Are you going to strap in for the moon mission this month?

Are you going to strap in for the moon mission this month?

This coin is your January ticket to pluto's moon.

Checked and soon to be 100 ZCL deep.
I want that BTCP, which will probably be a top 10 coin.

Who’s comfy here?

100 club too. will but more.

>They don't even spellcheck their front end ("direcly")
Why should I bother investing in a coin when their team can't fucking spell

I'm only worried about how fucking fast ZCL is going to plummet once we get our BTCP

You didn't buy BZC yet user? Kek

Waiting on an exchange on confirm support - surely Bittrex?

just bought 10 during the dipppp

ugh wish I can buy this dip.

im hoping so

nice dub but biz only want to buy high when the announcement comes and there is 100% sure sign, you know.

In a dip they scare to buy but at ath is no problem because they addicted to pink wojack

Hmm free money? No thanks

>”nice dub”
>he’s rolling trips too

Monero >>>>>> BTCP

Just messaged the creators.


Fuck your spell check. stay poor.

114 ZCL, 1k BTCP here I come

Just sold 100k

I have 24 ZCL i hope it goes to 1K wiii :3

138 reporting in.

We will make it user

when's the fork and what exchange supports it?

i bought at the top, so i guess im in.

No date set yet, aim is apparently end of Jan.

No exchange officially yet, thought you'd suspect Bittrex given it supports ZCL + other Bitcoin forks.

It's a gamble right now with a lot up in the air, there is potentially a large return if it all goes smoothly and Bittrex supports it though.

Unless we get some major exchange's support, I don't see this going for the prices you guys are shooting out there.

This is a classic "sell the news" in my opinion.


1300 zcl checking in. Am I gonna make it user

Yeah 1k definitely a bit of a stretch.

Price I'm shooting for is > $150. I think it'll get there. It's a risk/reward game though.

No thanks OP I'll only buy when BTCP gets to $500 in a couple of months, only then will I be sure that this is a good and stable investment.

Don't you fucking dare you fucking ass virgin im a fucking chad and i fucking say this fucking fuck coin is going to 1K you fucking got it fucking faggott? 1k i said fuck dont you fucking dare say anything again fucking virgin

whats this mean

There's way more people trying to buy than there is people selling.

Not a lot of people are selling their ZCL. There are over twice as many bids as there are asks. The new wallet will come out on the 8th and I'm sure most of the supply will move off exchange as well.

It'll get to at least $200 after fork so easy 2x

Not yet, there's about 25+ days till the actual fork

It has already hit $120 with literally no fork date and no exchange info. If Bittrex will support it and we get a date in January, guaranteed over $200.

If it reaches NXT height after Bittrex announcement of support, ZCL will reach over $1k.

Hmmm, I'll take my lambo in green.

Read this my friend, feel comfy.

I can really see this reaching $300-500 up until the fork. After the fork this will reach sub-50 levels and climb back slowly

BTCP is a nice long term hold, low supply of 18.5M is an attractive attribute. Definitely see this in the top 20 if not the top 10.

I however will be selling my a percentage of my ZCL before the fork for some nice short term profits and sit on BTCP.

: OP is a part of a pump and dump discord. This is a pump and dump scheme from the get go. DO NOT FALL FOR IT

discord = NBFeXKF

Check that discord for yourself...

ZCL will smack up to 1b on the snapshot hype/potential Bittrex announcement, about $500 per ZCL

BTCP will probably enter at about 300 or similar to BTCG, but in the long run probably surpass it easily.

So for a 500 dollar investment now you're looking at $4400 in a good bullish market, good luck lads.

Anyone know why it's dipping?

Because Whales put up sell walls to keep the price low while they accumulate more at lower prices

It just had a massive FOMO spike, currently the friendly neighborhood whale is doing the rounds washing out weak hands in order for it to appreciate in the future. News regarding the snapshot might be a few days off so there is time to kill off the dumpers now.

You didn't dump did you user?

I don't understand this, will the bitcoin private get sent to my wallet automatically? How does the free coin work?

Afaik if you leave it on an exchange that supports it you get your BTCP there but there is another way where after the fork you move your ZLC to a new wallet and convert your old wallet to a BTCP one

On the time of the block snapshot it will record what you have and you will have those coins in your wallet to sell, free money for everyone basically.