I feel like we will find a comfy 16k floor after this, feel sorry for anyone in alts right now, its going to be a see of red for the next few days.

I dipped out of all of my profit trailer pairs and just took my losses. This shits going on a run. All the christmas money FOMO gonna hit this hard as FUCK

Waiting on volume. If it pushes past 15.4k on good volume, shit going up, if now, back down to 10k.

I wonder when it will stop going up, I hope alts start going down so I can buy them for cheap.

Anyone holding alts about to get justed.

fifteen thousand dollars

now THAT'S gangsta


16k is the real barrier

until we break that we are still treading water

No, 16k was the barrier. Now it didn't even pass fibonacci 50%.
It's not looking good.

post chart

My portfolio has no BTC and I am now sitting on 212% gains. I didn't solidify this portfolio until last month when I jumped off BTC a bit early. Still waiting to be in the red though.



how do you use this fibonnacci chit?

this one thank you user

When I spoke to you a week ago, I prophesied that BTC would reach $20k by the 20th. Did any of you listen? Which of your prophets have you not called bagholders or Pajeets? Now for the FUDders there will be much wailing and pink Wojacking; and indeed, you will be rightly punished, because you have forsaken your king and persecuted his people.

no one knows

If BTC reached 20k its not as big of a deal as it sounds though. A lot of you guys are acting like a crypto currency not in a complete down trend is a huge WTF moment. But the reality is, BTC should already be at 23k-25k right now just for it to break even with guns on most of the lower tier coins.


He did it all fucked up. He tried retrace but then did it from recent lows rather than low to high

BTC is going to 20k tomorrow.
Exit all alts as soon as possible.

post a better one then please

It is easy to predict what already habbened

oh boy alt wojakkers here we come

>BTC goes up
>alts follow suit
>BTC crashes
>alts moon

you can never go wrong holding alts

Its a big deal if it doesn't reach 20k. Your little shit coins will fall like pic related if the King can't rally here

what? you fucking lying cunt. What actually happens:

>BTC goes up
>alts crash in btc price but go up in fiat value
>BTC crashes
>alts crash
>BTC trades sideways
>alts go up


>thinking btc's failure is contagious

>found an old coinbase account from 2014
>only shows a free $10 worth of btc as signup credit as only transfer
>shows no money in account though
>it's worth over $300 today

is there any way to find out what happened to that btc?

the time spent recovering $300 would be better spent sucking dicks for cash

hey, $300 is $300, if you saw it laying on the sidewalk you'd try to pick it up too

I am thinking I actually have this credit on 2 or 3 accounts depending on how jewish i got. I very well may have spent it back in the day though. for now I just wanted to see if I could transfer it to my normal wallet

One of the coins I hold a fucking lot of and never expected would moon because its a profitable hold even if it stayed at 1 dollar each until the end of time is now working on being 8 dollars each. And my portfolio is wtf big right now.. The last couple of days I can buy almost 2 more bitcoin if I wanted to throw away my earnings some shit that will never be worth money ever again.

I would much prefer Bitcoin remained in purgatory forever.

name the coin sir
nice RARE black id btw



I say it in my sleep

So how much do you make doing that....