My 1475 RaiBlocks was hacked on Christmas Eve. I seriously contemplated ending it after the price rising so much

My 1475 RaiBlocks was hacked on Christmas Eve. I seriously contemplated ending it after the price rising so much.
I entered a phised website of Raiwallet and hadn't enabled 2fa. I thought I did enable it, but turned out it was an exchange I enabled it on...I have no money left, I bought 4 XRB right after I was hacked. I've been through hell the last few days, sucidal, just getting drunk.

I have decided to try to rebuild my wallet and not give up on life. The crypto-world is just to fantastic to miss out on. It's two years of investments down the drain, it sucks badly — but it is what it is. Is there anyone on here that could help me rebuild my wallet by sending some XRB? Helping me to get back on track would be mean the world to me.


Get a job like the rest of us and contribute to society, you degenerate.

> begging

kys fag

i sent 23, goodluck getting back on your feet!

Fucking bums. Yo im sittin on a nice fat stack of xrb~

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LeL rekt m8. Seriously tho, I would also probably want to kill myself

good luck yo

Fuck outta here B

Nice just sent 100k

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>not bookmarking sites
>having low enough of an iq to get phished




>Two years of investing
>didn't use a hardware wallet or 2fa

You came to the wrong place pardner, kys.

im sorry for your loss OP

its only money, life is about more than that

sage for begging thread

Holyshit, if you're serious this is insanely generous. Thank you so much bro. I got nothing in my wallet yet though. If this is true you just flipped my day man!

Did he send OP? Wow you're generoud user

I agree, but cryptos has been my life the past two years. It isn't healthy I agree. But I came from heroin addiction and crypto helped me stay away from that shit.

No, nothing yet. I'm on edge right now hoping this to be true.

Oh im sure it did, kek chasing the dragon are we?

Was seriously considering using a two days back. Got too wasted to go anywhere thankfully.

Sucks to hear bro

Yeah it was stupid. First crypto outside of BTC.

I have a job, and put all money I can into XRB after bills, only work half time though because I'm pre med.

would send you some if I had more myself

good luck on gettin back

Thanks for the kind words.

Got way to excited about that guy who said he sent 23, he was probably just a troll....

shameless bump

>please let me lose your money too

Kys already you lost your 50k, which would of been 1m in a year, back to wage slace for 50 years cuck boy.

Post address so we can confirm or GTFO

lol. I fucking hate myself for losing those coins I can't begin to describe my anger at myself.

>using a web wallet

i feel like you're lying

Which website do I use to find it if I don't got access to Raiwallet?

dude, I wish I was. So I wouldn't have to go through losing so much I worked for.

bump :(

Buy pascalcoin OP, it is the next XRB.

I used the last money I could right after I got hacked to buy 4 XRBs. I put a large amount of my savings in BTC beginning of December. Only got money left for food & rent now. In February I will invest again... That's when I get salary.