Alright niggers, BTC broke out of it's bear trend and has formed a perfect bullflag...

Alright niggers, BTC broke out of it's bear trend and has formed a perfect bullflag. Get in and sit tight for a few hours for some nice gainz.

Don't you niggers want some fucking gainz?!?

they dont know how to read lines.

Sorry, I'm already all in on a coin and it's mooning hard.

This is a perfect bullflag indeed. When will it go though? any moment now?

If they'd bother to learn they could stop posting pink wojaks every week.

Zoom out you fucking retard. 30m candles is pointless.

It's challenging the channel resistance, I think within the next half hour to hour it'll break out.

1min 1hr or 1day

The volume is what matters more. BTC is a high volume market retard.

Here you fucking retard, is this better? It broke the bear trend and broke out, we are now seeing a bull flag on that breakout. Need me to fucking explain this to you in crayon?

It's breakuing out as we speak, good job fudders lmao


Good job OP! I switched after you noticed it! I owe you

> still 30min candles
I assumed you had intelligence greater than a 4 year old. I'll spell it out more: "zoom out" means use a higher interval, typically a day. On the day chart, nothing about BTC is bullish.

ok idiot, it's literally starting it's climb right now. Stay broke you no TA having moron.

>30 min candles

I woke up with a 20% usd gain and 10% satoshi, comfy

It's already breaking out, good call OP.

This time I sold my alts, I was already in comfy profits, won't go much higher than a certain poin, but just enough to JUST alts.

>hodling anything besides ICO


>boomers thinking a btc rise doesnt benefit alts

Being this new to not understand that if BTC goes up alts tank and if BTC goes down alts tank too.

In the last few days we (or at least I, I guess you made losses day after day) were making profits because BTC was stable.

>not realizing that people buy back into alts the moment bitcoin levels
stop dribbling on my floor you downsie fuck

Let's do this niggers

Yup. God the socialists really were right, the wealthy truly are wealthy due to no special ability of their own, just the stupidity of the masses. It's so easy to make momey in this game it's almost obscene.

It's not about btc rising not benefiting the alts. It's more like you can make double your money by timing this shit right. Jump out of alts, ride the wave, and jump back in.



catching the falling knife is too risky desu, fuck that noise, im happy with my coming x100 all in on enigma

Alts only do well when bitcoin is stable. No matter what happens in this run, alts will lose.

Best place to look at trends?
I was using coincap but the app started shitting itself on me and you can't look at different timeframes on the website

>hold BTC
>tells rich altcoin holders they're broke

2018 is gonna be a bad year for you financially



Yes, but also the money that flows into BTC eventually flows into alts. Crypto is like a black hole; fiat goes in but has a hard time escaping. When BTC stagnates, people sell and buy alts. BTC marketcap increasing means alt marketcap increases as soon as BTC stagnates. Like clockwork.

True. I'm just here following that cash flow :^)

Jesus fucking Christ you are an umbecile. I'm not telling you to hodl BTC, I'm telling people to get in on this ride and make those gainz. Then get the fuck out and wait for it to return to trend or begin a new trend. I'm pretty sure you have absolutely no idea how to do any form of TA or how to make money with crypto currency.

pls help

>insults others with big scary words and manages to fuck up all the grammar

You were right. Jumped in at 14.8. Eeking out a few % and buying back cheaper ALT's I've been missing like WTC + LINK

Alright so on to the next topic. When is this run gonna stop? It took a small dip right now, not sure when to jump back in alts or hodl for a lil longer.

Seems to be going up again, but my question still stands.

Really not sure. Kind freaked as I sold my LINK at dead even am now now gaining on BTC while LINK is dipping, so....ahhhh.

16k will be the new floor.

>Can't argue against me because you're fucking wrong so you have to attack one instance where I pressed U instead of I which are right next to each other

Man you're definitely gonna make it big bruh

Ride the lightning, it's gonna bounce up and down, that's normal but the overall trend is still going up. If it can get past and stay above the 15224 and 15400 resistance then it'll moon. If not it's gonna go sideways or retreat to challenge it again. Just gotta wait and see.

Yeah I got back in my alts because they still didn't correct yet, gonna jump back in when the dip reverses again

I'm out. Took 3% and back in cheaper Link.