Guide me to 10k by end of Q1, Senpai

Guide me to 10k by end of Q1, Senpai

XLM - REQ - LINK. The holy trinity

Get potcoin it will Moon today at 3PM easy 2x

FUN will at least 2x by the end of Q1. That won't make your 10k but if you HODL it will break a dollar for sure before the end of Q4. So whatever you put in FUN wil 10X easy.



should I dump me ripples and narrow down my shitcoins?


Wait for BTC to 2k, all in

Why don't you have any CND?

ITT: Shill me your bags


>tfw $0.18

I don't usually do this unless I'm BNTY or I'm DBC but I'm both right now got me mooning all my life

soon my man

forgot pic

ZCL for the fork

All in on fun.

Why did you buy LTC @252? There was so many buying options before that omg im so TRIGGERED AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Dump LTC for TRX

I'm at $2,200 and going for the same goal. I'm spread even in XLM, REQ, XRP, and ICX. Judeging by whats been posted, it's a good mix. The only thing i'm unsure of is XRP, but if coinbase makes a move it could see some real action so I'll probably hold for at least a few weeks to see how ti performs.

Thats the current price, Pajeet I got in Litecoin at 99, 105, 150, and 280. They were little chunks but im still up $50 dollars or so. Prolly about to trade it for eth and put some into my shitcoins above

Fuck your entire top 5. Normie shit.

Yeah I think with time these will eventually blossom well. I almost wish I just went all in on one tho, Im chasing those 6 figure dreams :P