What will happen to Veeky Forums in a nuclear war?

What will happen to Veeky Forums in a nuclear war?

We get rich.

Made gainz.
Crypto soars when South Korea gets bike and 30% of all crypto supply is lost forever.

Invest in shipbuilding penny stocks like DRYS and get rich

ICX will be worthless

Can someone remind this idiot that Putin has a much bigger button and it also works.

Past a certain size it doesn't matter desu.

Get back on reddit

All Korean Ripples repatriated to Ripple Labs Inc.


did you really type that thinkinng you were clever

we are probably gonna shill some shitcoins that have radioactive, nuclear or fallout in their name.

This. I’ve thought about it happening. ICX is super stable, but if war breaks out it’s completely screwed.

have fun getting bombed by the chinese amerikikes hahaha get fucked burger eaters

So many coins gone. Trump's gift.

please tell me this is real

And BTC too. Bitfinex gets rekt.

This is real.

>What will happen to Veeky Forums in a nuclear war?

Can't cash out!

I love this man

I become the richest man on biz because i have been investing in lead for the last 10 years.

Sorry but this isn't your safe space.

A large amount of the crypto supply gets literally burned. Profit increase.

a burger life
>finally make it with crypto monopoly money
>get nuked by korea and die

Jesus Christ. This is the funniest shit I've ever seen. I'm ready for the whole world to get JUST'ed


>most of the worlds population dies off
>the living Veeky Forumsraeli's become billionaire crypto lords of the post apocalyptic wastelands

what a time to be alive

Russia has more warheads total, but the US has more ready to launch/drop. Nothing really matters after the first salvo.


nope, didn't work. go back to /r/politics, brainlet.

>Trump nukes Korea
>millions of private keys are lost for good
>circulating supply for literally every coin goes down, all of Veeky Forums's holds go up in value
Can't wait

should I drop my ICX because of this tweet?

I really wish it would happen. I've got 1000 Vega 56's from a huge bulk order that I am mining with. If there was any kind of war in Korea, memory prices would skyrocket since a lot of memory is made in SK, which would make GPU's insanely valuable.

>tfw we start hoarding BTL cap coins

2018 is going to be hard for you.

Why do people unironically support this faggot. All he does is say stupid shit and suck Israels cock

I they like that he does the opposite of what people tells him to do

stocks are up 25% this year, kys poorfag

>what is a tweet generator: the post

He is the chaos candidate and all of these neets love chaos even though he raised taxes on the Veeky Forums tax bracket

that's our guy. our president. Donald Trump.

Pump and Dump NUCLEOCOIN

he defeated isis tho

Thanks to obama asshole, remember the housing crash? Thanks to bush

i look forward to trump removing your disability checks

Holy fuck it's real

Liberals love raising taxes and hate the idea of cutting them.

>Oh shit guys, he's raising your taxes! We would never do such a terrible thing. Aren't you mad at him?


Exploit it for money, obviously.

>economy has nothing to do with Trump's deregulation and promise of corporate tax cuts since campaign
>DJIA didn't take off right after election
>housing market had nothing to do with sub-prime lending push created under Clinton


Oy kike, go get triggered elsewere.

Nuke coin


>he fell for the russian propaganda meme

Your joke was really bad. You're just going to have to learn to accept that.

hopefully there will be electricity still


and other living things to trade your crypto with

>that webm
it's time for everyone to die, isn't it

You think that's weird, you ain't seen nothing yet. Check our her other vids. Search "showry"

god bless these men


Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers

are you fully retarded or just mostly retarded?

ash wojaks

I have been waiting for some policy or at least something other than moral grandstanding from someone else. The whole "those jobs aren't coming back" deal just doesn't work for me.

I bet you bought xrp

The greatest token burn of our time