Tfw slowly investing more than I can afford to lose

>tfw slowly investing more than I can afford to lose

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oops did you quit your job a little early ya dig

Just diversify correctly and up your security practical.
Xlm isn't going any where anytime soon, even if everything else dies, you'll still have that.

>he's not keeping all his money in shitcoins
Literally have like $200 in my bank account and $60k in crypto

>tfw rapidly investing more than I can afford to lose
LINK moons or I kill myself eoy. I made the same promise when I went all in on ETH at $40. Either way this is my last year in crypto.

>He doesn't make suicidal gambles on shitcoins
Get off of this board

>invest a little
>see gains
>invest way too much
>blockfolio addict thinking only about crypto
>withdraw some gains for mental stability
>watch opportunity costs mount
8 months of my life right there

don't do that

the absolute madman


too real user

right when we enter a bear market

good timing user

just dont forget who put you in debt.

Are u me?

that feel bro.

I started with about 10% of my networth, but now its 90% of my networth and more than my original networth in total.

But I cant stop now.

I just want one more 2x and I'll pull out 80% and hodl the rest. Crypto is a full time job

Speed it up, the race goes to the quick


but mostly btc/eth/ltc desu senpai

the American investor

I thought everyone was doing this.

Literally same.
Just ordered a shift card so I can use it if I need to. No fee for going from ETH/BCH to USD.



Lol, I've got 95% of everything I own in crypto. Bring on the apocalypse mother fuckers!

Crypto is optimal for 4channers. It is mostly neets with suicidal tendencies and maxed out risk tolerance stats.

>1M in crypto
>less than 10k in the bank

You ever been through a Crypto bubble burst? Those are the most memorable days.

Last time I lost 80+% of the dollar of my cryptos in a matter of days. Man, those were the days.

This image never gets old

I've lost like 60+% before, then 50% again later on. Glad I stuck with it though.

TFW sold car for 4k and put it all in SUB. Now I've got 110k in crypto and literally less than 100 I'm bank

Wtf!? How'd you know..?
>Rides off on a unregistered motorbike pondering the benefits of dying and how to leave my crypto loot to someone I actually care about.

1.3k in the bank and 40k in shitcoins here

Makes sense

Good you're not a plebbit fag.

My ancestors would cross oceans to fight for fame and fortune. They would die in battle or disease or disaster.
I think I can handle risking money in shitcoins.

anyone know the optimal amount of money for fleeing the country as well as places that don't extradite?

My cousin wants to know. For his friend that is.

The money doesn't come out the bank fast enough.

You need to cash 20k of that immediately, don't be stupid.

actually a nice way to look at it kek

i yolo'd and put my entire life savings into crypto knowing almost nothing because it just felt right

3x'd in two months, i know a lot of people can do better in two months but being so new and not having much financial freedom beforehand it feels so fuckin good

Well what's your goal amount? And don't fucking say retirement

he's just a SUB shill.

unironically 100k in crypt could land some sweet staking rewards with coins. Enough to live in a small midwest county seat town.

>Maxed out risk tolerance
Hit the nail on the head

I'm not. I got in when they were at 4c. They actually tweeted about me selling my car to invest on their Twitter. Look it up.