So my mate claims he turned $10 000 into $1 000 000 by daytrading BTC in 2 months...

So my mate claims he turned $10 000 into $1 000 000 by daytrading BTC in 2 months. Do you think this is possible or is he lying?

If he is really your mate you would already know the answer

if it was that easy for a random fuck to make 1mil in 2 months, all of us would be millionaire atm

Turned .5 btc into 18btc since April

solely or mostly trading? id really like to know

Turned 1 eth into 37 eth in a month lol

it's possible but it certainly wouldn't be easy and would require some luck. so basically is your mate smart or dumb.

He claims he turned 1 BTC into 22. But nice to see that it works. I think he trading aggressively and got lucky.

By daytrading?

He hasn't cashed out yet.

Rode the LTC moon all in and daytrading alts to eth (and just caught the recent eth moon)

lol at not being a btc millionaire in 2018

Yes possible - but it would have involved a lot of lucky breaks at once.

He was lucky since it meant
> The alt coins he picked had huge increases relative to BTC eg XRP, XLM, BCH

He was not unlucky -
> No one hacked his exchange
> No one hacked his computer
> his exchange didn’t go offline while at highs / lows

So definitely possible providing you are lucky and not unlucky

Having said that it’s taken me a year to get to 500k but have pediodically been withdrawing funds Ann (I cashed out an additional 150k). I only traded once or twice a month, got lucky hitting Eth at the beginning of the year at 7 usd and sold at the top for more BTC

Now I dumped my bitcoins for BCH, BTC is a joke now

Maybe he got really lucky on a couple 100x trades on bitmex?

What about lightning network? Normies will only buy BTC so I don't believe in BCH.

He said he was using 1-5x Leverage on Bitmex? Is he saying the truth? Is it high risk to trade on Bitmex I consinder doing it but I feel like to 95% I will lose everything.

With 100x leverage on bitmex, absolutely.

With that leverage, a 1k USD trade size, on a 1% price movement, is 1k return (100% profit), you get those 10% swings right, you're looking at 10k profits on a 1k trade, 100k profit on a 10k trade, etc. Nail 10 swings correctly @ 10% movement @ 100x leverage, bam, 10k = 1m.

Yes it's possible. Hell, XLM has gone 20 x's since October right? $0.03 to $0.60?

I did it all trading alts, dumping on discord chat pumps and riding moon missions. Only messed up once on a shit coin i wont name cause it's shit. Mostly just follow biz shills and get out earlier than you think you should and you'll make it.

>lol at not being a btc millionaire in 2018

I think he did it like that. But this must be very very risky or not?

youngbuck here. i have 1 question... how?

He's bullshitting, no one gets lucky with leverage that often. The only way this is possible is if he got lucky with a couple shitcoins that he went all in on. Even so 2 months is such a short timespan for this.

He says he only used 1-5x Leverage on winning trades. When he used over 5x he lost money.

BULLSHIT. If he averaged 5% gains on trades daily AFTER FEES for 60 days straight he would still be under $200,000.

Unless he had a few whale trades (since he said BTC I doubt it) then he's lying to you.