BNTY moon mission in progress

Look guys, I told y'all to get in BNTY @8 cent and here to tell you jump in now

I'm in multiple discord channel and there is A LOT of buzz about Bounty0x

All the new and old coins listed on the shit exchange (Kucoin) has mooned already and looks BNTY is next.

I am buying up as much BNTY as I can for the next moon mission coming up soon

What discord channels? Haven't heard BNTY mentioned anywhere since the pump and dump.

Ditto! I'm comfy at 50k. Literally just bought another 10k. Thanks user!

You're either in the wrongs one or just a pajeet

Can confirm this.

Its the big pump and dump, you need a certain amount of invites to get in.

This shit is on its way up. Thank op for him to be so nice to share this.

Easy 10x.

>mfw brought in at .20

if you missed the XRM moon landed, don't miss out on this BNTY opportunity

Look at the huge buy volumes
something BIG is happening with BNTY

Should I sell at ATH and buy back in? I filled some hefty bags at .07

Where do you see these charts?

Take out your initial investment once it goes over 100% gainz and then whatever left is profit.

it going to go higher, hodl and buy more

go away pajeet

Good luck breaking through those sell walls with the volume that is going on right now

whales accumulating BNTY thats a good sign

Well I'm not sure if it's a pump in dump or not. I was thinking of selling half during ATH and doing a 40/40/20 bnty req eng split.

Steady hands and buy more BNTY, don't worry we'll get rich together

Good plan. I did this at ICO. Gonna do it again. Long term this will be $2 easy at the end of January

I want to get back in this but I don't want to draw from my other investments

Don't have any fiat on hand, just REQ and ENG

OP is a part of a pump and dump discord. This is a pump and dump scheme from the get go. DO NOT FALL FOR IT

discord = 25CucCU

Check that discord for yourself...

Buying MOAR right now

That buy order on 630k bnty is still there.

When will this pain end! I’m going to bed in about 30 minutes, afraid i’ll wake up to a low after a ATV saved my shitty meme. Thanks user.

What are your holdings. Sell one to buy at the dip. It will moon tomororw morning

Should i set up a limit before going to bed or what?

go away pajeet

making money together you fag, stay poor normie

Volume has increased a bit over the last 3 or so days. Approaching 150%

yes, buying more BNTY at the current low price is a smart move, once it moons sell ath


That’s what I did. I’m all in this

But what should i set my sell limit to in case i sleep through this moon phase?

sell walls have been broken, BNTY is being listed on many exchanges so whale can't keep up

What do you think the high will be and when?

DO NOT sell at a loss, set at the comfy level. Did you accumulate during the ICO? I did, got 100k and buying increments of 10k ever since

Post your ETH wallet address.

I feel BNTY has huge potential and a great team. Read their bio on the website. BNTY without sell wall can easy, EASY, reach 0.40 cents before the end of February

It's not too late to get in, its a fire sale.

No i wont, i’m down $800 as we speak. But how high will the potential moon be? So i can set sell at $0.35 for example. If this shit is real with my luck i will wake up to a low after it touched a ATH

Easy 3x by end of tomorrow

It's not going to go over 20 cents user.

you a normie from plebbit? You brought ath..BAKA

if your down that much, you need to hodl with steady hands

BNTY is great long term hodl

Rodeo rodeo rodeo rodeo rodeo

Just new to this. Trying to learn though!

Fuck off pajeet, you see the volume on the shit exchanges? And do you see that fat fucking whale?

Artificially suppression the BNTY prices, due for moon launch anytime now

Bounty will get us a all a lambo soon till the IRS sets a bounty on bounty holders

No worries, here to help, lets get rich together.

Just hodl BNTY and dont look at until end of Q1 2018

If you have extra cash, buy XRP

>Easy 3x

HAHahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa..... Retard detected.

what colour lambo you getting after cashing on BNTY gainz?

Anyone who isn’t in this right now is gonna regret. Defs over 0.20 cents by end of tomororw

fack off normie, go back plebbit and spread your BS there

it was me dio!!! i only wanted to dump my bag!

Thats my problem. Not being able to close my eyes and not check in 30 times a day.

user....the way to play bnty right now is everyday it's bounces between 1400 and 1200. Sell half your bnty at 1400 and buy at 1200. Do that once or twice a day and you are making a come up! Do that for 4 days and you've more than double your stack.

>several threads about discord groups pumping this
Yeah okay I believe you streetshitter


maybe you should get out crypto then. otherwise, wait for the high and sell your BNTY

again, if you HAVE extra fiat, buy RIPPLE

volume is too low for that to work unless you're playing with like $100

These guys have hands of STEEL

BNTY kings

BIG BUY orders are in

user...I have 5k Bnty selling at 1400 and buying is $14% I just made added 14% to my BNTY stack in 1 sale. You can do this 3 times a day if it's really bouncing.


Only small stack plebs can do this



crazy rich whale to be able to afford 2 whole bitcoins!!!~!

I am not buying you bags you sitnking fucking pajeet.

user it's all relative wether you have $1 or 1,000,000. Making 16% at a time is good no matter how many coins you have.

Go back to poor town.

go back to plebbit and stay poor

Moon mission happen all the time DYOR fucktawrd

Yo user, what other coins u playing with, I’m doing same but I need moarrrrr

Go into XRP as well, bought 5k worth at the dip in addition to BNTY

This guy gets it. I've been doing dbc, fun, and kcs also. In this climate almost all coins are bouncing.

selling 1k coins is different than selling 40k coins. with such low volume, swing trading with 40k just wouldn't be worth it, it would take all day of constant bullshit, better to do it with a high volume coin.

can smell the fucking curry from here, eugh!

BNTY, XRP, DBC is great long term hodl

shoo shoo Pajeet
Jelly you missed the last moon mission?
Not too late to buy into BNTY

How much of your stack are you doing at a time?


This 630k order is gone. What happens now?

REQ/VEN already mooned, da fuck you smoking son?

KCS is a shitty exchange, cant login to buy more BNTY dips half the time

Totally agree. That's why it's great I've 3x my stack in a week doing this. You can either wait for a look or use a little common sense and make your own moon.

it was gone awhile ago user, wtf are you talking about?

Whale is gone, time to load up on more Bounty0x

I do half my stack to make the gains worth it. But it’s all relative, I’m accumulated so much BTNY cause of the variance, just waiting for this moon and I’m golden


Let get ridiculously rich on BNTY

Similar wallet. BNTY, DBC, KCS, QLC, ZCL.

Steady hands mate, once the sell wall are lifted, fucking STRAIGHT to the MOON. Just refuelling right now and like you accumulating more BNTY

Means moon mission is pending. Set your sell orders if u wanna sleep


How much %?

What makes you so sure BNTY is gonna moon anyway? Your discord groups?

I've traditionally been bullish on BNTY btw

BTNY, DBC, FUN, XLM - fast trades
Long term holds KCS, LINK, XRP

means whale realized he's not gonna be able to push the price down to fill his order.

Unique product, trade volumes, the constant presence of a whale, and the BNTY team are working hard getting this coin on different exchanges.

This make BNTY great long term hodl.

>fast trade
fuck are you on

Typo user, take an xanax
XLM is rocket shipping right now

Agree with XRP for LONG TERM

Love to flip KCS and buy back on the dip

Yeah but you guys are in moon mission mode right now when there hasn't been any news

user, you better not be pajeeting us.

Read the discord channels also those normies at plebbit are talking A LOT about BNTY

Did you miss the last moon landing?

Another day another dolla

Sitting comfy

It's just one stupid pajeet in here trying painfully hard to sell his bags

Stay steady and hands of steel with BNTY

Normies, with weak hands sell at a lost last week SHM

Haha...I made that meme too. I sell 50% at a time. Bnty is my biggest coin.

fuck you normies, I hate these pajeet from plebbit spreading false info. Probably the whale

LOVE IT make more memes!

BNTY to the moon