A-am i gonna make it?


to 79k?

probably not


you should prolly diversify a bit

im basically doing the same thing but have 70k less htan you

patience will pay off :-)

Yes, things need to settle before people accept the new bottom; they need to feel like they're getting a good deal for a while.

At least go 50/50 with VEN.

Yes, if you hold until the end of this month

yes dont listen to ppl that say diversify. you dont get rich that way.

Icx will hit 50 Eoy. 100 long term. Do you have iron hands?

Yeah, I would say at least some in VEN if it hasnt skyrocketed by the time of summit/mainnet

ICX is the easiest way to guaranteed triple your money in a month

4x by end of month, screenshot this

What is happening at the end of the month?

Mainnet release and korean exchanges, this has not even seen Korean money yet.

>ICON Mainnet will officially launch on January 24, 2018, one week before 2018 ICON Annual Summit.

>On January 31, 2018, ICON team will host our 1st ICON Annual Summit titled “The Genesis”, appropriately at one of the most iconic, tallest skyscrapers in the world—Lotte World Tower. Also appropriately, this event is timed just before the Lunar New Year.

Pic related

If they miss another deadline this project is in trouble.

Hmm. You need to disclose your principal and also show your btc gainz graph. That'll prove if you're a good trader or not and if you'll be able to make it.

Wow exciting things coming up, I only have 100 ICX but I might pick up some more this month :D

Really doubt they'll miss it, because they have a conference the 30th

No because you go all in and that will eventually end in tears.

Better thread

You went all in because you believed in the project, the partnerships and what they wanted to achieve.
Nothing has changed.
This coin will easily x10 from here, when we hit coinone sometime this year ICX will go intergalactic.

Tfw only 1k ICX
h-hold me

they aren't talking about icx there though

I put in 2k and now have 18k. Took me 5 months. At this rate I'll be a millionaire in 10 months.

lol if you transferred that all to ECA and XRB and held for a year you'd have more cash than you ever knew what to do with

what the fuck is eca and xrb is a meme coin afaik

icx is the only coin on whole cmc with real life application + finished product + more partnerships than top 100 cmc combined

so you tell me m8