Not in the next 1000x

>not in the next 1000x

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Correct. But the next 100x would be Elixir.

it's sort of ridiculous that it's at $.06 right now,
my bags are full waiting for lift off this month.

The fact it isn't >0.001 cent after the pump gives me some hope that this isn't a scam.

I bought Elixr during the first pump and dump, I just hope this will pump a second time with the same magnitude as Elixr's current pump.

I bought UAHPAY and that was the first actual scam I bought into, but that never got shilled I just chose a random coin on Etherdelta and had the worst possible luck.

I am very sceptical but I am NOT dumping my bags. Not this time.

this most certainly NOT a scam.

last night a few guys were looking into the code they've been publishing and everything looks legit.m good things on the horizon

Wtf is that shitty piece of A4 for?

just proof that there is actual people working on shit

these guys are gonna create billions of usd in value, I can tell

patience... good projects always get noticed over time.

delete this.

look at these future millionaires.

thank you for this, i just sold everything

Ilya Kovalchuk R
Alex Ovechkin C

Let's discuss Payfair for a moment and we'll see why it's cheap (currently.)

PFR has 100,000,000 coins (slightly less but close enough)

It has a working demo website and a good whitepaper.

You can run an escrow node for only $300 worth of tokens.

ICO was tiny, they didn't ask to get rich from it, they just actually wanted funding for the project (which they got).

The tokens that were assigned to the devs during the ICO are locked for 1 year (meaning they can't sell it, they can't transfer them, etc)

So all of these things make it look good right?

So why is it cheap?

1.) Small, under the radar ICO
2.) Similar to #1, no marketing budget at all (due to tokens being locked)
2.) Project's team isn't all that breathtaking (no ex CEOs or anything like that.)
3.) (this is the big one) It is ONLY listed on EtherDelta. ED recently got hacked and has a horrendous UI that makes you pay an blockchain transaction to place or remove a buy/sell order. 95% of traders avoid this place like the plague. It's already in the top 15 (voting) to be on NextExchange. (vote here, it's free: )

One last reason, the devs have been on Holiday until the 5th. News will start coming out after that time.

There's only 100,000,000 coins. Even if you're just a day trading type this is one rumor away from tripling your profits.

Are you fucking serious, that's your proof of it not being a scam?

UAHPAY just took pictures of themselves with lanyards and pretended to be doing "business" at a fake event.

They were Ukranian but Russians are the same thing to me.

GGWP pajeets :( Going down with my sinking ship I WILL NOT SELL THESE BAGS


Never going to buy this, wtf is that shit ? Everything looks poor

look for yourself

oh lawd...


give it some time, easiest 1000x of my life
(in with 3ETH)

if you want x1000 you cant start out as a $500,000,000 company. gotta build up.

go buy some buttcoin

Delete the thread. My transfer goes through Thursday.

what r u holding rn user?

Is this a joke? I’m supposed to trust these cucks to make me money?

Coin looks scammy as hell..barely anything out about it

Most guaranteed short term x10 I've ever seen

x10 is only $.60
$100Million Mcap is nothing in crypto right now.
that would put is at $1 per coin.

shittier coins have done better. PFR is the real deal.

When do you think this will hit $1 a coin user?

Just fucking fess up. You are Pajeet PnD discorders.
Please, that will give me some relief that I can make some money and you aren't actually Russian exit scammers.

Huge announcement coming the 5th

no clue anymore. so far it has blown past my original expectations, so i cant really guess.
it's not even out of ether delta and it is already picking up speed.
i mean now i think it might even be possible to go $1+
we will see how it goes in the next 2 months. it will tell a lot.

I am no PnD Pajeet u fucking faggot.

PayFair has a future. Put 1 ETH into it. You may lose it completely. But you may have a ROI of 1000x if it works.

Educate yourself on how to become a real investor. Diverse and put small amounts early in small projects. if one of them moons, you got your lambo.

now go buy it and thank me later.

no PnD. all healthy organic growth.
join the telegram.
just search "payfair telegram"

Fuck off.
I've set my sell order.
But I won't tell you what price :^)
Let's do this Pajeets.

the community is so excited on the project there has been talks about pooling money together to pay the fee to have it listed on kucoin.

not that it will happen, but it goes to show the support that there is.

just shows that smart people understand the value of this project. no millions on marketing, healthy growth with a smart product that solves a serious issue (ICO scam etc.)

Fuxking 4 guys coding on laptops in a shithole, totally inspires confidence.

What is the possible Benny's for running a node for this shit?

This made me laugh so fucking hard

Americans know how to market themselfes. They hire investors, sell shares of their company and put 50% of their capital into advertisement and "a good show".

Good projects start like this. If you are scared, dont invest. But always remember;

scared money dont make no money.

1% passive income.
or a little more if you participate as an escrow

what about the apple started in a garage meme or whatever.

I'm glad they arent blowing the ICO money on useless shit.
they just need to have a good product and get it out.

How do you know they are actually coding anything and not play WoW or some shit.

look for yourself


not sure who dat boi is or what it means?

Have 0.1eth I literally got for free (thanks Binance). Might throw it in for shits and giggles. Quick question though: the "about" section on their test website leads nowhere. How come?

they changed their website to show the demo.
they will be back from break jan 5th with news and updates.

theyve talked about a new website and revised whitepaper

OP is a part of a pump and dump discord. This is a pump and dump scheme from the get go. DO NOT FALL FOR IT

discord = 25CucCU

Check that discord for yourself...

Elixir isn't a real project, it's bullshit and it will crash soon.

stfu nobodys part of a pump and dump

haha, pajeet trying to get more on his invite counter. Smart move faggot

ok, which one of you was this.

i gotta be more attentive when i shill to snipe up these noobs fat fingering through their first time on ED

This just dipped hard on :/

it's 2x as expensive on the volume is tiny there.

use etherdelta or wait for new exchanges this month.

so is there potential for arbitrage?

Have you actually read the whitepaper? It reads like a 12 year old's school project.

Why would I invest in this pile of shit? Nothing unique or interesting about it.

Just four deluded nerds coding some bullshit project in a dungeon.

It won't work.

Good time to buy ;)

only if someone is willing to buy on which they arent, just looking at the volume.

when the price first pumped a couple of days ago, the guys hadnt updated their order, so it was possible to buy at 1/2 the ED price.

Yeah unfortunatetly im at a stupid loss n dont want to get dumped on again.


Lol this coin is a joke
look at the team

have you fags not realized that even scamcoins moon like crazy? bitconnect and bitcoin gold are in the top 100 for fucks sake. PFR is probably not a scam but even if it is, it doesnt fucking matter because in this crypto climate it will still probably 10x by the end of this amount due to the amount of shilling it's getting. fuck i even stopped reading whitepapers and shit, that's how retardedly easy it is to make money in this market right now. just ride it out and get the most out of it before it comes crashing down

end of this month*

>bag on floor
nice just sold everything

fucking lol.

I never bothered buying this.. I went into VEN instead, should I bother with it now?

>5' 11"
>5' 10"

loving this project !! PAYFAIR

Hi Pajeet

it's at a dip right now.
we will get a news update on the 5th and once it's listed on another exchange we wont see prices this low again.