No one here actually believes any of these coins is the future r-right?

No one here actually believes any of these coins is the future r-right?

of course not, i'm just following the trend

I am unironically, ironically, post-unironically, optimistic about XLM's application to real-world finance


Some of them might be. Ultimately, the actual number of successful coins will be very, very few. It's a gamble.

crypto is not going anywhere

Buy Electra

These coins basically behave like an unregulated stock market and should be treated as such. Very few will have an actual practical use beyond "store of value."

This. We're in a bit of a bubble where even nonsensical projects get money thrown at them, but even when the bubble pops, this isn't going anywhere. It won't be as exuberant, but it will there will still be a market for a lot of these things.

no but they make for a good scam :^)

Substratum is the only one that actually has a real use in the real world IMHO

Fuck no. I'm seriously considering cashing out once I hit 100k gains. None of this makes sense.

Yes. There's definitely real world use cases for blockchains. Otherwise, all those companies/countries wouldn't be investing in it. Smart contracts can reduce costs in so many industries that it's bound to become real.

I didn't think so at first, but Blockchain is a truly disruptive technology. Crypto is the future of how money moves digitally.

Nah it’s all nonsense. Maybe Ripple, MAYBE

Not really. But speculation is fun and I'm making money, so I'm doing well thanks for asking OP

prove it

That's because you really haven't done your research.

But of course that's what you're going to think if all you invest in is whatever is green this week.

There is some really good tech out there that will definitely be used in real life.

Hell, I HATE ripple, yet that's used in real life.

Monero is used to buy drugs.

ChainLink can't connect both worlds together.

REQ can let you pay in any currency you want and receive money in any currency you want.

Smart contracts can save industries trillions of dollars.

Peer-reviewed papers are not bullshit.

Don't need to. Either wait and see, or go out and actually do some real research. There is TON of research about the usefulness of smart contracts. Some comes from academia and some comes from the financial industry.

>shilling glorified stocks this hard

these are glorified pennystocks, which is fairly worse.

but i mean, there's probably good reason to believe there's going to remain a couple of cryptocurrencies that won't deflate like crazy at the mercy of speculators.

as someone who has worked implementing fiat remittances, sending money across countries with ripple or whatever feels really really nice.

when the bubble burts, it's all going to be more clear, me thinks.


>t. never done any research into blockchain technology whatsoever
I'm not saying cryptocurrency will "overthrow" fiat, but people like you have been saying it's a bubble, and it's all worthless, and a trend, for years.

Crypto in general is the future, although the coins we have now will probably be replaced.

NEO is unironically the one.

EOS is the future

of course i do but like 10 years from now sadly

i never said it's a bubble, the king will remain successful in the long run. also i lead up blockchain research at a fortune 50 company, kys nigger.

Remember the dot com bubble burst?

We still have internet and technology companies don't we? I wonder what industry has been one of the most successful since the dot com burst?

Hmm, just can't put my finger on it.

>remember these useful things stuck around
>this is proof everything will stick around
You need to sell some of your shitcoins. They're making you crazy

Yes, many will not survive like all new startups but those that do will change the world.

>Blockchain is not useful for anything
>The next generation of project funding is not useful for anything
>Decentralized and anonymous currency in general is not useful for anything

There will be a select few with an actual use, the rest are just hype and buzzwords lmao.

Make as much as possible playing around with Alts, but remember to come home to mummy and daddy

>btc and eth
Mastercard didnt spend millions funding blockstream to speed up btc for nothing.

chainlink is a world changing technology if it gets off the ground

>Substratum is the only one that actually has a real use in the real world
>ETH is useless in the real world
Hows this work user?

>he's unironically convinced himself he isn't trading monopoly money
>i-im part of the f-future I p-promise

Of course fucking not

Literally everything you see on biz right now will be replaced with new meme coins this time next year

Seeimg Crypto as anything other than high yield penny stocks is just you bent stupid.

It's why all these shill threads by poojets about the tech and future are so funny

Some of these worthless coins have billion dollar market caps and they are completely useless

Who knows how long this will last, but get in on this easy money while it lasts.

>nocoiners are this butthurt they're missing out on our gains

Hitler wasn't all bad

Holy fuck im convinced no one in Veeky Forums reads white papers
Id (you) specific posts but ill just say yall niggas need google

Monero and ChainLink will be worth billions in a couple of years. Not "worth" on speculation. Worth in terms of irl value.

Any intelligent user already knows this.

this, but at $1 mill

I would give up a shit