>Moons 35%

Don't mind me, you'll catch the next one kid ;)

literally been in COSS since $.05. Best fucking buy of my life honestly. Cant wait to see this faggot shit over $1.

Im also holding KuCoin since $1 which is a HIGH IQ move in my opinion.

biz literally focuses on 10 coins. most everyone will miss this at first, and only get in later. 'dont get shit twisted' this is a solid hold for the long run, so they will eventually catch on and make money, but they can't read the writing on the wall

OK you got me nigger. Where do I buy this shitcoin?

Omg coss pump inminent.
1 binance
2 kucoin
3 coss

Bought this at 15 cents when I read through the Coss material. Doubled down the next day. So ready for this to explode, and it will when the new Ui gets dropped. Then interstellar when fiat pairs get introduced.

The team has more compliance lawyers than any other function. They will be one of the first few exchanges to get this going.

Is COSS actually going to be listed on more exchanges soon?

coss with a high IQ only

i hope they can beat fairx to the market, that will be insane if they cant. even if they don't their offering is completely different, so it wont entirely matter

ED, Coss and hitbc, but as far as I know, the distributions are easiest when just holding on the coss exchange. they do have a tutorial to set up the smart contracts if you want to hold in your own wallet though.

More than 2x and this is still in beta. huge marketing campaign that they are rolling out with the new UI that will put it on everyone’s radar

fucking coss man, finally was able to buy today, now my profile wont load to make another deposit. about to have 5K if these singapore fuckers get their site to work

dont forget the most important one in my opinion


it has literally 8xd in the past month and the volume is still 1.6 million
it's a little different in that its decentralized, but the concept is the same.

literally every single exchange token has mooned so far... and COSS hasn't yet.

Im a beta tester on the new system. Im also on reddit and discuss what I am allowed to there. I do think the new UI will be a let down at first as it is janky and I personally don't think 100%. I think they are rushing this, but in long run it should be nice. I would say give it 6-8 months to be working right.

the pics have seemed ok. i think the community is pretty strong, and any improvement will probably be enough to move things in a big way. its only going up from here, just not sure how fast.

does it have any TA tools?


Pic related

I got 18k Coss but damm am I pissed I missed out on Bridgecoin.

An user shilled it here about a month ago when it was in the 1-1.50 range but the volume on the exchange was pretty low so I figured I could wait a little before picking some up. Im also a big fan of bitshares which bridgecoin runs on and I believe can share its order book with.

oh well. i just want them to get fiat pairs working and stay in the feds good graces in 2018. after im done at 5K i will (do my best to) check in less often and not worry.

I haven’t given this much thought. Do you think it still has room to grow?

I literally can't even load COSS Exchange and ED has no volume at all. Great

Rune just mentioned on Slack that there 3x trading promos for January (CanYa, VEZT, Nitro) and that two more devs are joining the team in-house in January. I have no doubts about the future of this project.

I'm suprised it mooned this fast with the volume it has on the exchange. Its currently rank 110 with $1.6 million versus COSS at rank 114 and $1.3 million. I think COSS has more upside at this point.