This is the most ridiculous timeline of all where the biggest meme lead to the highest gains and yet...

This is the most ridiculous timeline of all where the biggest meme lead to the highest gains and yet, even though I have a very high IQ and understand the whole fabric, I fail.

> Wake me up

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I bet you like rick and morty?

its all dumbluck fag

Yes thanks to my high IQ I understand the jokes.

> I can't wake up.

Maybe you are just a dumb fuck. Binge watching documentaries doesn't make you a genius.

>muh high IQ

It takes a modern gas furnace 2hours to cremate someone. The Germans were able to do 15 seconds a body, nonstop, for years. Oh also they used delousing agents in a nonpressurized chamber that seperates shower room from operator. The Holocaust isreal though, Morty.

>claims to be high IQ
>thinks he knows the whole market and how is moves
>still doesnt understand most people are emotional thinkers, not logical

Even without being an emotional decision maker, there are PLENTY of highly logical moves to make such as buying XRB, DBC, REQ, etc.

I don't think OP is as smart as he thinks he is.

there are a million coins out there
and they are all limited to the crypto community
except one: BAT
you don't have to have a high IQ to understand the implications of that

Just put your money in to good stuff and hold. You're probably over-trading. Crypto and the stock markets will bite you if you try to get fancy before you really know what the fuck you're doing.

11.50$ not even joking

KIN is my favorite gain. Hitting KIK in a couple weeks and it's dirt cheap.

Problem is there's WAY too many coins in circulation.

Fellow BAT fan here (I'm in 75% of my portfolio)
Whilst I agree it's a great coin, the idea it's the only coin with a use outside crypto isn't really true.
IOTA... REQ... FUN... Etc etc.

But I agree it's the best coin along with ADA

I am above average IQ (115-130), have ADHD, and I cannot think analytically. This means STEM and other technical careers (bear with my blogpost) are out of my grasp forever. I can only ever be less than an expert in these. However, as a blind man hears better than one with sight, I am an intuition machine. I am the art in the art:science dichotomy. I can feel out the rallies and dips, like a hunter who chases his prey, I can sense when it'll try to turn and go in for the kill. I am the quintessential old-school stock investor, a al Jesse Livermore. But, my time is soon to be over. As regulations tighten and normies invade, these markets will become artificial. Artificial like the NASDAQ and the NY Stock Exchange. Manipulated. It won't be the wild west anymore and so quants can finally get their share. Men must learn from history, for it rhymes. Look at the current horizon of today's stock market, the forefather to crypto. It's all algos. Few trade on their gut, and even fewer cover their trading fees.

Rise up, my fellow. For your time is near. Learn what you must and grab Lady Luck by the forelock. For if you don't, you will be left in the dust, just as the late adopters were.

>It takes a modern gas furnace 2hours to cremate someone
no, it takes 2 hours to heat up a cold furnace, fully cremate a body, and then shut it off. Running furnaces 24 hours a day so they're always hot, and only partially incinerating the bodies cuts that time down drastically. Also I really hope that "15 seconds a body" isn't just 6 million divided by 6 years. That would be laughably bad historical scholarship.

ADHD is made up. Most modern physiology is. You got (((tricked))) playah.

(((Psychs))) are quack, but my physiology isn't. I'd be glad to share some lit, nigga, but you seem to be lookin fo a fight.

If your choices are sound eventually the market will move towards it to some degree.

You write well. I think you're more bright than you give yourself credit.

Thanks, user. But that's the art side rearing it's fat head up my ass. You should see my old math tests.

Lol. DYOR on the Holocaust before you spout that braindead high-school shit. Protip: try to find out how many non-jews died in the holocaust.

Seriously user, I've stopped buying released coins and just spend my money on promising ICO's. Crypto is so fucking stupid atm that any shitcoin with a half-decent future jumps up 400%- 500% then "crashes" down to 200% on it's first day of exchange. I usually sell 30% then hodl the rest. Get on LHToken with me. I've already thrown a disgusting amount of ETH at this. It’s an already established and profitable business, guaranteeing 20% annually, monthly ETH dividends. You can even use it yourself to invest in forex if that sort of thing gets you hard. Top 100 by EOY 2018 no doubt.

Here, I'll give you a hint. How long has Auschwitz been in operation versus how many claimed to have been killed there?

Your diet is off wack. That's why you have ADD, fite me, ill pile on more literature to back me up

Hint/Protip: your body is 80% non-mammalian

>autism the post

Bruh, the amount of people telling me to fix my diet or to "just focus" is on the level of boomers telling their kids "Bitcorn is a scam!" If you're shilling me a veggie/vegan diet, I'ma stop you right there and tell you that was my baseline for over a decade until I started reintroducing the flesh of the earth. The real killer is carbs and, unironically, food coloring. Take the keto pill and I'll show you how deep the brain fog goes.

Sides that, diet is top notch. I'm tracking my macros, micros, and supping hard with vits and mins that are absorbed best. Lifting like Syphius and running like a nigger too. Sleeping like I'm fazing out on heroin. Meditating like I'm a cauliflower. It all works, don't get me wrong. But that won't change my prefrontal cortex or my body's craving for that sweet dopamine and that hell of a ride, noradrenaline. I'm a speed freak, baby. If I ain't life or death, I might as well be a carrot, stuffing my head into the ground and waiting for the rain to drown me. That's what makes me so good at day trading, but so shit in living life.

Only reason my life's put together at all, is cause I found /r/ADHD by luck. If it weren't for finding a group that shares my perception of reality like a glove, I'd probably be like that homeless cuck begging for crypto.

How much have you made trading with your gut?

1.2m over 4 months with 65k starting, but don't tell the IRS ;) Lot of it is from Monero; Last month was fucking crazy.

I will unironically pay you 15% of my profits every two weeks if you guide me.

I'm sure you would. Unfortunately, I can't teach you how to develop a gut. Only tips I can give is to do one or the other, pre-determined analysis or full on trust with your gut without any thinking. You'll hone your skill in the one you use most and you'll find out pretty quickly which works best for you. I was a (shitty) prop trader before I went into crypto, so I already had the foundations. I don't know if you'll be able to develop it in time before all the gains dry up and we start seeing sub 100% returns. That's one of the reasons why I'm switching over to crypto-business instead of speculation. Obscene returns from risky and unverified speculation are dwindling as more and more people pour in and have confidence that crypto will do well. We're phasing out of the wild west and into colonization. Platforms that rely on crypto are, imho (do your own due diligence), where the money's gonna be at in the next decade. And to be honest, I've already hit my ceiling for trading. Things are gonna get more stable and slow, so I won't be able to "get in the zone/flow" from all the adrenaline. The next epoch of crypto will start culling all the bad traders hard, so only the very creme de la crypto are left. You can offset this with leverage and it's one of the tools I used heavily to make those returns, but the returns probably won't be worth it. It's like being a mutual fund manager getting a measly 10% for an insane amount of work or being a business owner and cashing out in a couple of years for 400%+. I know which one I'm betting the house on.

>very high IQ

What is it with teenagers and their obsession with IQ? You don't hear a single intelligent adult talking about it.

Sic. Swap business owner with venture capitalist. Business owners will make returns in the millions of percent points (100 million basis points for all you finance nerds ;).

69iq post