EOY 2018 price predictions


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its literally a bankers coin so whatever they want the price to be is what it will be

1 xrp = 1 xrp



Called $3 NYE. We got close. I'm conservatively going for $88.37 by EOY.


this is most likely sadly.

normie money will make it sky rocket

we are in for a ride folks

xrp 3.62$
btc 89 000$

$280 within 9 months, end of year too far out to tell exactly.

Everything's red except my sweet Ripples.

exactly this.
this is the ultimate normie coin, buy what ever you can and dump once it gets listed on normiebase!

10-12$ EOY

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We didn't just get close...

When should I buy?

Now. It was on CNBC today. CNBC.



$0.40 being generous
I don't know what the fuck you retards expect with 37 billion circulating and 60 billion more the devs are sitting on.

where it fucking belongs


It will moon to 500$ if people understand that the circulating supply is in fact much lower as shown on coinmarketcap.

0.3$ but it will probably hit 3$ before the drop.

stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game my dude

posted on cryptocompare:

I am a professional trader, and work for a large investment bank. I've seen a lot of posts on this subject and I see many of people trying to use economics and fundamentals as their guide. Making sense of it all. When you are in a hot speculative market like this, you can throw all economics and fundamentals out the window. They mean absolutely nothing until the speculators are done. I was around for the internet bubble where the market cap reached at least 3 trillion in less than a year, for companies that did absolutely nothing, on just the US stock exchanges alone, with very few relative participants. Since this is a global market, lightly regulated, and technology makes it easier for anyone to open an account and participate, we're not even close to being done with this speculation. I guarantee it. There is very little relative participation in this market right now. The only way to read a speculative market like this is technically via charts. The price action and volume on the charts tells us exactly what the crowds are thinking and what is going to happen to the price. Investment banks, like the one I work for, bring in the technical traders first to make money and build positions.



Then, later on, they bring in their economists to make sense of it all. With that being said, Ripple is as bullish as they come. It is displaying the price action of a parabolic price run in it's first phase. That means there are 4-5 more phases to go. We've seen it dozens of times and yes it's a real thing. In addition, it is displaying major strength when other charts like bitcoin are pulling back and taking a break. This relative strength tells us that Ripple is where money is moving and will go higher. Much higher. Just wait until the other large investment banks around the world start participating with real buying power and rush to get in on the action. As soon as Ripple moves above $1.3 XRP/USD on heavy volume it will move to $9 based on our proprietary charting. That will happen in the next 0-3 months. Then it will consolidate for a few weeks or months and will easily move above $100 within 6 months. Our charting doesn't go out any farther than that, so watch for another post from me in a few months. I will say that once it hits that level, buyer beware, because it can come down much harder and faster than it goes up! After this first major price move, I would then start listening to the economists and analysts, looking at market cap, and other fundamentals. If they say that ripple can't stay over $100, then they are probably right, and I would listen to them for the long term buy and hold decisions. But for the short term, like this, $100 is very likely and we are rarely wrong. Good luck! By the way, I don't own ripple, I'm not allowed to own it due to my job.


Now I know when I'm cashing out.


FWIW here was one of the repsonses:

Hey DDC. You're right on the money. I'm a pro at Evercore. Sounds like your company uses similar technology as mine. We basically use a large data set linked to similar market moves (dot com, futures, oil, gold, etc). We then compare market data, indicators and have a charting overlay that allows us to compare this market to markets / charts that are historically very similar. If this isn't the spittin image of dot com I don't know what is. So we base our charting on 13 indicators that align and then run an overlay, giving more weight to the charts that have the closest match to this. We've also added algos to modify our system as we go, so it helps us be a little more accurate on the shorter term trades. Our XRP/USD charting sounds a little different from yours. We have a $5 target 0-1 month, $20 2-3, and $280 3-9 month. Not too far off. Good call on the $1.3 breakout. We saw that coming too and luckily were able to get in under $1. The XRP is almost too easy to predict it's scary. This is first time in 7 years that our company authorized full margin for all traders on this. It's crazy. We have over 30 traders working 24-7 on this one. Keep up the good work, message me if you can and let me know where you work (if this site allows that and if you can say).

Ripple is sucking the price out of BTC right now, its amazing

if ripple ever reaches 100 or even 200 I might consider to cash out and gtfo...

with 200 i'd make almost .5 million dollars, that's insane money for me

Is Ripple about to have a higher value than the US economy?

Banks move 6 trillion a day through Swift.
If Ripple can even capture a quarter of that, it's fucking massive amount of money in it.

50 going to enjoy all your suicides when it hits 10.00

how much u buy

Samefagging LARP

Around that

Not holding any

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I was quoting comments from a website you utter fucking retard.

If it's anywhere near 100.00 I'll buy a house in the woods and a nice pancake house to run during retirement

>My dad works at nintendo and....


They have partnerships with Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Paypal and more, much more...

Mine to he works for coinbase to though

what thread? that forum is pure garbage

can one of you wise gents recommend a (U.S. based) exchange for ripple?
ones i looked at are DDOSed or temporarily not accepting new customers.



have any of you used this Ripple faucet?

didn't even know faucets were still a thing

thats not U.S. based

I thought they cant dump their coin until 10 years from 2015?


I make no claims as to it's veracity

thanks, Sherlock

Let me guess you are holding bitcoin in hopes of a rebound?

ripple should be mooning right now because so many cunts are buying it, but it's not. anyone who buys into this jewish scam is a fool

>that exchange between the two "pros"
this sounds too much like baiting for it to not be baiting
I bet if you message them you get one of those pump n' dump discord invites

idk user
I've been watching it's price against ETH and BTC and it's holding up there strong

I just transferred some XRP to binance and used their transaction explorer. It cost a penny and took 2 minutes. Even if this is a trojan horse, I think this thing is really going to be used by everyone and their mothers very soon

$5 easy.

$10 if it hits normiebase.

This sounds the most reasonable.

OP is a part of a pump and dump discord. This is a pump and dump scheme from the get go. DO NOT FALL FOR IT

discord = 25CucCU

Check that discord for yourself...