When you look back at all of PBC’s coin calls and they’re all significantly over his buy up to price. Is this guy a fucking wizard or something?

Just wait until the next new coin OP. Veeky Forums is going to shit its pants.

can he call XLM for a 3rd time pls?

the day OP finally learnt that research pays off

It's extremely hard to find any coin that is worth less than what it was 6 (hell, even 3) months ago

How do I get these calls?

hes a market maker, they can call just about anything

LOL, he literally did around december 20. It was less than a week after he called his second take profit for the coin. It's actually what led me to go all in on XLM around christmas. Such a quick 180 clearly indicates he learned some game-changing news about XLM.

All this pumping we're seeing so far... the news hasn't even come yet. When it does, XLM will probably pull off another 2-3x by the end of january.

where do you guys find the leaks first?

i can find the reports but always way too late on the alerts

He is a sellout these days

Different slack groups. You probably will need an invite tho.

shit, if you can get me an invite to a legit group i will send you .1 ETH

He's already called it 3 times. Each time 1-2 weeks a huge partnership was announced.

His other two most recent picks DASH and Ripple did fucking amazing too and he mad shit for those ones.

This guy's picks are honestly solid af.

someone photoshop a wizard hat and shit on him or i'll do it


Teeka says AION is no longer a shitcoin, Get in.



is dis tru

I will also send ETH for said slack groups

Yes PBC alert said buy AION up to 10 dollars.

where can i see this? if you don't mind

Telegram @confidentialmatrix


damn thank u anons, most helpful shit on this board in months for me

Too late. It’s 9.04. When will biz learn. Pick good projects. Go in heavy. Wait. By the time it’s shilled well like this it’s already too late

The buy up to price is 10 dollars. 9 dollars is less than 10 dollars. Im confused.