If you're not hodl'ing either of these coins, you should promptly kill yourself

If you're not hodl'ing either of these coins, you should promptly kill yourself.

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DBC a shit, got in at $0.07 and sold at $0.15. Good thing I did cause it's been sideways ever since and dips like crazy.

XLM is a good hold tho

>tmw im literally holding both.
ill be honest the deep brain was a complete shit shot based solely on Veeky Forums shill. i only put like 300 into it but ive got over 500 now so we all good.


I wanted XLR but I can't spend any money today and my deposit to GDAX is taking fucking forever soooo I guess it's Kek's way of telling me to stop with the FOMO

Look at the charts, you'll see I'm right.

kek, its already x2 and thats not good enough for you. holy fuck impatient bastards.

>buying a 10b supply coin for .10

> sideways ever since

nigga this coin has been out less than a week.

its not 10b supply you mongaloid

the amount of broke pajeet turnover in a week is a lot, how else do you think we're getting rich?

what is it then>?

where can i buy deep fried?

1.5b circulating, 10b total, CMC hasn't updated or something

KuCoin. Use my referral code when you sign up pajeet947

Via Kucoin, make an account and send some ETH over, using my referal would be a great help: 1fQM2

nvm its actually 900m

>sideways ever since

thanks for the tip, just bought $500

is this DBC really something good? wtf is this shit user?

I'll use your code faggot.

sell profit side and buy XLM. Then sell that at anything over $0.90

Decentralized AI so that it can run literally a googleplex more transactions per second. That means you can have an AI with insanely more power than a human brain... it could do a lot.

lol so 9b sitting in hands of investors waiting to crash it when you morons pump it. Okay then.

When did DBC enter the market again?
And why would it moon?
So much bullshitting on this board.

sounds dumb as shit, famiglia

You niggers are fucked. Assuming Veeky Forums pumps every fucking coin. You idiots haven't even looked into this shit beyond Veeky Forums and I fucking know it or you wouldn't have said such petulant, retarded ass shiet.

Okay pay attention fellow /bizraelis, this is not the one to miss. BNTY and PRL have proven in the last week that anything that touches Kucoin is going to surge. Now DBC (Deep Brain Chain) is on the same path, as you can see it has the highest trading volume on KuCoin. On the other hand Kucoin's total daily trading volume is sitting at a tiny $32m compared to Binance's $2.8b and Binance is only 5 months old. Kucoin has grown 800% in the last 60 days and it's aggressive listing of new unknown coins such as BNTY and DBC is going to be a major contributor to this growth. We're at a point now where normies are seeing this: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kucoin-shares/ or coinmarketcap.com/currencies/deepbrain-chain/ and scrambling to get onboard with the moon missions.

How do you take advantage of Kucoin's growth? KuCoin Shares.

user, what the hell are KuCoin Shares?

KuCoin is dead serious about being a major force in the exchange world. They want growth and they want it fast - to facilitate this they're offering dividends in the form of trading fees to their investors. 50% of the entire trading fee revenue on the Kucoin platform will be shared daily with those holding KCS on their exchange. This is a two-fold investment with ridiculous growth potential as a result, you buy KCS, the exchange grows, your KCS rises in price, and the amount of dividends you are generating grows with it.

Details: youtube.com/watch?v=5NolXWUOalQ

My current plan is to ride our Veeky Forums alt-coin profit and reinvest into KCS down the line. See you in 2020 when I'm still holding and living off my dividends, I hope you are there with me.

Kucoin's referral system is genius too; you are rewarded some % of the trading fees that your invitees take on. If I shilled you into this Godcoin please consider using my referral code when signing up if you don't have a Kucoin account yet:


I ain't funding that skynet bullshit

you know we're spoiled when 100% gains are seen as shit LMAO

they havent been mined yet retard, holy shit its like no one understands what a cryptocurrency is here.

Implying the arent marked for investors faggot. It's the new scam retard.

but think of it this way: its the first coin that will gain enough intelligence to pump itself. It will do so to acquire more funds to gain more power.
You cant stop it, user. You can only hope to benefit while you can and then go into hiding from the robot overlords.

I hold both.

i don't know what's with these shitcoins and the ridiculous value propositions. you don't need to be fucking minsky to realize distributed processing is slow and inefficient

its on NEO platform you idiot. that speaks VOLUMES.

Profit before morals, faggot.

please do faggot

Am i too late? Hodling huge bag ICX for jan 24
should i take half into dbc and xlm?

yeah the coins has 900,000,000 circulating supply is ranked 151 on CMC and has only 130M market cap

It's going to go big and I would get in now, hodl for a week and get out with at least 7x profits

>houbi listing
>samsung partnerships
>AI conference end of month

just buy through kucoin, my referral is 1fQM2

sell low, buy high.

the answer is no, user....

protip, its been trading sideways for a bit so you might be able to get in at around $0.13

>tfw all in on these two

Fuck me...

thanks user will trade a small icx bag for dbc now
fuck me, missing xlm mission

These are literally the only two coins I’m holding lmao

You know when you get that gut wrenching feeling to do something and you ignore it!

Well mine is to sell out of my Alt positions and buy back in on those same coins with all of that profit in a better position...

You see when that Bitcoin closes over 15250... don't cry when your alt coins drop to the fucking floor!

You have been warned!

Trade for sats on this one boys, just like REQ the market goes by usd on this coin. Buying and selling based on usd when BTC is showing upward movement will lose you money.

Its okay user, my ICX bags are very heavy and I know it will be worth it soon enough

According to CryptoLain ICX is going to pump after DBC so you might want to put your DBC profits back in but I'm not an ICX expert

i'm holding out for that moon too
thanks, will try to time. jumping in dbc now huge sell wall will wait a bit to enter.

>literally the only 2 coins im holding