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Looks like larger holders are actually cashing out. Interesting.

Maybe bitcoin is about to kill everything and they're wanting to buy lower. Also, in the AMA, Sunny mentioned Quarter 2 a bunch of times.. Makes me think January may not be as big as promised.

you new?

Those walls have been there forever. They aren't cashing out they are keeping it suppressed.

He didn't mention Q2 a bunch of times he was just saying when the Mainnet launch was. He was extremely excited about January and the partnerships, announcements and rebranding.

VEN now makes up 80% of my portfolio as of today. I've never been this /comfy/

Just bought in. The normies are finding out.

To add onto this. If you don't buy now, you literally fucking hate money.

Plus increasing waltoncuck fud posts on biz and reddit means theyre worried as fuck. This is gonna explode real soon.


Normie from work texted me about it WTF


this made me LOL hard AF

Btc is ging to kill every alt tomorrow. Don't buy at the ATH bakas.

Its not just walls mate, they're dropping the walls and then allowing buyers to fomo into 2-4btc sell orders... Those aren't getting pulled.

The walls you may think im talking about are the ones people think are actually being eaten through but in reality it's most likely wash trading.

Great coin that is under constant pressure from a whale who keeps a 60-115 BTC sell wall active to suppress the price. Only time I saw it down was that brief run they had after the Apotheosis hype tweet.

What makes you say that, was thinking about selling my BTC for more VEN

What are the odds this gets filled?

I'm a poorfag, got 2 Neo should I sell them and get vechain? help me user

Honestly thinking about selling my Walton stack for this, any thoughts biz?


ive seen crazier happen

The whale sporadically dumps it down and buys it back from the bots on the correction. It went from 13K to 8K because of this happening.

I would set it at like 12 or so rather than 9.