Tron Preparing for takeoff

Tron dogs , Alipay news incoming . What are you doing user ??

I bought around 28k BZC, how fucked am I?

lol that is a sexy coin anime girl i'll admit

hopefully it dips a bit more so I can buy in some more

bought at 500, please Justin sempai, take me to the moon

Lmao I'm playing cryptodoggies.

i bought 30k at 395

How can it moon when market cap is so high?

just look at cardano, ripple, market cap doesnt matter product doesnt matter it's just price

Is Alipay really going to team with tron? 0.o

sell now and get some t rex

how does this not have at least cardano's market cap?

What does tron do? I have some from binanace

>market cap

u dont know da way

he knows the way

when the fuck people gonna stop improperly hanging the flag


why buy TRX when you can buy CND?

I only have 1000 trx but im a poorfag and cant afford anything else.


Dude I bought 3K of this ages for like $10 lmao
Already riding the high skies

Congratulations user that 80 will turn into 8000 in a few years u rich now nigga

Just moved my ETH into TRX, already put 50% of it into XLM. Am I gonna make it bros? Had $40 in.


Its about to launch.

0.15 by eoty?