A moment of silence for the autistic XVG holders


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perfect time for a pnd

r/vergecurrency is going mental haha, salty tears everywhere.

What did people expect? It's dogecoin dark.

KEkekekekek hahahahahaha

The only reason this is still 1 bil market cap is because so many bagholders coping not wanting to sell at a loss. Bagholders literally keeping this thing together right now but if you had more than one braincel you would fucking dump this trash before you put up a 1 sat sell wall and nobody bites.

just went all in. easy 2x boys.

You're envy.

Does your wallet have a built-in radio? Uh?


What happened did McAfee kill it?


i didn't know that.

i learned something today.

Exactly. Only reason this shit pumped was McAfee but he was fucking paid. Where the Verge shills now? Just bagholders until people start realizing it's never going anywhere and dump. Then their one man dev team will just leave.

holy fuck just bought 100k

showed up to an investor's meeting strung out on meth, it's all falling apart

>go with gut instinct
XVG now that kind of trading strategy.
He's going back to wagecuck at McDonalds very soon.

Is this the biggest badhold in the history of crypto?
I n ver witnessed so many ppl getting justed, 1b marketcap..


r/Verge even disabled downvotes. These guys are in complete denial. One giant circle jerk support group.


things thing will oscillate for years to come, with all those bagholders, and new bagholders to come... once people catch on to it's simple oscillation pattern, they will write bots, and the pattern will get larger and larger, up to you have crazy dnb on this fucking coin going on like you've never seen before. On a daily basis.

>It's 2:30 AM, Sunerok still working. If this isn't Dedication then what is?

I don't know, maybe being late in your own artificial deadline? Fucking scam.

He's right though. I did get burned on both Verge and Burst at some moment... listening to retards against my better judgement because they were "sure shots". I'd still recommend a buy on xvg if you set some sellwalls since there is still one or two good pumps left before it fades into obscurity.

>mature thought provoking conversations

>plis buy my bags I’m hungry

Y'all are retards... it's not about a good coin, it's about the price. The price is low, it will pump. Buy now and make easy 20-30%

Nah, sold them after it was clear McAfee was full of shit. Xvg for better or for worse is a top 30 coin and will languish to the bottom for months. Sold them at a loss but bought tron and xrp before the moon so it evened out.

>plis buy my bags I’m hungry too, I don't want to be a McDonald's wage cuck again!

"When people are fearful.....

Blood on the streets...

In 3 months. there will be a Coin Telegraph/CoinDesk article about the abysmal launch of Wraith but how the coin has recovered and is at $1.... Watch crypto.. it alwaysss happens!!!"


Holy shit! You're not joking! Lmfao!

>buying a coin after it goes 30x
I was scared to buy at 100 sats kek


To those thinking there'll be a pump, the simple answer is: no.

Noobers have no liquidity and are just getting pummeled into submission and being forced to sell at a loss.

Smart money isn't touching Verge at all (at least not publicly) and decrying it as the scam it is.

Now the whales? They'll weather the storm and manage to repeat what they did at 250 sats a few months ago.

If you're in: you need to figure out how you're going to exit, whether it's riding the waves down and accumulating (if you REALLY have faith in this scam) or just exit completely at this very moment. Verge's value is going to decrease to roughly 80% from it's all time high before it even considers mooning again.

Pick one and only one.

Dump XVG bags and get on the DBC moon mission.

>I'd still recommend a buy on xvg
thank you mr. institutional investor. u da smartest

This is going to be classic. A meme for years to come.


I am sorry, its about marketcap. Not getting that is a quick return to selling burgers again.

Well now looks like a great time to go in for 100k

What website is that OP ?


you're trying too hard and leaving out an important detail.