This is the new raiblocks. It's called IoT Chain or for the rest of us 'the chinese iota'

This is the new raiblocks. It's called IoT Chain or for the rest of us 'the chinese iota'

>The third DAG after Iota and Raiblocks
>CEO Xie Zhuopeng It's backed by the
>Link Capital is the chinese equiv of Founders Fund, YCombinator, etc etc...
>Link Capital already oversaw several mammoth coins
>Payment made to binance for listing.
>Marketcap is literally only $100 mill. You can even go all in and end up with 5-10x more of your shitcoin supply.

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i know bro im all in

So this guy Xie Zhuopeng is a genius engineer. Just look at him. You remember that same guy or someone like him from your math class rite? Dude was into internet of things long before Iota was even a thing. The beauty of IoT Chain is the hardware component and DAG/Blockchain hybrid.

finished accumulating few days ago. Feels good brah

I have 550, will I make it?

please delete this.
ITC can't moon before i'm in i missed a few interstellar missions, now i read up on this and don't want to miss this one

shh I wanted to buy more faggot

what the fuck are you waiting for? go on okex and buy

Prob, think of it. Its almost guaranteed to hit a billion.

$1 bill = $30 / IoTc
$2 bill = $60
$3 bill = $100

I am thinking we'll hit $100

Delete this thread dude, I'm serious


ugh just sad i didnt buy more when it was 2$

IoT is going to be THE coin of 2018 i can feel it

Delete, you fucktard. Before a plebbitor sees and starts shilling this.

Yeah good point OP. Also don't forget to SAGE

Lazy af. What exchange this on and do you need anything for verification?

I think not.

Not on any exchanges
Scam coin
Just ignore this one

havent got my paycheck yet
dont want reddit/youtube fags shilling this before i bought in

delet this sage keep it low i need 2 accumulate more

Roadmap says no DAG till Q4 2018..

is that Elliot Rodger Wave theory?
thats a sickcunt shirt

Transaction speed is 2 milliseconds....

Its guarranteed to pass IOTA, any DAG coin should pass Shitcentralised-Hold-your-coins-hostage-smart-refugee-city-shitcoin-IOTA

yeah its elliot from the elliot rodger wave theory

where u guys buying this shit

okex or huobi, you need to be fast cuz it will moon soon

some faggot bitcoin bravado with 18k of subscribers started shilling ITC, let the fomo begin

Guess I'll have to enjoy the gains of only my current 55ITC

It's so unreal that no one is talking about this coin

Good.. almost done accumulating, but I can go with it mooning already...

Dude... why would anyone? First accumulate then talk.. not the other way around..

He looks like he has the American Psycho haircut. Have to push the chips all in. Selling 63,000 XLM so watch the buy wall.

Not the third DAG ... see Byteball bytes. Also I think once BURST converts to DAG this will be forgotten.

when do you think this will get added to binance? huobi is keeping out alot of potential investors due to blocking the US

Fuck that's unreal

Dunno maybe couple of weeks, but when it's on binance it will be 5x of today's price, there are ways of using huobi if you are from US, but you can just try buying on bibox, but the volume is low there