College traders here?

>Have a 5000 word essay due tomorrow at noon which I haven't started
>Not read a textbook in weeks
>Failing everything

kek, made £5000 today off ENG and cashed out enough last week to pay off my student loans (britfag).
Do any of you managing to actually get work done?
I can't sit in a class without flashing my blockfolio to some slut...

only if you daytrade non stop, i just swing trade or hold for the most part and still manage my classes fine

I multitask.

just cashed out some of my RaiBlocks gains to buy coachella tickets for me and my gf. IM FUCKING WINNING BABY

i just can't do that though, it feels like i'm leaving money on the table if im not winning every day

very effing nice

I do compsci, it's easy as fuck. Got an exam on the 15th which i should probably do a bit of a revision for but frankly i knew most of the material before i took the class

Please finish school or you’ll regret it.

good shit user. enjpy coachella. you deserve it

>had at least 3.0 GPA first three years of college
>did an internship and realized I absolutely hated it "being professional" and having almost literally nothing to do most days at work
>this year dumb decisions and failing grades but rising crypto
>dropped out


Think i'll drop out unless crypto implodes in the next year, idk.
whatever, we're smart on the inside just not fitting in right now. if the market does shit itself we'll find something..
I like the sound of being a Park Ranger myself

What is your paper on? Senior collegebro, here.
I made a 5 on AP English exam and am graduating with 4.0. I will write that paper for one LTC.

>have 5 exams when I go back to uni

collegefag here. threw $1k from an internship into crpyto this summer, now sitting on $17k

feels ok. goal is 70k to pay off my student loans (fucking kek)

>Tfw 2 exams in a month
>Will get kicked if I fail

Come on guys crypto is a bubble, it'll pop at 10 trillion or less.
You'll need a job after that happens and you know you need a degree to be considered non-retarded in today's workforce.

Even if you make 1 million that's not enough to retire.

>Do any of you managing

freshman in college i go to class occasionally my folio is 86k lol

>2k invested in the summer
>now at 15k
>just got my Associates in Mathematics
>currently transfering to Uni for G.I.S..
>gonna graduate in 2 years max
>gonna hodl for 2 years
>no debts atm

feels fucking good to be honest. will have a degree and hopefully a portfolio of 250k when I graduate.

still tho... no gf :(

shitty lineup this year desu

I need subtitles to watch peaky blinders. No surprise the Brits can't even speak English.

>250 word essay due tomorrow
>haven't started
>just shitposting on Veeky Forums

Holy shit why do you sound like either an arrogant or condescending nigger?

KEK why would you pay off your student loan, don't give them a fucking penny

emigrate from this shithole asap with your money

I tried to start this show and said WTF as soon as the dialogue started, I'll just watch Gangs of New York for the 1000th time

How did you cash out in britain?

I'm in med school right now.

Crypto will explode again in April/May once tax refunds are coming and the unemployment rates are known.

The crypto market cap will hit 6-10 Trillion.

You have been warned.

>dropped all my classes last term
>made 200k
>taking this semester off
>will probably drop out when i go 7 figures

cs degree ayy

For 1/5 your gains I'll write your essay my dude.

Just go part time and finish the degree man. Hodl for 5-10 years after college and do freelance work and you'll probably be a lot better off instead of siphoning off of your hodlings.

fuck off boomer


im at a measly 45k so I cant even think of dropping out yet :'(

Im in animation. Getting rich on crypto isnt gonna stop be from wanting to work in this industry. So yeah, I actually just keep trades and checks to 2 hrs/day

This! I can't focus, it's just too much fun seeing my money grow.


These niggars got me 98% on an assignment overnight. For like $200 I have coupon code if you want it.

if i hit 3m i dropout desu FUCK SCHOOL

whoever did this to you, kill them

quality gif
no paki here, just running on 2 hours sleep

to fucking where? every time i turn on BBC news I want to book a flight out of here asap, then look through the destinations and its all even shittier

Coinfloor. Capital gains took a bite out of it though. need TenX or some other shit asap

we are making it. 7 figs this year is a probability imo

Britfag here as well.
>3 exams in 13 days
>Haven't revised AT ALL
>Didn't pay any attention in lectures or do any of the take-home exercises
>Will fail the year if I get

>tfw can't cash out or i will lose my gubmint bux for school

Just finished first semester of college.
>started with 2k in may
>now 30k
>no debt
>no girlfriend
Could be worse. If it doesnt get better in 4 years I'll probably end it though.