ITT: Times when you got JUST’d

ITT: Times when you got JUST’d

It’s buy the dip, not chase the pump Baka


You are the only person who has ever lost money on req.

I thought it was going to keep goin up until Friday’s announcement. I suck at this.


You won't even care when one day you're losing $860 or $8600 in seconds

80 dollars is justed
holy fucking poorfags, I've spent more on one night of drinking lmao grow the fuck up retarded mcdonalds faggot

can someone tell me what the fuck JUST means

image being THIS NEW
fuck off and dont come back you reddit subhuman

just tell me then ill kill myself i promise

you cant fucking figure out what JUST means from the post? kys

hello fellow redditor
JUST is derived from "just fuck my shit up senpai"


Fuck you reddrs

Also shut the fuck up about your JUSTING fucking child.
Your shitstack of 500 REQs is going to be worth 50x what you paid.

Now sell at a loss like a full fledged retard.


user... I...

80 dollars. That's so cute.

I lost a 1k just trying to ride a pump to see what happens.

$90 can be made back swing trading while taking a shit, get good senpai

Fucking poorfag


This hurt

Same, lost 1.6k usd because of it.
Mistakes were made, lessons have been learned.