Almost every thread showing balances has mostly people with <$10k and 5 or more coins

>almost every thread showing balances has mostly people with been holding 2 this entire time and have $10k
is everyone here a day trading poor fag?

You have to go all in on one coin every single time for maximum gains.
t. $24k folio from $900

Same feels user. I'm up 6k on the only coin I've ever owned. It's a good reminder that daytrading is for the birds.

$30k and I only hodl 3 coins, none of them in the top 50, iron hands

Hmm I feel likemive seen the opposite. Lots of 20-50k portfolios.

2k and i hold 5 coins. started with 300 bucks a couple months ago. my spread might be a little thin but the projects im in are really good.

spreading yourself thin gets you thin profits
"diversifying your portfolio" wont get you anywhere especially in crypto

It's better to diversify as someone who has been trading a long time. I've been just'd hard doing all ins and finally started making crazy money by diversifying. Something is 100%ing every couple days, so own more coins so you have that coin. This has been a major winning strategy for me the past couple weeks.

>buy 5-6 coins
>1 of them will double this week
>keep half of it if you believe in the coin long term, if not sell all
>buy another coin

Not only do you catch a lot more quick moon missions this way, you can cut off bags without remorse without suffering massive losses and being stuck with something since the other coins should perform enough that it isn't that big a deal.

Lets of people went all in on Link at the top and literally ruined their lives. There are a lot of Links out there, good coins that seem to have all the answers that just don't make it. By diversifying you don't get stuck.

honestly im just getting to know how to trade. starting to take more ballsy trades.

Wrong. You can get a coin that doesn't do anything for a month.

For example I was really high on deep brain along with many others. It's down 25% two days in a row and shows no signs of life. It could be forever until this thing recovers.

If I was all in I would be sweating, tempted to sell early and chase another coin, ect. But instead I diversify and have Engima and am up 100% on that coin. My deep brain losses are trivial now. I can hold it forever without any panic, or I could sell it without much of a loss.

In crypto being stuck bagholding a coin for a month is the worst thing that can happen.

if you're in a good coin it doesn't matter m8
>oh no I missed a moon mission REEEEEE
just dont move from something that int hit and evetually it'll pay off

that isn't shit
wew lad

It's a good coin. Look at Link. Swift partnerships, oracle problem, SIBOS, 100 milll market cap. It had everything going for it and literally still hasn't recovered.

Deep Brain seemed like a good coin too, China, AI, everything on KuCoin mooning, only up 2x from listing price.

Sometimes even if you do the research it doesn't deliver and you are stuck with bags. You don't want to go all in and risk bagholding 3 months while the train leaves without you.

>hasnt recovered
it's way up in actual useful fiat money. Are you one of those sat fags?

It's up like 17 cents off the ATH which is like 40%, fucking pathetic when you look at how much the crypto market replied. And yeah sats is all that matters if you would have more money just holding Bitcoin your alt fucked you.

Either way you want to look at it there's no defending this piece of shit.

doesn't leaving every coin whenever BTC twitches a little bit make this entire market a complete joke? whats the point of any alt if everybody's just going to dump into BTC?

Just part of the business. You gotta make enough during the good times to absorb the hit or know when to get out. This month made everything seem too easy but people will learn the hard way soon enough...

There is a happy medium between over diversified to the point of dilution and all-in on one thing. The goal is to have steady gains coming in at all times while mitigating risk. Each of your stocks/currencies should support each other. One makes gains while the other falters, then they swap roles; something is generating money during the period where something else is in correction/consolidation/hopefully not death dive. Choosing investments that do not move in tandem with each other is important for this reason. They should be affected by different things, have different strong times in the year, and so on.

If you all-in and the thing doesn't pan out you can be bagholding for an extended period of time making nothing, crossing your fingers that the thing goes back up, with your entire bank roll frozen in that thing unless you're prepared to eat the loss.

A lot of naysayers in this thread have never experienced a true extended bear market. You keep going all-in and one day you'll fuck up, guaranteed.


that's why i picked XLM and BTC+ETH for my main holdings

They are different types of cryptos

Sure i have a bit in meme and shitcoins like FUN and ADA but the big bulk is in the big coins.

Every brokefag on this board is spread across like 10 coins. Fucking idiots, no wonder they're broke.

Diversifying is borderline stupid in crypto.
Only thing it does is protects you against exit scams.
All alts are tied to BTC so when BTC decides to take a shit all alts drop, so diversifying does nothing in this case.
I always all-in, but im safe, cuz i dont invest in coins below top 50, therefore the likelihook of exit scam is incredibly low.

>10 coins

That is over-diversified unless your bank roll is massive, I agree. I'd say if you're in with 50k or less a strong portfolio would be anywhere between three and six separate investments. Three is risky but manageable still. Six is a pretty wide spread but not necessarily if you're distributing it heavily towards 3-4 safe-ish long holds and using the remaining, i dunno, 15-20 percent on high risk gambles. There are lots of ways to spread things around while still having it set up to yield maximum profits vs. risk mitigation.

How much did you start with?

>All alts are tied to BTC

What is your contingency plan if/when that is no longer the case? It's a rhetorical question but something to think about and plan for ahead of time.

I agree with this

t. 5k folio from 200$

I feel like I've been ridiculously lucky with my trades and holds. Granted, I spend about 2 hours a day studying and listening to advice from people that know more about this than I do, but I've profited about $40k over the last 3 months from a $10k investment. Before that I had $600 in it and turned that to $3500, so I figured I'd take a shot with $10k more. It worked for me, and aside from some small trades and trying a couple of pump and dumps (fucking not my style), holding has been the best for me. I'm in btc, xlm, and etn. All have been good to me so far because I got in early. I'm just sitting on my gainz and hoping my money gets longer in 2018. Hold, nigga, hold.

Btc dominance is at approximately 37% right now with a total crypto marketcap of close to 7 billion. As btc dominance drops, more money will be in alts, primarily the top 10 on coinmarketcap. Other alts will make their way into the top 10, but throughout 2018 it will be important to have a position in some of the current top 10 if you want to see steady gains. btc drops, find the alts the $ is going into. But btc still has room to grow with institutional money on the sidelines and ETFs on the horizon. Btc has lots of room to grow. I'd say at least up to 30k-40k.

It's frustrating because I have more money than I ever thought but my family all think I'm a millionaire and it's putting a lot of pressure on me to stay in the market and not take profits.

Anybody else know what I'm talking about?

$150k here. I still lurk, dont post as much anymore since i feel the whole market is filled with normies now asking too many stupid questions and a lot of shit posting.

I day-traded my way from $3,000 to $165,000 this year in crypto.

Day-trading is better than holding if you know what the hell you're doing.

How much did you pay in taxes?

This is not true at all.

t. 165k portfolio from just 3k in 2017 alone.

autist here, started dec buying in ath. market tanked, now slowly recovering losses with alts
5k sub port

I have my own way of evading taxes.

>inb4 the IRS will catch you and rape you whatever your plan is it won't work
It isn't any of those fucking sites you think it is and it does work but I'm still not going to go into it.


>started dec buying in ath. market tanked
You have no fucking clue what it looks like when this market really tanks. See ETH in June and most altcoins from July through August of 2017 for your future and be prepared.

I'm holding six figures

I'm more focused on making that seven than I am showing off.

That and who the fuck cares how many FRN your futurebux are worth? I'm more concerned about holding the maximum amount of the future winner.

ok so you wrote "$3,000 to $165,000" so I'm guessing that you cashed out. If not you are still holding crypto and have actually not made any money yet (unrealized gains).

Are you American? What was your entry point into crypto? Any American-based exchange?

DESU I think you are full of shit.

>Day-trading is better than holding if you know what the hell you're doing.
How do I learn?

you don't learn
it's all luck
TA is a meme
and all it takes is one shit trade and you're fucked

you just get lucky.

Send me on a moon mission boys.

by experience.

It's like being a gladiator. The traders that make money learn. The traders that know what they are doing make money. Everybody else gets fucked.

XLM. It's pretty obvious at this point. Don't be scared. The bubble isn't over and 2018 will continue to see huge fuck-me amounts of money pour into the cryptoscene. XLM is going to fucking skyrocket after it is added to Coinbase and even more so when FairX is subsequently launched. These runs will be nothing compared to the BoA announcement.

I have cashed out almost all of it, with about $35k still in high cap coins. I am American. My entry point into crypto was with $3000 through Gdax and Gemini back in February 2017.

Absolute fucking horseshit.
Go start on tradingview and look up the indicators on investopedia. Start with the ones you've heard of before that appear on exchanges. Use TA as a tool to better read and understand the market and what people are thinking, not as a bible telling you when to buy and sell.

This is also true, basically. It takes a lot of dedication and practice but you will eventually get the hang of it.

Don’t listen to this shit. Diversification is what will save you if another Confido happens.. never put all your eggs in one basket.

>he thinks TA isn't a meme
then where are the TA algorithms huh? why isn't there a program to utilize TA to its full potential?

Day-trading is more fun, tho

wtf is this USD-coin? 0% profit. what an absolute shitcoin.

put that shit into FUN and LINK you mongoloid.

>35k increase in one day


No but i could imagine. My bf and i had such a huge domestic over 2k loss


Hmmm... it's already passed IOTA in market cap, looking for multiplications not percentages.

>I have cashed out almost all of it, with about $35k still in high cap coins. I am American. My entry point into crypto was with $3000 through Gdax and Gemini back in February 2017.

Once IRS gets your information from Coinbase and the Winklevii it will take them about 20 seconds to data mine your withdraw which will be recorded as a transaction and your cost basis will then be determined by following the coin trail. They will then levy a hefty penalty against you for failing to report a short-term capital gain. IRS will then garnish your wages to pay the penalty and subsequently the assessed tax due.

This probably won't happen this year but within the next 10 years it's guaranteed. Blockchain forensics will be a major profession and it will be very easy to identify who owns what, when they owned it, and where it is.

All the data is there. Just pay your fucking taxes dude it's seriously not worth it. Any basic student of American history will know how much of a fucker the American gov't can be when it comes to issues of monetary concern. Just look at the history of the greenback and the shady shit the gov't did to competing currencies. Or the forcible removal of private gold from both citizens and foreigners in the 1930's.

It sucks man but that's the truth. Monetary policy is constitutionally a government function. Been that way since the very beginning and nothing will change it.

Yup. I think of it like paying protection money to the biggest gang on the planet . . . because that's exactly what it is.

Can you really put a price on freedom(tm)? I like to pick my battles.

That's nice. Like I said, I have a method for avoiding the taxes that works and bypasses all this. I'm not sharing it here. I have never seen it posted on Veeky Forums and it's not one of those websites everyone talks about.

>N-no your method won't work user!
Do you really want to do this whole fucking song and dance where I say it does and you tell me it doesn't and I must be wrong...etc.?

>Do you really want to do this whole fucking song and dance where I say it does and you tell me it doesn't and I must be wrong...etc.?
Do you?

I just think you should try and think outside of the box and not underestimate Blockchain forensics. I also think the risk is not worth the reward in this case. We're making six digits and we're willing to risk jail for, what, $30k?That makes no fucking sense.

>Blockchain forensics
You're still thinking too small. You're also assuming that I live within reach of the US, that I cashed out my own money as opposed to some other connections, etc. Like I said my method works very well for me and I won't go more into it.
Also you don't go to jail for this you retarded shit you just pay a little fine with your taxes.

>You're still thinking too small.

>Also you don't go to jail for this you retarded shit you just pay a little fine with your taxes.

>>You're still thinking too small.

>>Also you don't go to jail for this you retarded shit you just pay a little fine with your taxes.

>>>You're still thinking too small.

>>>Also you don't go to jail for this you retarded shit you just pay a little fine with your taxes.

Agree, started one week ago, with 300 USD, and all in is the answer. Already 1.1k