ZCash dev fraud

Zcash is done. Dev just ran off with the loot

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is xrb involved in this fraud? or did he just coincedentally mention it...

This is about ZenCash, not ZCash.

real shit?

Also looks fake, no other news about this anywhere. Either post real sources or stop FUDding OP, this is dumb.

Why would someone FUD this hard? I'm buying more now.

need more info. I thought zencash was good?

FUD'ing like this with no fake evidence and no sources should be bannable. Saged this thread

Mercatox has been down for the last day


Oh man a notorious twitter alias pump and dumper talking shit about a coin, totally not like he is manipulating to score discounted coins before a large event or anything.

Really makes you think.

I don't own either, so I really don't care, but with the kind of shit that gets posted here, it's going to take more than a tweet from a rando to make me believe anything. I've searched and didn't find anything about this. No discussion of it over at Bitcointalk.

sorry dude, it's toast. get rid of your bags if you can. Mercatox is gone.



> After the short term mitigation plan, the Zen Core team will continue to work with an industry leading development team, IOHK, to continue development and improvement of the ZenCash software to follow along with the vision laid out in the Zen White Paper.

What the fuck, they been working with IOHK (Cardano) since JUNE 2017 ?!

IOHK did the fork... this isn't new.

Thanks just bought 100k

RaiBlocks scrambling too...

Get rid of your bags NOW!

RaiBlocks fucked

Don't shill too hard bro, chill.

ZenCash exploit was fixed in June, their main exchange partner is Bittrex, old story


How does this even mean Zencash or XRB are "done"?

Joshua Yabut is not even affiliated with either project right now.

I didn't mean to, I guess no one had any idea what ADA was back then either.

Literally scroll down 2 more replies and you'll see that people are getting their funds.

>the absolute state of raiblockers

Yeah I shilled ADA before it was even live on Bittrex, but hardly anyone took notice. It's priming to make some moves soon, and no one mentions it, it's just a great community with strong hands, doing it's thing behind the scenes, super cool stuff.

Mercatox via twitter: Dear Users, we found what is the problem, we thought it was DDoS, but our domain registrator put our domain on hold. We took all steps needed to unlock access to our site. But it can take some time. Don't worry. All coins are safe. We are doing our best to solve the situation.

OP is legit retarded

>found the mercatox customer.

sorry bout your money, man.

Put a bounty out using Bounty0x you massive faggot

I'm not invested in either Raiblocks or ZenCash, I'm all in on Monero, ZenCash is still a good buy though, Raiblocks can handle more transactions than even Ripple

Wow I did some research and I must say, zencash is shit. I recommend selling and buying something more promising like XVG.

What shortcomings did you discover during your research?

TPS is good and all but do you not care about sustainability such as governance, treasury or scalability?

A lot of them.

The name is stupid
The site is garbage
It's a fork
Chart stinks
Roadmap sucks
No hardware wallet


>Developers are high school drop outs
>Fork of a fork (LOL)
>dead coin
>Bittrex delisting rumours
>Developers are known scammers

What else do you want to know?

ZenCash on that day: Jun 08, 2017 12.93 14.63 5.26 8.12 ZenCash today $52

ZenCash forecast in one year $137, in five years $472

That's very small for crypto gains.

Yeah, I'm not invested in ZenCash

You mentioned that already, monero is a good coin but it moves really slowly.