Told you we were mooning several hours ago

Told you we were mooning several hours ago

Why didn't you listen? Going up 200% tomorrow


Slowly making gains after that massive dump. Looks like the whales are going to let it run up now.

done accumulating today, im ready sherrif

its moon time boys

Got my moon boots ready you fucking smelly pajeets


>buy my bags

I am fucking ready boys. This is gonna be good.

I do thank you guys for buying my BNTY bags! Am glad to get rid of it.

Only have 2,869, but that's comfy for a .5 eth investment when I know this will be 2.00 by the end of jan

You haven’t met the sheriff yet I reckon. Mosey on over to BNTY at the ol’ Market cap Saloon... you seem like a good fella, rumor has it that some bandits are fixing to pump the price up tonight.


We're going lunar, boyos.

No we're not. This coin has been one giant disappointment since the day I bought it. This is the shitiest of all shit coins.

>dem some nice bags

Its been a week. Are you retarded?

you bought at ath?

I must be retarded becauseI bought this instead of KCS the day Gordon was pushing it. KCS has 10x and BNTY has -.5 in that time. OP saying it's going to moon is just wishful thinking. Doesn't mean a god damn thing. Screen cap say 2x tomorrow. I say it goes down another 20%. I'll be back tomorrow to remind you that you're a bag holding fag!

when can I finally dump this coin

I bought at the low. Then after it had it's initial moon I bought 5k more at .17.

I may be retarded, but I'm going to keep buying this shit.

>I liek cowboys, fuck off

Dubs confirms dump asap!

This is retarded, and thats coming from a guy who almost bought $10k worth of BITB earlier today

You broke back mountain fag!

KCS is one of the few coins on a huge bull run. If you were smart you would've bought KCS as well back then because it was painfully obvious how awesome of a coin it is. Also, Gordo only recommends coins with potential/long term hold, which is what BNTY is.

Looks like you got weak hands and sold off your BNTY. Too bad for you, but you don't have to try to bring us down just because you got burnt by a bad decision. Stop trying to time the market so hard.

I bought at .00016 so I've been up all week.

the coin is confirmed in 3 pump and dump groups for tomorrow morning.

You fucking faggots missed how many moons this week? Are you going to listen for once?

$1,978,057 USD 24 HR trading volume, the pump and dumps picked this coin for tomorrow.

Do you have any evidence for this? Would like to see the whale eat his own shit but can’t really believe it

I'm still hodling my BNTY. Just mad I put most of.myoneynin it and literally any other coin I have has mooned while this shit has gone stagnant.

The second this shit hits .25 cents I'm dumping and never looking back.


A pnd would be retarded for this. 1) nobody wants to join kucoin and 2) Nobody knows how to actually find it on EtherDelta. This coin will sit at the bottom until it gets on a real exchange.

Get real faggots. No pnd is happening and if it does it will be 20% tops.

Just fucking wait. Your portfolio is ok but you really need a coin to 10x so that you can increase your capital. Don't be consumed by crypto when your portfolio is fairly small. Also, don't get too diversified when your capital is low either. Cash out one of your future moons for 1 ETH and put that ENTIRE 1 ETH into a coin that will guarantee you a 2-3x and repeat the process. gl