Sell me this pen

sell me this pen.

it'll grant you three wishes if you stick it in your ass.

It has feeless instant transactions.

you can jot down your next 10-20x gainers with it

when it all comes crashing down atleast you'll have the pen ya dig

>it'll grant you three wishes if you stick it in your ass.
nah but some closeted chad will grant him three raiblocks

nice I bought 100k

It has gold inlay. Patrician choice user

> $1500 EOY

this is a self writing pen, that will on command write out a bitcoin recovery phrase for addresses holding at least 1 bitcoin.

I can make it if somebody wants to fund it.

>look at this pen. it is no normal pen.
>the golden accents will be the envy of your enemies and peers.
>this pen screams, "i bought bazingacoin and hodl'd to the moon"
>the sleek, black enamel is so reflective, while all about you anons are kts because they missed the bazingacoin moon mission, you'll simply smile and see your pearly whites reflected in the shimmering exterior of this one-of-a-kind pen.
>i'm practically giving it to you at the low price of 616 shekles.
>you'd be a brainlet to not buy this pen -- or bazingacoin for that matter.

This pen very cheap. You buy. Very good pen.

i dont need to.
i made 25k on crypto this month you salesfaggot.

It’s going to moon Q1 2018. Ballpoint or not you want this pen

>this pen will literally pay for your passage away from the holocaust if you shove it in your pooper because it is inlayed with pure 24k gold

erm, its a good pen... it writes well

Pen coin is going to moon, it's the ethereum of (insert asian country).

thats a crap pen. I wouldn't sell that pen, i'd give it away for free, you'd be doing me a favor.

It feels good inside your ass and the clip prevents it from getting too far

Thanks bought 100k pen

What line of work are you in? It's not for the average joe

>good dev team
>getting added to poloniex

/fountain pen/ user here. That pen looks like a knockoff Japanese Sailor or Pilot brand fountain pen, so no, I won't have anything to do with this Chinese trash

You can only buy it in one pen store in Italy that probably doesn't exist.
Oh and we're just going to send you an email of the pen, you'll get it when we're good and ready.

all u need desu

Wow tbqh

if the bottom half of that pen does not smell like poop, it is worthless

This isnt Italian my friend, it looks like a fake Japanese Pilot Falcon.

hes making a raiblocks joke

...i was talking about raiblocks you muppet

This is the essential component of a revolutionary permissioned ledger system
As transactions arrive by mail, you write them down, and keep a written record of who has what balance.
It's scalable too; if the transaction volume gets too high, hire a third worlder to do the writing for you.

whats wrong user? dont you write in all your trades by hand in copperplate script?

I'll send you 5 lumens if you can write something nice for my mom. I'll send a burner and I'll want a timestamps response. We can haggle a little if you want. Would mean a lot to me

It’s actually full of good drugs.

Why is Veeky Forums not buying this pen? It's stable, prepped to moon and you can use it to make money just by moving it around.
Do you guys hate money?

You dumb motherfucker, look at the market cap on that pen! There are 12 pens! And you're sitting here with your thumb up your ass trying to talk yourself out of owning one of these pens? I can get 12 more people from Reddit who want to buy these pens yesterday. It's $1/pen now but when people need a fucking pen it's going to $10.

You literally have to be some kind of faggot to not buy this pen.

when your alts crash, you're gonna need something to gouge your eyes out to stop the pain.
what, are you gonna be a nigger and use your fingers? you need this pen.

I have plenty of lumens but I'll take some if you'd be so kind.
I'm sure she's a lovely lady and a great cook. She raised an autist didn't she?

are you talking to me user?

Stick it in your pooper for 2 BTC.
I'll sell you the pen for 1 BTC.
You will double your investment.

Yeah misquote

[email protected] if you're interested

get in here faggot! if you dont buy this pen you hate money


where do I get a pen like the one at the bottom with the green brick/scale pattern?

How long have you been in the market for a pen?

It's decentralized, asic-resistant, scalable with fast transactions and partnerships on the way

This is a 1920's model Mabie Todd Swan in green snakeskin, it can be sometimes found for a handsome premium on ebay :)

thanks bigboi

why would you need a pen?

Nice stack. Rate my penfolio

I like the Visconti Van Gogh and the blue M400(?). And I've been lusting after a green Aurora optima for a while, but I got an M800 instead and love it. Nice comfy collection you have there user

that'll be three fifty, sir.

see this pen? it's free take it

next day: you owe me 3 pens

rinse and repeat until penillionaire

*lobbies your government for government contract for pen*

someone will buy it from you for more.

possibly 3x 10x or even 100x more

Trips confirm your

Holy shit hahaha!

I can't believe you recognized those. The Gogh is nice. My favorite is my Sailor Chalana. Not present for the photo. Yeah, the Aurora Optima is good.

Are you in the Southern United States?

>see this pen
>ok, I want you to write something down for me
>are you getting this

This pen's got the biggest button you've ever seen

It's not just a pen, it's a Blockchain Pen.

No, northern commiefornia. Can I ask what that Pelikan looking pen is with the Chevy logo? Is it a fountain pen? Btw saving ur image to remind myself the day I found someone on Veeky Forums who knew about pens.

Noo, one is a rollerball and the other is a ballpoint. They were gifts from my mom, but they aren't any brand. I couldn't find any distinguishing markers. They are of good quality.

I'm surprised that there aren't more.

How did you get into fountain pens user?

If you dont buy the pen, your mom will die in her sleep tonight.

My wife and I babysat for a lady who collected them. She probably had $20,000 in high end pens. She was also a family friend of my wife.

From there it just happened haha. I'm having one custom made right now for my wife. It'll have some fake jewels we got from those "show up to a jewelry store and receive a free 1 carat stone" events they have at the different shops in the carribean. I have a 2 carat sapphire I'm putting on the cap though.

Can you write something down for me?

>excuse me sir do you have a pen

>no, I actually don't

>well turns out I'm the only one here with a pen, I'll give it to you if you got the cash to afford it

Wow that's actually very interesting. When i got my first job I wanted just one niceish pen to take notes at school with, which plunged me into the world of mchined metal rollerball pens, which led to getting really into fountain pens. At one point i had 1.5k in pens, but as a student I couldt justify the money. Especially now that I'm in crytpo, My collections been put on hold for a while. That sounds like a nice pen you're getting your wife and a very great gift.

Thanks, m8. I'm excited. She really enjoys calligraphy. Yeah, I've been dumping money into crypto as fast as I have been able to. This bull market is ridiculous. Every time something dips I think "it's finally over. At least I experienced part of it" and wake up to 100% gains the next day. I have never felt so alive as when I am on a moon mission refreshing my blockfolio and watching candles in real time.

Haha I am just now deciding to major in business and have a humble $700 in the market. I've been on Veeky Forums for a little while but I'm an absolute summer newfag to Veeky Forums. For the most part I keep getting /JUSTED/ by my weak hands but I'm starting to finally learn how not to be a moron. what are your insider shitcoins to be able to buy a Montblanc 149 in 2018 user?

Sorry sir, this pen is probably out of your price range. You might want to try the pencil store down the street.

TRX, REQ, XRP, Chain link, XLM.

I have majority of my holdings in TRX. Lots of room for growth there. You got it, kiddo

Do you want to play with my butthole and stick things in it?
I do, but you gotta stick this cheap pen in me

This pen is pen. pen is this. this has 4 letters. link has 4 letters. pen is link. link is pen to ass. ass is two away from wraith. stick in ass for wraith. profit.

This pen is gonna go 100x in a week you fucking faggot. What are you some kind of retard that hates money? LMAO

I have 80% trx and 20% fun

Here is the whitepaper, and the 2k threads on a mexican blogpost. Just buy 40k

This rinkles my nibbles