HomeIess user here

HomeIess user here

You may remember me from the other week. I made 2x on XLM meaning my portfolio is now at 700 USD, whats the next moon coin now?

What is the next moon shit Veeky Forums I need a good one otherwise I'm gonna end it

>inb4 poorfag

I need biz to help me

XLM is probably going to be a dollar by the end of the week. Why not hodl?

I sold already so now buying would be buying the high, right?

no wonder youre homeless

I'm homeless because my parents kicked me out because I'm 21 and they said I'm too old to live at home, and they're bad parents

correct. ignore the meanie. I'd go for ICX, ENG, AION, WABI, QSP, TRX. I can't promise they'll 2x overnight but should grow over time. Good luck dude, I hope you find a house.
email me at [email protected]
if you wanna chat or whatever.

Kill yourself

Good luck user. Your bootstraps are big enough to pull you up.

All in CND

Get enigma while its on sale and you could get a 5 digit portfolio by the end of the month desu

buy getajob coin

sent with id in subject

i hope so

will look into it

i thought it already mooned yesterday?

FUN will definitely have a chance to take off with its main-net next month. Basic Attention Token is already soaring but could moon depending on how adapted it is. Good luck user.

Enigma is wit da shits. Thank god someone shilled it to me, it's doing well

its going to moon all week desu, maybe even all month, its the most promising project I've seen in ages

I bought in at one dollar, feels fucking good senpai

user, I think it's public consensus that TRX is the next big thing. I don't want to shill you hard or anything, I'm just in a similar boat with my rent money. If you're looking for short term, they're announcing a partnership with matchpool tomorrow and just released cryptodogs this evening.

damn, i got in at 2 90 or so
It was not doing well, but he said it was a sleeper. I looked into it, liked what they do. As soon as i bought it started its moon : )

Biz aint all bad

>Gets kicked out at 21
>Complaining about having to be an adult
Sad story, I would have compassion if I wasn't the same age and living in my own house and have been since 19. Good luck though.

As a self-proclaimed TRX whale, I feel the need to bring up the roadmap for TRX. Sure you may be able to make some quick flips on it in the short term, this is a long term coin

OP here. Drop me an email at [email protected] if you wanna talk or suggest me some legit coins that will moon.

I got nothing better to do. This is my only hope of making it m9

Plus thread will be pruned

I wouldn't hire a hobo.

ELix buy the dip


(but SHHHH)

My dreams were shattered as coinbase asked me for a stupid ID

It still works on the app, but not on desktop

wat do?

any alternatives?

I've been lucky and my parents haven't kicked me out (23, just moved back in after university).

Started with 5k, now at 30k, and looking to turn it into 60k by the end of this month so I can move out.

anyways, thanks for helping me appreciate the luxury I've been given. Good luck to you user.

Ps. I think VECHAIN is a good bet for consistent gains in the coming weeks

DBC but it will dip a bit more yet.

Get a job. The unemployment rate is 4% now so you have absolutely no excuse you lazy nigger.


You're probably a shit kid. Accept some responsibility if you want gains.

there are a lot of retarded boomers in this thread