It blows my mind to see idiots be like "CHECK OUT MY RETIREMENT PORTFOLIO" and its like $500 bucks with coins that...

It blows my mind to see idiots be like "CHECK OUT MY RETIREMENT PORTFOLIO" and its like $500 bucks with coins that already mooned and are at all time highs lmao

If you hold any of the above you ARE not going to make it: XRP, XLM, XVG, ADA, LINK.

They do not know pain, but they will learn.

that's where you're wrong, bro.

am i supposed to buy XRP, XLM, XVG, ADA, LINK.
or not? you said "above" but they are "following" or "below"

Link hasnt mooned...


Sage. I've been in this game a long time and lumens hasn't even started faggot.

>any of the above
>literally no coins above
Dumb person with dumb opinions, what else is new.

No, he's right about everything except LINK.

Why do you do this? Why do you shill to people coins that are at ATH? You know what the end outcome is. Its good if youre in early, but most of these people are not.

Pretty sure he wants to fuck people over indirectly, at least I can only hope he iss't serious. Some dont belong on that list.

you were supposed to have bought them months ago, if you had done that, you would have made it

I personally won't buy LINK, I just used LINK because I know it triggers the stinky linkies to give me replies.

It's priced too high for me already.

Thanks just bought 100k

so basically don’t buy a majority of coins because they are at an ath?

Duh. It's really stupid to buy coins mooning so hard right now. The dip always comes. When everything is red, thats when its time to buy.

Do you buy high sell low?

everything is always at all time high.

my nigga

One day those all time highs will be the all time lows


Ripple was at ATH when i bought it 8 months ago
for now it's fucking $2.30 each

ATH for BTC 10 years ago was prob like $40
OP is just a dumbass.

I'm a slow and small gain man right now. LINK is an okay place for me to step around into and try and expand my portfolio.

Remember when it literally crashed from 20k to like 1200 sats? That will happen again. Normies will be devastated.

100% this, we biz/raelis are truly have the smarts! 200minium iq

Serious question here
How do you know when a coin has reached its ath in btc value?

I dont. You can ride the wave and maybe see some gains, but the real winners were the ones that bought during the crash. What goes up must come down. Pray you get out before it crashes.

>mfw hold literally just $500 of ADA

Come at me bro.

according to OP everything has reached it’s ath. it’s over.

>I dont.
OP confirmed for brainlette

someone doesn't remember the summer lol

yeah ok fucko...

go gamble some shitcoins.

>gambling on shitcoins

waiting for the right time to buy and lol @ your greed. Don't worry i'll buy your bags at a 50% discount

my 'bags' are up 1000%+ dumb cunt.

holy shit you are mad lol

dude, just because im giving good advice to new people

Already made money on VEN, will continue to.
Not here to shill, I just know some of you guys out there are losing hope and failing while watching others succeed...just buy a lot of ven and quit over trading.
some of you arent cut out for it. you'll thank me later.

Fuckin newfags have absolutely no idea just how far XLM is going. ADA and XVG are has beens but XRP and XLM are the future.

you're giving shit advice.
you sound like an underage retard who thinks he can 'time the market' with mad 'TA' skills

you're just a stupid faggot spouting shit

>dont buy at all time highs
>shit advice

look at this guy lol

yeah, ok...

I bought BTC at ath of $1500

you're an idiot.




holy shit you pajeet just relax and stop shilling your coins so you can get 1% more out of them

Das rite nigga das rite we all in dis bitch