Shill me an ICO. Already in Lamden. Want MORE

Shill me an ICO. Already in Lamden. Want MORE.

Shill. ICOs. please clap.

sether. io

first social media coin. 100% legit. ICO ends in about 2 weeks

Thanks will check it out.

Now more.

Please. Clap.

>sether. io
Interesting. How much does .1 eth get me?

shill me more. what's so special about it

That mofo McAfee shillled this one

it costs fucking $1.50, wtf kind of ico is this, no thanks

One that is a McFag scamcoin

really guys? really?

Teleport Token

Aurora's token sale is too good to miss out on. >It's everything that Etherdelta should have been.
>Token (DVIP) lets traders use the exchange without fees until 2021
>Only problem right now is liquidity but they have big investors and are actively working on improving liquidity.

A triple A example of a shit-ICO.
Product needs no blockchain, they don't need $30M.

Oh boy

This one is actually quite interesting. Well done.

I'm so close to buying this. Push me over the edge user.

>Using a sidechain protocol to enable liquidity sharing between decentralized exchanges
>Product design manager is doing pretty good at marketing everything
>Two devs have already worked with crypto development for years,
>Whole team is great in general.
>Whitepaper isn't written like complete garbage and actually lays out all their plans

Bankera seems legit, but still nut sure

Also titanium coin and infinite coin are another two is still fucking trying to decide on, they seem like shitcoin but then you look more into and think a bit more about it, then you think yeah this could be the one. Still trying to fucking decide. Had a look a zippier as well last night, think it ends today but again it's not one I have looked at and gone yep I am.

Like titanium coin more than infinite for what it's worth. But both are meh.

Come on folks. Show me the next motherfucking x10 ICO

OP best ICO coming up is definitely ShipChain

Have you actually looked at Lamden ? I hope you didn't send your ETH already because this shit is a scam and will be exposed as such before it gets released.

what a cute FUD

salty bc you didnt buy?

lol well good luck.
Seeing as shit keeps mooning these days you may still get lucky


oh wait the whitelist closed 2 months ago, and the ico ends in a few days


their website even says "Sale Concluded!" is the ICO still even going on?

Yo when the ffuck is this ice going live?

Dunno. Watched their videos, laughed, then passed. Incredible how anything can raise millions in this noob-filled market


Robin8 - ICO 8th of January
Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain + Choyna.

Telegram went from 500 to 4000 today.

About Robin8

Founded in 2015, Robin8, is a big data and AI based influencer search engine and marketplace. The Robin8 Platform is a new wave of social media that is being built on blockchain technology. We give control of the profile back to the owner and empower the user with ownership of their data. Through blockchain technology, your information will be encrypted because we believe you should be able to monetize your social media presence without fear of losing privacy.

In this ecosystem, PUT will be used to compensate users and influencers to share, view and create content as well as engage with one another. Imagine a world where you are paid for sharing what you love with your friends, this is what we are creating! We are building the fundamental layer of a large-scale profile-based economy that can be replicated in industries beyond advertising.

Robin8 Benefits

(1) Anonymous and trusted!
• Your information is encrypted in the blockchain. Within the ecosystem you will be linked to an ID that is public, while your identity is concealed.

(2) You own your data and control your privacy.
• Unlike Facebook, Weibo, Twitter, Instagram, with Robin8 PUT, the user will own and control their own data and privacy. You decide if you want to share your social media engagement with advertisers on the platform, or choose not to.

(3) The user will get rewarded with PUTs for creating a profile, inviting their friends, reading, sharing content and promoting products.
• We monetize your data because you deserve to be rewarded! We believe that you are the most important person in a social media ecosystem, you should be rewarded for using social media, not us.

What do you think of zipper?

t. mcafee

Also I think if you got any jibrel or lamden they are both x10 icoppll