m looking on their site but can find any info after August last year. Also nothing on them freezing the giveaway. Any link or more screenshots?

It's quite simple, why dilute the coins value at such a low price when the momentum is trending higher?

That way he can continue to distribute but not dilute the fuck out of existing holders.


Okay did some more searching. And WHAT THE FUCK is this shit.

Lumen Distribution
At the genesis of the Stellar Network, 100 billion lumens (XLM) were created as specified in the protocol. As part of its custodial mandate, SDF is entrusted to oversee that the vast majority, 95 billion, of the lumens are distributed to the world.

SDF manages the execution of lumen distribution, with oversight and direction provided by SDF’s Expansion Board. The initial lumens held by SDF are required to be distributed to the world in the following manner:

50% for distribution via the Direct Sign-up Program
25% for distribution via the Partnership Program
20% for distribution via the Bitcoin Program
5% held by SDF to support operational costs

honestly i think its a good idea.
they are literaly trying to implement this as the first world currency

you are full of shit

samefagging here, don't fall for the FUD, see:

Fuck off retard.

So wait... free XLM? Yes or no


>As we gain more learnings from the program, the hope is that we will launch in the future some type of referral program that will allow you to receive invites from friends who are active users in the network.

Nigger are you bragging about 400? I fucking make 10x that on a bad day. Jesus christ get the fuck out of here, you're never gonna make it.

Like coinbase?

Still it's only 4 billion lumens out of 100+ billion.

Not a big deal in my opinion.

Make me

Its not 4 billion, its 45 billion

dont beleive op, guys. hes just some jealous ass blasted ripple holder trying to steer our rocket off its moon course. fuck this fag.

your FUD is weak sauce bro. its 1% annual inflation, everyone investing in the coin should know this already lmao

Yeah and someone posted earlier about how you can get lummens through that if you have some. They have some voting system or something


assuming stellar can have value in the eyes of a country, they could give a south american country (most likely to be first adopters of crypto as national currency) $300 mill in stellar, say. But that won't make your stellar worth less because now your stellar is even more legimate because a country now relies on the flow of it

IT'S very strange system tbqh

my mistake, went and calmly read everything.

this is what matters:

The Direct Sign-up Program will be conducted in rounds and with a phased roll-out to encourage learning and public awareness throughout the distribution process. We will experiment with various ways to conduct distributions. Any initiative or scheme we implement to support this distribution will serve the implicit purpose of this program: to get a small amount of lumens in the hands of as many people as possible with the intention of promoting financial knowledge and access to financial services around the world.

So initially the supply will be artificially scarce (this is the time for investing and gains). They don't specify a time-frame to give out all the lumens so we could be talking about several years into the future. By then all the profits you could have made should be secured.

To me, what this means, is that if you didn't make money during the early stages of the coin, you won't be making as much during the latter stages.

Hope they don't get JUSTD for SWJing almost 50% of the coin.

OP is a cuck that is getting desperate. XLM is one of the few coins which could reach a trillion market cap. Imagine a millions of normies receiving 10 lumens and then FOMOing to buy more.

i still personally don't understand the voting system, so if someone can help out, I'd appreciate it. My assumption is the goal is that a majority consensus holder (the country with the largest stellar economy) can point it at themselves and reap the rewards. any other guesses?


The chad lowcoiner vs the virgin early adopter